X Pipe VS True Dual Exhaust: Which One Is Best?

When comparing the two best things, you may be confused about which one you should choose. If you are not an expert it will be quite problematic to find out the best one.

However, the features, quality, performance, advantages, and disadvantages of any product set it apart from others. Then it becomes easier to find the best one based on the differences from others.

Differences Between X pipe Vs True Dual Exhaust

You may find many differences between X pipe and True Dual Exhaust. But the main difference is their horsepower and stylish look.

A dual exhaust system gets the excess air out of the cylinders faster so that the next exchange cycle is completed in the fastest time. The exhaust forced out of the engine is controlled by the size of the camshaft and the timing.

Types of Pipes

The exhaust gasses have different flow patterns to follow. There are three types of exhaust pipes. Let’s check out their differences and the reasons for the flow alterations.


X-pipes are higher and louder than H or Y-pipes and usually provide slightly more power than their counterparts. You will probably get the most power with the x pipe in the rpm band.


An H-pipe effectively maintains sound balance and creates a more consistent, classic muscle car roar. It works less than an X-pipe to balance gas emissions but still flows quite well.


Y-pipes are found in older, stock V6 Mustangs. If you want to increase the power and efficiency of your motor flow, you should upgrade. However, do you want to install a power adder or create maximum horsepower? Converting to a dual setup would be ideal.

Your aftermarket selection should take into account the aftermarket and stock exhaust components currently in the car, as well as any plans for your future for your Mustang.

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What is X pipe?

An X-Pipe exhaust system is quite similar to a dual exhaust, which balances the backpressure and smooth exhaust flow by causing the exhaust streams from both headers to mix in an opening on the inside x-shaped piece of the exhaust pipe.

the exhaust flow from the exhaust port to the end of the tailpipe is allowed to flow as freely as possible and evenly through each port to run optimally and produce maximum horsepower for your car or bike.

Everything you should know about X pipe exhaust 

Most V8 Mustangs fit the H-Pipe standard directly from Ford, and you’d be surprised to know that before 2011 the V6 Mustangs were equipped with a Y-pipe. In general, you can upgrade their Mustang’s mid-pipe to improve exhaust flow in search of more horsepower and torque, as well as change the sound.

In a word, X-pipes provide loud noise and raspy revs. H-pipes can give a more classic, old-school sound. Most of the time, Y-pipes are narrower, restrictive, and found in V6 Mustang models.

User Review

From the United States, SERGIO LOPEZ, an auto expert expresses, “These pipes are installed along with the 2 Magnaflow exhaust mufflers and they sound awesome !”

Another buyer is impressed with this exhaust system, “I put this in a 79 chevy C10 truck with an LS swap, they are installed along with the 2 Magnaflow exhaust mufflers and they sound awesome!

Why should you buy an X-pipe?

You can put it at the top of your list of favorites because,

  • To increase high-performance horsepower and torque. 
  • Many performance cars use the “X” design rather than the standard “H” design for horsepower. 
  • An X-pipe allows the exhaust pulses to converge at a crossover point for a smooth flowing exhaust. 
  • The design will add a loud, crisp, raspy race car roar to the exhaust sound, much like modern-day high-end exterior sports cars.

Examples of some of the best X Pipes

1. TOTALFLOW TF-SSP2424 409 Stainless steel 2-inch X-pipe 

It can be considered as a unique example with 69 ratings, which has a gentle radius for the exhaust system that works to better balance efficient exhaust gas scavenging, noise cancellation, and cylinder banks.

They are made from heavy-gauge material, stainless steel to emit gas from car engines, and 409 for durability and corrosion resistance. And, weld-on / clamp-on H-pipe can generate power at low-end and midrange torque.

2. Flowmaster’s Scavenger X-Pipe Kit 

This is designed for the 2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT with a 5.0L engine and it works great for changing the exhaust note and raising the sound level of your car. It is Made in the United States with Flowmaster reliability, 3.00 mandrel-bent tubing, stainless steel construction, and dinosaur tuning for maximum performance.

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What is True Dual Exhaust?

The true dual exhaust system provides each head and exhaust manifold with its separate departure, allowing twice the engine’s forced exhaust.

Why should you buy true dual exhaust? 

Can you guess why most people like dual exhaust?

Exactly, Exhaust gasses exit multiple times each through two pipes instead of one, so they can exit the engine faster and provide additional horsepower gain.

Dual exhaust systems help reduce backpressure and save energy and increase engine efficiency for better gas mileage.

  • Dual exhaust tips for a single exhaust will give your car a great look, but it will not increase the power. 
  • Due to its good breathing ability, a dual exhaust engine will give you a significant increase in power.
  • If you try to increase the horsepower, then the dual exhaust is for you. 
  • The drums will be louder in each accelerating situation, but the idle will be louder with the single discharge due to the strong vibration.

User Review 

Our expert product user Liza Kester from the United States shared her experience, “Fantastic performance upgrade! Great chrome finish and easy to install.

Features comparison of X pipe vs true dual exhaust 

Size plays an important role when thinking about exhaust performance. Since you need to connect these exhausts to the exhaust system, you need to have an idea in advance about the ideal size of your bike. There are also some features to consider.

The X-pipe helps smooth cross-bank scavenging and individual drainage pulses (like a floodgate). They produce more power and rotating force through the midrange than straight pipes of the same size (holding the same muffler and tailpipe).

Consecutive X-pipes showed an extra 10 HP or more than true dual XH. This allows more efficient scavenging and reduces the inverse pressure wave, causing the exhaust gas to return. They drop a notch in the sound level, too. However, the H or X pipe does the same thing, but not as efficient and is more difficult to place properly. 

The unique appearance of contour heat shields on power dual head pipes beautifully masks the power chamber crossover efficiency, enhancing the efficiency on stock head pipes.

If you think your car makes unusual noises or sounds bad, go for a real double. Place an x pipe (balance tube) with an excellent, balanced sound. If your car has the room, the X-pipes are supposed to flow a little more.

True dual exhausts do not mean that it has to be loud. For example, a single straight pipe without a muffler would be louder than a double.

If you have a proper sound controller in each of the dual exhausts, the words of the duet can also sound quite normal. An X-pipe will reduce annoyance, and a good muffler may give a dual set up a very nice and normal sound. Many people complain about the sound of the true dual exhaust. 

Many people again mention the issue of X pipe exhaust settings. In such a case, some features of both are advantageous and some are disadvantageous. However, when buying one of the X pipes or true dual exhaust, your price needs to be considered seriously. Moreover, the hot spot of the bike can create any kind of problematic situation for you. So always choose the exhaust system with a heat shield.

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X pipe Vs True Dual Exhaust: Which one is best?

It’s a very complex question because of the sound problem of the true dual exhaust, but the stylish look and performance can impress you. But it is also quite troublesome when it comes to X pipe. So your preferred wordless mileage will be better for your X pipe exhaust system.

They exit gasses via two hoses and you may use a muffler to stop annoying noise. Moreover, dual exhausts exit faster, leading to better horsepower for the engine. Accordingly, the model also saves energy and boosts engine efficiency for increased gas mileage.

Expert recommendation 

With long-serving carrier experience, one of our experienced experts Larry Cook, a jet engine mechanic from the USA, advised that it “Depends on how restrictive the single exhaust was. For the most part, the dual exhaust will only make things noisier and make you more noticeable when trying to test out the horsepower level.

A free-flowing exhaust increases power if the rest of the engine is modified to match. Otherwise—all you are adding is external noise—and risking a modified exhaust system ticket to boot. 

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Our verdict 

Do you want to get more “usedair exhaust out at once? The more exhaust you get out, the more the engine can suck in; Thus, the sooner the work is done, you will have more horsepower. Sometimes, Adding a dual exhaust does not make a big difference if you have a non-turbocharged four-cylinder. In such a case, it would just look super cool. 

Because of the huge amount of air and fuel forced into the engine by the turbo, your turbocharged four-cylinder, the dual exhaust will make a significant difference. You may also have a significant increase in horsepower with a V-6 or larger.

You have to choose carefully. Because if your bike has True Dual Exhaust, it will look great but usually won’t increase the power. Power duals like Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250, which have 108 ratings, on the other hand, will increase power as the engine breathes better.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, you can clearly see that there is no notable difference between them, they are very similar. However, if you want to choose the right one among them, you can make a decision considering their features and accessories.

Riders need a true dual exhaust for a better riding experience and thrills in terms of riding. We believe you now know what products include with the above list of ideal choices. Choose one of the above to enhance the overall performance of your bike or car.

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