Slip On Vs Full Exhaust : What Will You Choose?

Are you thinking of modifying your exhaust system? But you could not decide slip on Vs full exhaust which one to choose. Then you are in the right place.

Here, you will find all the pros and cons of both exhaust system changes. This information will be beneficial for you to choose the right one for you.

A short comparison is in the table below. This table will help you give a basic knowledge of these two exhaust modification systems.

Comparison Table Of Slip On Vs Full Exhaust

 Slip-on Exhaust

Full Exhaust


Slips a few parts onto the existing exhaust system

Replacing the entire exhaust system is a full exhaust


It only can reduce weight from muffler and tailpipe

Shave an immense weight from all over the system


Produces louder noises

Also, produce a significantly louder and improved soundtrack


It is a plug-and-play accessory

It’s a complex system to install

Ideal to use 

Ideal for the casual motorcyclist

Ideal for everyone

Engine performance 

Not a noticeable change in performance

Optimize the engine performance


Slip-on is affordable 

It is costly to install

Difference Between Slip On and Full Exhaust

There is a considerable difference between slip-on and full exhaust. A slip-on consists of only a muffler and tailpipe. A full exhaust starts from a manifold to the tailpipe; this is the fundamental difference. It contains all the necessary parts of an exhaust system.

Another difference noticed is their performance. There is no noticeable change in a slip-on exhaust modification, but changing an entire exhaust will provide a satisfactory improvement in engine horsepower with upgraded engine performance.

Finally, the slip-on is easy to install at an affordable price. But a full exhaust is a complex system that needs professional help to establish and financial help.

Slip-on Exhaust 

What Is Slip-On Exhaust?

A slip-on exhaust only consists of a muffler and tailpipes joined onto the existing mid-pipes. Most of the bikers choose this modification. 

One chooses this because it is easy to install, improves soundtrack and style, and performs a little bit. That is more than enough for most of the drivers.

What Components Does A Slip-On Exhaust Consist Of?

As we said, a slip-on exhaust system is modified to replace a few parts of an exhaust system. It usually consists of the muffler and tailpipes. You need to attach it to the exhaust pipe with a few clamps to install the system. that can reduce the negligible weight of the entire system.

Everything You Should Know About Slip-on Worth for

It is worth a new stylish look with a higher, budget-friendly price.


  • Slip-on is preferable for sound and visual improvement
  • You will get that new look and satisfying sound improvement at an affordable price.
  • Slip-on exhausts work properly without tuning. 
  • Smaller slip-on exhausts are preferable for a louder and more aggressive sound.
  • Installation slip-on is effortless. You do not need any particular skills.
  • Spending much on slip-on will get lighter and better construction material, but not much more than that.


  • It won’t get you  any improvement in horsepower
  • No improvement in performance either

When choosing a muffle or slip-on for your vehicle, you should research the design and the sound it will make. Here we listed a few recommendations for the best slip-on parts.

User Review Slip-on Exhaust 

Slip-on exhausts are pretty popular among users.  There are a lot of users who like this mode. As we said, it only improves the soundtrack and the outer look. Some people may find it attractive.

But some may say it is a total waste of money. The people expect a noticeable improvement in the horsepower and the performance that a slip-on does not do.

Why Should You Buy Slip-on Exhaust?

If you want to change the factory-installed look of your vehicle and its sound system, you can go for a slip-on modification. It will improve the look of your exhaust system. This installation will give you a stylish customized look with an aggressive sound mode at a handy budget.

But if you want to improve the horsepower or performance, then slip-on is not for you.

Full Exhaust 

What Is Full Exhaust?

A full exhaust refers to an entire exhaust system from front to back. If you choose the whole exhaust, you need to modify or change the entire exhaust system. Exhaust as this system modification gives your vehicle a new look and improved noise. 

The main difference with a complete exhaust modification is its 20% shaved weight. A usual air-fuel tuning can make a noticeable variation in the engine’s power.

What Does A Full Exhaust Consist Of?

From the name, we can understand that it consists of all the parts an exhaust system needs. It starts from engine combustion chambers and finishes with a tailpipe. When you decide to replace the existing exhaust system with a full exhaust, you have to replace it from combustion chambers to the tailpipe.

The components exhaust system includes an exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, muffler, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, resonator, and a tailpipe at the end of the system.

Everything You Should Know About Full Exhaust Before You Buy One 

Before choosing it, you should know all the benefits and drawbacks of a complete exhaust system change.


  • A complete exhaust modification will upgrade your vehicle performance
  • It also increases torque and horsepower when installed.
  • It works better than factory-installed exhausts.
  • Give an update on the stylish look. 
  • This installation is lighter than factory-installed exhausts


  • It is hard to install, so one alone can not install it. Always need expert help.
  • It is considerably more expensive than slip-on exhaust.

We will recommend the three exhaust systems for best performance with full exhaust modification.

User Review Full Exhaust

It is popular among users who want to improve their exhaust system horsepower and performance with look and sound. Slip-on is an excellent choice for those who do not have an issue with the budget. Some may not prefer it because of its high cost. A full exhaust is remarkable for its money.

Why Should You Buy Full Exhaust? 

Though the whole exhaust is a complex system and needs expert help from the mechanic, it is preferable for some people. If the installation is correct, it can improve a large percentage of the exhaust performance. Along with it, this enhances horsepower.

Features Comparison Slip on Vs Full Exhaust

We definitely can decide which one is best if we compare all the slip-on and full exhaust system features.

Improved Soundtrack

With slip-on, you will get a sound that you would like. There is a massive improvement in the soundtrack. In contrast, it always depends on the design of a muffle the sound type you want for your vehicle. 

The small muffles are best to choose for aggressive sound, and alternatively, large muffles can absorb the sound wave and make to lessen the sound.

On the other hand, as the whole exhaust system installation needs to change, you will get an improved sound for the entire exhaust system.

Stylish Look

The slip-on is the most common modification of an exhaust system. With these few parts replaced, you can get a fair chance at its sound.  Slip-on will also give you a better look at your vehicle. There is nothing much to say about the improved look. You can choose a stylish slip-on to change the look after deciding about the sound.

With the entire exhaust system, you need to replace the whole system. So you will get the look you want for your vehicle with a better performance. It will help you change the sound too.

Improved Performance

Slip-on will disappoint you when you try to improve power and performance. Slip-on does not improve horsepower and performance with a new look and sound. Slip-on is a good choice for its cost. We all know that you will get what you pay for. When you choose slip-on for your vehicle, you need not spend on the entire exhaust system. You only need to replace it.

But full exhaust will improve your engine horsepower along with its performance gain. The improvement of the power can reach around 15% of its enduring power with routine air-fuel tuning.

Variation in Weight 

You only replace a few parts in slip-on, mainly muffler and tailpipe. That does not shave much of the exhaust system weight. There is no change in the mid-pipe and headpiece, no sizable weight-saving number when modified. May some expensive slip-on can help to get lighter-weight material made equipment. But this is not that much. 

Whereas the total modification shaves a high weight of the exhaust system, making it more efficient. To free-flow the system, you need to remove parts like silencers and catalytic converters. This change can cause a thunderous exhaust system.

Easy Installation 

Most people choose this modification because it’s an easy installation process. You do not have to uninstall the complete exhaust system for that. Remove the part you want, slip on the new one, and tighten a few clamps. You can install it yourself if you have a little wrench-using skill.

But installing a complete exhaust system is a complex process. So one can not do it alone at home. This is the drawback feature of this exhaust. To install the one, you need to go for an expert installation.


You do not have to buy many kits for a slip-on, so you do not have to spend much. Slip-on is a good choice for its cost. We all know that you will get what you pay for. When you choose slip-on for your vehicle, you need not spend on the entire exhaust system. Also, there is no extra cost for a mechanic.

On the other hand, you need to change the whole exhaust system in complete exhaust modification, including all the parts from the header to the tailpipe. For that kind of enormous change, you will need massive financial support. You also have to spend money to install it.

Tuning After Installation

There is no need for tuning after you install a slip-on. That does not change any air-fuel ratio. You need not worry about tuning that will not cause any difference in performance.

But for full exhaust, you have to tune the air-fuel mixture. Without this tuning, it may cause you trouble getting its power and giving a proper performance.

Slip On Vs Full Exhaust – Which One Is Best?

Both slip-on and full exhaust are best in their place. If you do not have any issue with the power and performance of your vehicle, then a slip-on is best for you. You will be able to choose the muffler and tailpipe design you want and give your motor a beautiful look within a budget.

Otherwise, choosing full exhaust is best for outstanding performance, improved horsepower, and torque. For it, you have to spend a handsome amount too. Also, remember that an entire exhaust needs expert installation.

Expert Recommendations

After in-depth research and comparison between slip-on and full exhaust, many experts recommend slip-on exhaust over the entire exhaust. 

An expert named Adam Bercosky said you could improve a few horsepowers by changing the entire exhaust system, but it will cost you thousands.  Otherwise, if you go for a slip-on for a few hundred bucks, you can change the cat back and sound mean.

Another bike  expert Dandamudi Mohan Krishna says, “usually full exhaust is illegal as they do not have catalytic converters.” Hence, it is best to choose a slip-on. But if you want to go for an entire exhaust, it is ok.

On, Klown, a bike expert, says installing a complete exhaust, you will see some extra Hp but nothing HUGE.

Our Verdict 

If you are a beginner-level driver and do not care much about the performance, we suggest you go for a slip-on. This will improve the sound within a few hundred bucks only. The good thing is you can install it yourself.

But if you want to gain horsepower and improve performance, you should go for full exhaust. Do not forget to tune in after installation. 

Final Thoughts

Did you get to choose slip on vs full exhaust? If not, you should be sure what you are looking for better look and sound or enhanced horsepower. Remember that there are no rules that one size fits all types. So whether you choose slip-on or total exhaust modification, go for what works better for your system.

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