How to Remove Exhaust Hangers? – Solved & Explained

Exhaust hanger plays a crucial part in balancing the exhauster in case of bumping on the road or from any unexpected incidents. As it is so essential, the machine needs to be taken care of properly. Sometimes, the exhaust hangers require repair for running their function more smoothly. 

For this, you have to remove the hangers from the car by yourself or with professional help. If you are doing it, you have to know the correct way to remove the exhaust removers. And our article is all about the process of- How to Remove Exhaust Hangers

First, it is necessary to know some details about the exhaust hangers. Read on-

What do you know about Exhaust Hangers?

The car owners know each part of their cars and the purpose of the machines. In case- you are new to this sector, we have started the article with the basic information before going to the main topic. 

The exhaust system is mainly the path that moves out the gas from the car. The hanger in the exhaust system works as helpful assistance to keep the exhaust pipe in place. So, the exhaust hangers save the exhaust system pipe from bumping with the speed breakers in the roads or clashing with other vehicles. 

As we have mentioned earlier, the exhaust hangers perform an incredible function. Only for the exhaust pipe of a car, the hanger is useful. Now you know about the exhaust hangers, you can move to the portion where we have discussed why and how to remove them efficiently without any help. 

Why should you remove the damaged exhaust hangers?

There are various reasons behind the removal of exhaust hangers from the cars. We have tried to point out the most common of them. 

Enhancing the performance of your car

The exhaust hanger is beneficial for your car, but an old and unrepaired hanger can add up trouble. We hope you do not want to lessen the performance of your vehicle because of this hanger. So, we can not let your car give less than its best performance while you drive it. It is the reason you should remove the exhaust hanger.

No more accidents

As we know, the exhaust hanger protects the exhaust pipe from any unwanted bump, the removal of the old hanger makes the work easier. The destroyed hanger can create danger for the car whenever it runs on a rough highway. You can face a death that occurs in an accident when you delay the process of removing the exhaust hanger. 

Holding the engine from damage

When all the systems start to function at first, the car receives a mere vibration. But a damaged exhaust hanger can continuously give your vehicle a high level of vibration during the whole time of driving. The sudden vibration is enough to cause permanent damage to the car. So, to get away from the situation, it is necessary to remove the exhaust hanger as soon as possible. 

Sounds indication

While being inside the car, you may not know what is going on under your car. But the loud sound of the exhaust will indicate there is something problematic going on. The typical sound is not alarming enough to notice. However, when there is some problem with the exhaust hanger, the sound of the gas emitting from the exhaust will be so loud that you can hear it from your seat while pressing the brake. Thus, to avoid noise, exhaust hanger removal is crucial. 

For a stylish appearance

Today’s world is discovering new styles in car appearance every moment. In this situation, if you want to upgrade your old car into a stylish one, the first thing to start with can be the exhaust hanger. You can easily buy a stylish hanger and turn your vehicle into an extraordinary modern one.

Environment friendly

A rusted exhaust hanger can contribute to environmental e-waste if you use it for a long time. However, you might not want to be an enemy of nature. Additionally, the rubber material in the exhaust hanger releases harmful substances into the environment. It is a level of pollution from the small part of the car. We hope you would like to change the situation. Thus, removing and replacing the exhaust hanger is necessary. The new hanger can lessen the effect of pollution to some extent. 

Fun to replace

You might imagine replacing the exhaust hanger will be “exhausting,” then we would like to prove you wrong. It seems like a fun project for most car owners who repair the exhaust hanger by themselves. Thus, the repair work will be a fun project to do whenever you have some leisure time in hand.

Cheap fixation

The exhaust hanger replacement and repair will not cost you lots of money, so it is a cheap deal. When you can enhance your car’s performance and style your car with this much least cost-we know there will be no denial to the new exhaust hanger. You can fix it with less than half a thousand dollars!

Less time consuming

As you do not need to take your car to the repair station, you have the opportunity to save a lot of your time. You can complete the whole process of removing exhaust hangers with some fewer instruments. Do this on any weekend after chilling the entire day. 

Less fuel consumption

The more fuel the car uses, the more environmentally and economically the car owner is creating a loss. The old exhaust is dangerously unhealthy for our nature. The car needs more fuel as the exhaust can not function properly because of its damaged system. If you neglect the fact and try avoiding it, it will cost you more every day. It can not be a good deal. Also, the exhaust will be damaged; the hanger will not be able to perform efficiently too. For this reason, the damage happens to the exhaust hanger. The removal of the exhaust hanger can solve the problem.

Ensuring more security

After removing the hanger, you can feel the change by yourself. The car runs more smoothly and efficiently. Also, the vehicle gives you more security than any dysfunctional occurrence when the hanger is replaced with a new one. The removal will give the car more resistance. If it runs on an uneven road, the new exhaust hanger can protect the exhaust pipe. It is like an armed soldier who protects his kingdom.

Decreasing acceleration

Using the exhaust hanger for a long time can affect the acceleration of your car. As the hanger helps balance the exhaust pipe, the older it gets, the less it can perform. The declining performance of the hanger and exhaust directly has an impact on the acceleration. Whenever you try to accelerate the speed, more fuel will need. It will emit more gas and, there will be more pressure on the exhaust pipe. Ultimately, the exhaust hanger fails to perform and makes the car slow in speed. Thus, the removal of the exhaust hanger is the right decision.  

Top 4 Ways on How to Remove Exhaust Hangers

Now comes the main attraction of the article, that is the simplest four ways to remove exhaust hangers-

1. Using screwdrivers

In the top common five ways to complete the job- the first one is to remove the exhaust hangers with screwdrivers. But this is not only the instrument here. There will be some other equipment that will be necessary with the main screwdriver. They are-

  • Owner’s manual
  • Mechanic’s Creeper
  • Car Jack and Jack Stands
  • Wire Cutters
  • Lubricant 
  • Safety Glasses

Step 1: Stand the car up

The first step is to secure your car with the help of a car jack unless you can not see the underneath of the vehicle. Make sure you have tightened the jack enough to secure the car whenever you start your work. 

Step 2: Identify the damaged exhaust hanger

It is time to check the exhaust hanger to what extent it is damaged. You have to be careful while checking the hanger as it can be hot or cut your hand. 

Step 3: Exhaust hanger removal

After identifying the hanger, you have to remove it carefully. You have the option to use lubricant in case you are struggling to remove the hanger. 

Step 4: Replace with a new one:

You can also use lubricant while attaching the new hanger. Check twice after done correctly.

2. Using Exhaust Hanger Removal Pliers

You can also use exhaust hanger removal pliers or needle-nose pliers. It can feel a little more complicated than the screwdriver method. 

Here are also some additional instruments with exhaust hanger removal pliers-

  • Mechanic’s Creeper
  • Owner’s manual
  • Car Jack and Jack Stands
  • Wire Cutters
  • Lubricant 
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hand Gloves

Step 1: Stand the car up:

Usually, the mechanics use a lot of equipment to make the car high up from the surface. But you can easily do that with a car jack stand. You can find the joint points in the owner’s manual. Be careful when you go underneath.

Step 2: Search the damaged hanger:

Like in the screwdriver method, you have to check the hanger with full precautions. Use gloves to get away from the heat of the recently stopped exhaust hanger. 

Step 3: Detach the hanger:

You can use a lubricant to make it easy to pull out the hanger from its position. It is time to use the mechanic’s creeper. Do not put much pressure, which can break or cause more damage to the hanger.

Step 4: New Hanger Assemblage

The pliers will help to place the new hanger to the place also. After the step, your car will take a different look that you will be surprised by watching the change.

Step 5: Test time

The last step is to test if the hanger is in the correct position because after starting the vehicle, you can not get back to check the hanger after placing it once. 

3. Using no tool

In this method, to your utter surprise, there is no particular instrument to mention. Yes, you can finish it only with the mandatory tools- 

The tools are necessary-

  • Owner’s manual
  • Car Jack and Jack Stands
  • Wire Cutters
  • Lubricant 
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hand Gloves

Step 1: Fix the car high from the surface

With the help of jack stands, you can accomplish the task

Step 2: Find out the exhaust hanger

Same as the earlier methods, you have to check the condition of the hanger. 

Step 3: Remove the older hanger and install the new one

By wearing gloves, you can remove the hanger and install the new one. 

4. Using WD-40 Spray

Another simplest method of spraying is wd-40. It will save your time more than other methods. 

You will need basic instruments along with the spray. You can find it in any hardware shop. Also, this is cheap. The spraying method takes less time. It is perfect for someone who is doing it for the first time. But doing so, you can harm your hand unless you wear gloves. 

Step l: Spray the WD-40

At first, you will need to spray at the place where the hanger is attached. Wait for around five minutes to work the effect on the exhaust hanger.

Step ll: Remove the hanger

Now you can use pliers or a hand for pulling out the hanger.


A broken exhaust hanger can do a lot of damage to your car. And the damage can somehow turn into a problem if you do not take steps to repair it. In this article, we have mentioned different methods. You can take any according to your needs, time, and budget. Though the process is comparatively cheap, you need not think about the cost. Moreover, you alone are doing the whole process. So this is a matter of joy and fun.

We hope all our readers find the writing useful enough to clear their confusion regarding the topic. All the best for your work!

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