How To Make 6.7 Cummins Exhaust Louder (4 simple methods explained)

A loud turbo whistle accelerates the power of its turbocharger, which improves the vehicle’s performance remarkably. Besides, many people like to hear their car exhaust louder while riding it.

It seems unachievable to make the engine louder than its present form. But there are ways to make it happen.

In this article, you will learn some compelling methods to make your 6.7 Cummins louder.  

How to make 6.7 cummins exhaust louder – 4 Easy Mathods 

Method-1: Remove the Silencer Ring

A silencer ring is used to reduce the whistle from the turbocharger. It is a ring-shaped metal baffle that is placed into the turbocharger inlet. The silencer ring works by helping airflow without any turbulence.

Removing the silencer ring will turn the turbo volume when it reels up. 

We mentioned below how a silencer ring can be removed from the turbo housing area.

  • At first, you have to loosen up the screws which connect the plastic hose pipes and then the turbocharger hose pipe. It is essential to remove all plastic intake piping to turbo housing.
  • Inside is a compressor wheel and exhaust gas known as a turbine wheel. The silencer ring can be found right above the turbine wheel, held down by a snap ring.
  • The snap ring is taken off. In the older models, the silencer ring can be taken out by just putting a little force on the inside area, but in newer models, the ring is drilled down in 3 places.
  • Use a drill press to take out the pins and then the silencer ring.

Instantly hear your 6.7 Cummins turbo whistle louder the next time you put it to use.

Method-2: Remove the Intake Baffle

When it comes to making your turbo sounds roar, removing the intake baffle is the best solution. It is a plastic hose encased in foam and placed inside the engine turbocharger.

The air intake baffle is also known as the resonator. It helps with air pressure wave harmonics. These pressure waves usually have a larger volume and need some space to expand. Before getting out of the air filter box, letting them expand lowers the intake noise and quiets down the engine.

So, the resonator or intake baffle’s job is to cancel noise coming from the engine. Follow the steps below to remove it.

  • To be specific, the intake baffle is positioned inside the turbo hose clamp and found right under the engine hood.
  • The plastic hose clamps are unscrewed very slowly, and then the middle part of the crinkled plastic hose is taken out.
  • This reveals a baffle inside at the entrance, surrounded by a thick foam sheet. It is carefully taken out.
  • While taking out the intake baffle, it might feel a bit hefty. The plastic hose clamp is screwed back into its place.

Removing the baffle will help air flow more freely without any backpressure. You can hear your Cummins exhaust louder than before once you start the engine.

Method-3: Deleting EGR

The EGR, exhaust gas reduction, is a cost-effective solution to commute the automotive nitrogen oxide emissions. It works by declining the oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber and heat absorption.

An EGR valve does the job by taking some of the exhaust back to the engine. Sometimes, due to the EGR, some resistance in pressure is created as it constantly circulates harmful contaminants back into the engine. This causes the engine’s performance to decrease.

Taking the EGR out will increase the mileage of cars and, in turn, improve the fuel economy.

A method is listed which tells how EGR is removed.

  • Start by making sure that the engine is cool and then remove the air cleaner duct.
  • Take out the rubber vacuum line from the top of the valve.
  • Disconnect any electrical plugs from the EGR valve. Loosen bolts that attach the EGR with the engine.
  • The valve could be secured to a steel pipe, unscrew bolts to make the valve accessible.
  • Lastly, remove the EGR valve and the gasket slowly.

An EGR kit exists which improves the engine’s longevity. Deleting EGR from your vehicle will make your Cummin louder and restore the power of your diesel engine.

Method-4: Installing an Exhaust Tip

Exhaust tips are used to intensify the noise coming from the exhaust system of a car or vehicle and are fixed to the tail end of the exhaust system. They also add a stylish look to the vehicle.

Only exhaust tips cannot amplify the sound; they need a good exhaust system and a wide pipe to create a large volume of sound. A performance muffler can also be added.

There are many types of exhaust tips, which all affect the kind of sound. A larger end will give a strong and hearty sound, while a narrower angle would provide a low, raspy sound.

Adding an exhaust tip will increase the sound from the engine and give the vehicle an edgy look. It is effortless to clean and weighs only about three to four pounds.

However, there are some downsides to using an exhaust tip. It rusts easily, and sometimes dimensional measurements might not be given correctly.

Now, if you want an easy solution to make your 6.7 Cummins exhaust louder, installing an exhaust tip is fit for the job.

Benefits to making your Cummins louder

  • It brings some advantages to the engine, such as stock of Carbon inside the engine depletes and temperature inside the engine is regulated. 
  • The mileage of your car increases and so does the fuel economy.
  • The turbocharger gains more power, and frequent power loss of the car is lowered.

Having the perfect loud exhaust will boost the vehicle’s peak power and minimize the pressure exerted on the engine, efficiently improving the engine’s performance.

This article lists some fantastic ways to boost the exhaust of the turbo whistle on your 6.7 Cummins. The engine exhaust is louder, but it also brings plenty of benefits for the vehicle.

We hope you are satisfied with the information.

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