How to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? – 4 Easy Steps

A motorcycle is one of the passions and dreams for many. If you already have one, you might know every detail of your vehicle. Do you know- how to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? You are in the right place. This article will lead you to the information regarding the motorcycle exhaust system.

Backpressure usually gets out the gas from the exhaust of the motorcycle. But what will happen if you try to increase the backpressure? It can be difficult for many, though we have tried our best to acknowledge you. The backpressure plays an essential part in the whole motorcycle function system.

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Purposes of Back Pressure

Several manufacturers set the estimated amount of backpressure limits for motorcycle exhausts. Using the exhaust with too much back pressure could terminate the warranty. How to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? Your motorcycle will get optimal back pressure from mufflers are approximately 6 kPa.

Backpressure in DPF-equipped exhaust can reach excessive levels if the filter of your motorcycle exhaust becomes clogged with dust.

Yet, consider many aspects while determining backpressure limits. Exhaust temperature, the efficiency of turbochargers, emission characteristics affect the backpressure levels.

Let’s review the estimated backpressure limit from different engine sizes-

Engine Size  Back Pressure Limit  
500 kW and above  10 kPa  
50-500 kW  20 kPa  
Less than 50 kW  40 kPa  

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Why do you need to increase Backpressure?

If you want to increase backpressure, first think about the process. How to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? Indeed, constant fuel movement and superior horsepower require good strategy. The unexpected rise in back pressure can lead to a worst tuned exhaust, thereby destroying your motorcycle’s efficiency. Also, it may disrupt the fuel’s smooth flow.

How to add backpressure to exhaust? Insufficient fuel causes the air to become stuck into the exhaust pipe and create backpressure. This backpressure helps exhaust pipes to breathe and provide adequate fuel flow.

Pick an appropriate pipe that is appropriate for your motorcycle. Bending can result in pressure into the cylinder and remove the essential fumes.

How to add backpressure to straight pipes? If the exhaust pipes become too thin, a back pressure may cause gases to return excessively high RPM. On the other hand, the backpressure can not affect lower RPMs if you install wide exhaust pipes.

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How to increase Backpressure on Motorcycle exhaust

An exhaust system consists of accurate measurements into exhaust pipes, enabling the air to become trapped for some time. Ultimately, it increases backpressure. Air pipes can flow quickly through a flawless and long-lasting exhaust pipe. So, select a high-quality exhaust pipe for your motorcycle.

How to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? Read on the step by step guidelines-

Step 1:

Create a pulse into the exhaust manifold. This pulse will be carried through the ignition chamber before expelling the exhaust. Each component of the exhaust works to create a consistent air passage into the chamber.

Step 2:

Meanwhile, take 1/4″x1″ thumb screws. You can buy them for $ 0.50 per from any local hardware store. Additionally, these screws should have a 3/4″ x 1/2″ width head to fit into the 3/4″ O.D. washer of the exhaust. Plus, they don’t necessitate any fabrication. You can add a 3/4″ outer washer to the top of a 3/4″ x 1/4″ bolt too.

Step 3:

Make a 1/4″ hole into the pipe to accommodate your exhaust.

Step 4:

Then, adjust the angle of the washer to 90 degrees for optimum torque. This section ensures that there will be no clog.

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Functions of Motorcycle Exhaust

Your motorcycle exhaust will allow your motorcycle to work safely. Above, we discussed how to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust. You should know about the functions of backpressure too.

Motorcycle sounds

The sound of a motorcycle is more important than its appearance. Certain noises are the warning signs of more significant, hidden issues to consider right now.

  • Various sounds may refer to distinct situations. A rattling noise usually indicates that you need to replace the brakes. This sound may come if you have a jammed clipper as well.
  • Chain problem produces crinkle noise. If you leave the problem unsolved, it can be deadly.
  • In addition, a shrinking tire makes a hissing noise. Radiator leakage occurs because of this reason.

Control the Noise

A Motorcycle exhaust controls the noise of your motorcycle. Its primary function is to reduce unusual engine sound.  However, this exhaust organizes the heat flow and other chemical elements to remove interference.

With the help of high pressures, exhaust emits heat, carbon monoxide, and other gaseous components. Anyhow, the exhaust pipes modulate the sound.

 At first, you need to identify the source of the noise. If you notice a strange noise coming from your motorcycle, pinpoint the location. The noises may create a gentle ticking to a louder noise.  A precise examination can solve it right away.

Combustion Feature

Motorcycle creates power through the air combustion process. Exhaust releases lots of heat as well. But, the excess may be harmful to your vehicle. Proper combustion allows you to ride safely.

Upgrades the efficiency of the engine

The motorcycle exhaust frequently operates to boost its current effectiveness. Despite that, the by-products aid in the improvement of the engine’s output.

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Final Words

The motorcycle exhaust system works like any car’s exhaust system. However, you have the option for backpressure here. The backpressure has the job of moving the gas through the exhaust pipe. Some people want to increase the backpressure of their motorcycles. How to increase backpressure on motorcycle exhaust? Our article is totally for them.

We hope you find the article helpful enough. You can write to us about your opinion. We want to create an environment of friendly communication with the readers. Best of luck with the increased backpressure in your motorcycle!

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