How much horsepower (hp) does an exhaust add?

When you understand the importance of performance exhaust for your car, the vehicle is going to the next level. The most beneficial fact of the exhaust system is adding a high level of horsepower. If you are looking for the answer to how much horsepower (hp) does an exhaust system add, here we are going to discuss this in detail. The exhaust system can add up to 5 percent of the horsepower to your car. Thus, your vehicle will run like a racehorse that stands first in every race.

The article is all about the amount of horsepower the exhaust system can contribute to running on a smooth scale. We hope you can find the answer and lots more from our detailed article.

Best Exhaust to Gain Horsepower

Before learning about how much horsepower does an exhaust add? We should know about the best exhaust for gaining horsepower. Let’s go through below-

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems 

MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems will surprise you with their flawless roar along with the powerful high torque. The stainless steel tubing ensures incredible strength and reliability. 

How much horsepower does a MagnaFlow exhaust add? MagnaFlow exhaust maker claims that car owners will experience a 10% increase in horsepower by using this exhaust system. 

Moreover, the pipes of the system reduce airflow space and maintain their shape. Consequently, the exhaust gas has a minimum limitation to pass through the system.

Borla Exhaust Systems

You may notice three categories of Borla exhaust systems. They come with high-quality stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fiber. Manufacturers add high quantities of chromium and nickel to prevent decay. 

How much horsepower does Borla exhaust add? If you want to power improvements, this exhaust system puts new upgrades through dynamometer testing. With the help of Borla exhaust, you can add 8 – 12 horsepower

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

The Flowmaster exhaust will deliver your car significant beneficial results as well as a loud, high-pitched sound. It contains two cutting-edge technologies as Delta Flow and Laminar Flow. Furthermore, each method produces different, fine-tuned waves to provide the ideal exhaust tone. 

Hooker Exhaust Systems:

Hooker exhaust systems reduce the pressure of the system. It boosts the overall performance of your car’s engine. Additionally,back-breaking improvements in horsepower and torque will help to get smooth riding. 

Corsa Performance Exhaust:

This system comes with a sleek design. As the hangers and clamps of the Corsa performance exhaust system are durable stainless steel made. This system ensures long-lasting performance. The Corsa exhaust will improve the horsepower, torque, and fuel economy of your car.

The sophisticated reflective surface design makes your vehicle attractive. Also, mufflers utilize baffles to expel unpleasant waves. A loud signal will fade away when you come across a red light. 

Gibson Exhaust Systems

Are you searching for a good exhaust at a reasonable price? The Gibson exhaust system will be a good pick. It is capable of producing high horsepower at less rpm. This system leaves an impact on the efficiency of your automobile and brings it a unique sound. Regarding optimal flow rate and a precise installation, these systems include mandrel-bent aluminum or stainless steel tubing. In addition, Gibson exhaust systems are durable.

Banks Power Exhaust System

Banks Power exhaust systems will increase the capacity and efficiency of the engine. They can provide flawless sounds. You will obtain immediate gains in the air and diminish back-pressure by installing a bank power exhaust system.

MBRP Exhaust Systems

MBRP exhaust systems are suitable for gas and diesel engines. They guarantee outstanding quality and a flawless fit. Yet, MBRP exhaust will increase your vehicle’s horsepower and lower total back-pressure. So, your engine can run long. These systems help exhaust gases to escape allowing fresh air into the cylinders. 

The accompanying muffler of this system is the best feature. It will provide a superior performance that will be hard to erase.

RBP Exhaust Systems

RBP exhaust systems provide high-end functionality at an economical price. 

This device can expand the horsepower of your vehicle. To establish a sufficient fuel supply, all parts of the system are mandrel-bent. 

However, mounting will not affect its warranty! 

aFe Power Exhaust Systems

The innovative look of aFe exhaust systems allows massive improvements in horsepower and torque at low temperatures. They can securely transport burned fuel out from the vehicle and to the back of your car with minimal obstruction, offering optimum ventilation and acceleration. 

Exhaust systems will pair up with your inlet port system is to eliminate wasted fumes 35 percent quicker. It ensures your engine’s cylinders will have adequate ventilation.

How much horsepower does a performance exhaust add

Performance exhaust’ usually consists of a muffler and catalytic converter. Although it can modify the ducting after the catalytic converter, certain aftermarket exhaust manifolds are referred it as cat-back exhaust. If you want to know how much horsepower a cat-back exhaust adds, here we are. It can raise horsepower by 2 to 5 percent. However, the type of your exhaust system determines the amount of power.

Performance exhaust supports superior engine output. It does this work by improving scavenging. Despite that, exhaust gases may leak out the pipes owing to back-pressure. Then, performance exhaust decreases the amount of oxygen as well as increases horsepower.

How much horsepower does an exhaust add? Exhaust installment aids to gain increased horsepower. It creates 50 horsepower for your car or truck based on the system you purchase.

How much horsepower does a full exhaust add:

Can exhaust add horsepower? Of course! Read on-

The exhaust system can add 50 horsepower to your car based on the installation system you pick. Calculate the amount of horsepower by multiplying traction by revolutions per minute. How much horsepower does an exhaust add? This exhaust system delivers 10 pounds per foot of torque at 5,000 RPM. It leads to a 9.5 horsepower enhancement.

Several companies prove that exhaust can add horsepower by 5 to 20 percent. Anyhow, combining the cold air intake with some other engine upgrades will lead to a significantly sophisticated network. Consequently, consider it as only one component of a larger plan to improve the efficiency of your engine.

How much horsepower does dual exhaust add

Dual exhaust systems can impact the quality of your truck and car. The engine of the dual exhaust expels out utilized gas and remaining fuel particles. 

How much horsepower does an exhaust add? This exhaust system adds 15 to one-fifth horsepower.

Due to federal regulations, messing with the converter is banned in most states. Besides, upgrading the cat-back parts is acceptable. Muffle is one of the visible indicators of whether a vehicle has upgraded or not.

What does a bigger exhaust pipe do?

During combustion, exhaust gas must be expelled promptly. If you can remove these gases, they may occupy the entire chamber. Meanwhile, a big exhaust pipe enhances airflow in the combustion chamber. It reduces the air pressure and allows the exhaust gases to escape from the system. But, how much horsepower does an exhaust add?

Bigger exhaust pipes utilize to boost horsepower also. However, mufflers operate by bouncing sound frequencies and canceling them out. Thus, they make soft sounds.

Plus, it stands for the diameter of your exhaust pipes as well. A big one indicates sufficient area for echoes to disperse out and not conflict with one another. 

As a result, they will be more audible with their 1″ or 1.5″ broader diameter.

How much horsepower does an exhaust add to a motorcycle

You will get the estimated increment by calculating it as a percentage of the existing horsepower. Improvements to larger engines could result in additional horsepower. A customized motorcycle has 100 core horsepower.

How much horsepower does an exhaust add? Let’s overview the exhaust systems and how much horsepower they’ll provide to your car.

  • Exhaust System
  • Horsepower 
  • End can
  • Three horsepower
  • Full system
  • Seven horsepower 
  • Full system with Jet Kit
  • 12 horsepower 

Select an appropriate exhaust system. As you can see in the table, full exhaust with a jet kit can produce high horsepower, but it may cost you more money. Therefore, it develops the frequencies and appearance of your motorcycle. Nonetheless, this brand can not significantly increase horsepower.

A new end can exhaust system can produce 3 to 5 horsepower. Several riders update their full exhaust to give their motorcycles a unique style. If you wish to replace your motorcycle’s exhaust system, it can be an affordable option. It might cost up to $200.

The reason is you can lower the limitation across the exhaust system, letting air escape more efficiently. Unless any modification, an exhaust system may produce around 7-10 horsepower. However, you need to expense $500 to $1000 for the exhaust system.

How to increase horsepower

There are numerous ways to boost horsepower. Now, we will show some solutions to gain the performance of your vehicle. Have a look-

Installing Performance Engine

Are you passionate about increasing your horsepower? If so, you need to invest in a performance engine design. Regarding this, upgrade your engine with high-performance components. Pistons, cylinder heads, and a stroker crankshaft are some of them. Before installing, seek advice from an engine expert.

Tuning- up your engine

Tuning is essential to lengthening its lifespan and maintaining the features of the engine. Hence, you may lose the performance of the engine when you find your jammed fuel screens. On top of that oil filter is a component of keeping your car’s engine in good working order. You can use synthetic oil to increase its sensitivity.

The engine alone can not obtain the optimal amount of horsepower. In reality, manufacturers are trying to move effortlessly and provide exceptional gas mileage. You can get substantial growth in horsepower by upgrading your vehicle. Instead, you need to spend $400 on portable converters. So, think about this engine tuner once you’ve finished with options.


Turbochargers are propellants. They work by using waste heat from the exhaust to increase inlet force. You can improve the responsiveness of your engine with them. How much horsepower does an exhaust add? Additionally, turbochargers can increase up to 200 horsepower to your car or truck. 

The disadvantage is their price. You need to spend a few thousand dollars on these kits. In comparison to a turbocharger, a supercharger can be beneficial too. Initially, they are dependable than a turbo. Mane companies use superchargers in their factory.

Cold Air Intake:

Original equipment manufacturers inlet systems that are reasonably decent. 

A free-flowing exhaust fan is used in these installations, enabling the vehicle to relax. Further, an aftermarket exhaust pipe requires a sufficient heat cover to operate correctly. Alternatively, it will absorb excess heat from the fuel tank and cancel all improved results.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

The fastest approach to generate more horsepower is to install an aftermarket exhaust system. Owners want to design their stock converters as calmly as possible. Merely changing this silent inverter with an aftermarket muffler doubles horsepower while also creating a pleasant sound. With this tiny technique, you could add up to 20 horsepower. 

How much horsepower does a 3-inch exhaust add

If your main concern is how much horsepower does an exhaust add? We can give you the estimated value. At 19 pressures, a 3-inch exhaust produced 527 hp. It generates 66 hp at rotations per minute in fourth gear. At 29 pressures, this exhaust adds 699 to 740 horsepower. Similarly, your car will get 52 horsepower at 6100 rpm.


When you want to upgrade your car, you can not make it new in a night. Some low-cost changes can make your vehicle a unique one that runs like a hyena. After upgrading your exhaust system, the engine gets an extra kick to the overall functioning system. You ask the question- how much horsepower does an exhaust add-you have the answer from now.

We hope you have found the writing helpful enough to satisfy your curious mind. Do not forget to write us about your opinion regarding our article. Best of luck with your journey!

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