How Much Does True Dual Exhaust Cost? (Solved & Explained)

The Exhaust system is the essential element in a vehicle. It is responsible for letting the gas out of a car and keeping it cool. The dual exhaust will give you a significant power that increases by 15 to 20 percent in horsepower. The dual exhaust system of your car increases its gas mileage, works better, and sounds louder than a single exhaust.

The true-dual system can change the outlook of your car too. It works faster and smoother than a single exhaust for a vehicle. So the question is, how much does true dual exhaust cost? We have written this article with all the necessary information to help you find the best answer.

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What is Dual Exhaust System? 

Every vehicle consists of a single or dual exhaust system. It supports firing hot fumes from the engine to help it function smoothly. The entire performance even depends on the exhaust system.

In a dual system, there are two mufflers to reduce unusual noise, two manifolds to absorb exhaust, and two catalytic converters to keep the engine cool. This exhaust system can improve the burning rate as well. 

The exhaust pipes of this system offer faster heat dissipation from both ends. While passing, the exhaust gasses may lessen exhaust notes. They increase the exhaust’s functionality with adequate ventilation rather than travel through one exhaust pipe. 

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How much does true dual exhaust cost?

Dual exhaust systems will provide you optimal performance benefits you desire. Also, you will get your desired sound pitch to accompany the increased horsepower. When a true dual exhaust contains sufficient sound insulation, it will be pleasant for your ears. These exhaust systems may cost you a lot of money. 

Though true dual exhaust delivers low fuel flow, it will ensure maximum performance with the turbocharged engine. However, be cautious of damp accumulation, which can lead to oxidation.

Your loudness volume will fluctuate if you exchange your Y pipe with a slightly twisted alternative. Moreover, there will be a little boom and vibration in the engine. Accordingly, you will get a 2 to 3% bump in your horsepower.

How much does dual exhaust cost for a Ford f150? If you want to install a true dual exhaust on a Ford F-150, it may cost you $1000 to $2000, based on the exhaust style you and the number of workers involved in installing it. Since induction task needs may necessitate additional workers. 

Furthermore, a straight pipe can enhance the speed of the fuel. Without a perfect exhaust pipe, you can not drive at full acceleration. Do you know- how much dual straight pipes cost? Substantially, the price of a new muffler varies from $100 to $500. Yet, you need to spend $150- $200 for dual straight pipes and $50 to $100 for services according to your card type. Thenceforth, learn about the cost of the parts of an exhaust system. Cat-back exhaust costs between $300 and $1200. 

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Single VS Dual Exhaust

You can easily install a single exhaust system. And, it is affordable too. That’s why most car owners avoid dual exhaust systems. Go through the other features of the single and dual exhausts.

If you are in a hurry, let’s have a look at the table-

Single VS Dual exhaust (Comparison)

FeaturesSingle Exhaust  Dual Exhaust  
Weight  low  high  
Velocity  lower  higher  
Cost  CheapExpensive  
Gas Mileage  Good  Poor  
Installation  Easy  Difficult  
Horsepower Gain  15hp30hp   
Backpressure  higher  lower  

The noise of the exhaust

Noise is a consideration while choosing the best exhaust system for your vehicle. Factory single exhausts can not produce loud noise immediately. Aftermarket single exhausts deliver a loud noise pitch and help you to leave a powerful impression on the drive. You can soften the noise by using an additional muffler. 

Besides, dual exhausts always produce the louder, boomy bass. Pick H-pipe if you love the classic-style sound. Instead, X-pipe creates a harsher pitch.


If you wish to compare dual exhaust and single exhaust, performance always plays a factor. Though both exhausts do similar work, they have some dissimilarities as well. They contribute to eliminating the gasses produced by the ignition. You will find plenty of aftermarket choices to improve your engine. 

So, How much does a true dual exhaust cost? Premium quality single aftermarket exhausts cost cheaper than dual exhausts. They may offer superior performance.

You can modify your single exhaust performance to set broad pipe systems. These pipes will enable you to get more horsepower. Finally, it furthermore exhausts discharge. 

Many single exhausts come with two exhaust heads, allowing your system to seem like a dual exhaust without increasing the price tag. On the other hand, several people believe a dual exhaust system can provide higher performance than a single exhaust system because of its two pipes feature. Also, it saves gas mileage, resulting in higher fuel efficiency. 

Fuel Efficiency

Single exhaust systems are more efficient than dual exhausts. But, a dual exhaust system may boost the speed of your vehicle. So, if you are looking to raise power, it can be a good investment.

Appropriate for Turbochargers

Single and dual exhausts work along with a turbocharger. Dual exhaust can create a substantial difference on a turbocharged motor.

Setup Method

To have an outstanding outcome from an exhaust system, you need to have a quick setup. Nevertheless, you can easily set up a single exhaust system. Lift your vehicle first to gain accessibility below it. Additionally, one noticeable difference between both exhausts is that your exhaust can emit exhaust gasses from one exhaust manifold in a single exhaust system whereas, with dual exhaust, you will get two.

When you are asking for the answer to How much does a true dual exhaust cost? The estimated cost of installation begins at $200. However, numerous companies include tunes with their products. Without precise tuning, your car will deliver poor fuel mileage. 

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Pros and Cons of Dual Exhaust System


  • Creates Louder Sound: Dual exhaust improves the sound quality of the exhaust. Do you want to add a boomy bass tone in a car? This exhaust will fulfill your desire. After installing a dual exhaust, it will boost the exhaust’s sound. Instantly, you will obtain deeper sound notes even from your inactive car.
  • Lower Engine Temperature: It contributes to optimal power and lowers the engine’s temperature. Thus, dual exhaust ensures higher reliability and gifts you a long-lasting exhaust system.
  • Higher Fuel economy: A higher economy assists in minimizing fuel consumption. Therefore, you can drive with the true dual exhaust because of this feature.
  • Gains Horsepower: Whenever you place a dual exhaust, you will notice horsepower improvement. It can release emissions more quickly than a single exhaust. Two exhaust pipes help release the hot gases and leave space for the chilled air. After receiving coolant, horsepower will be increased. Consequently, the car engine will offer more output.


Though a dual exhaust system bestows your car with lots of benefits, it has some drawbacks too. Such as-

  • Cost: How much does true dual exhaust cost? Since a true dual exhaust comes with two separate exhausts. Thus, it ensures double effects than a single exhaust. I hope now you understand why this system is costly. 
  • Low durability: The dual exhaust system improves the overall performance of the engine. But, it can not assure the longevity of the exhaust. This system requires two separate pipes; neither of these pipes becomes overheated throughout the operation. Correspondingly, moisture condenses in the chamber. It aids in corrosion formation. If you face this problem, replace it immediately. 

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Is Dual Exhaust Worth It?

Exhaust pipe helps to release pollutants from the engine. If your car features eight cylinders and a single exhaust pipe, the exhaust will escape through one exhaust pipe. Hence, it creates back pressures. As a result, your car will lose horsepower. Similarly, getting a dual exhaust enables the vehicle to exhaust twice earlier, leading to the higher horsepower. This system can effectively lower back pressure than a single exhaust.

How much does a true dual exhaust cost? Try to install exhaust manifolds while upgrading to dual exhaust. Likewise, select stainless steel headers to avoid damage.

Final Words

The true-dual exhaust system is a modern invention that also performs more efficiently than previous editions. To buy the true-dual exhaust system, you have to spend minimum money. But at first, you have to know the actual cost. How much does true dual exhaust cost? To make your task simpler, we are here with our information-rich article. We hope you have found the writing helpful.

If so, please write to us about your opinion. We would like to know about our readers’ vision. Also, let us know how we can enhance our article. After that, we can help you better. Best of luck with the new true-dual exhaust system!

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