How much does an exhaust system cost?

If you want to know how much does an exhaust system cost, first think about how much power you expect to gain from adding a new exhaust system to your vehicle. A performance exhaust system can improve the efficiency of your car and increase the overall horsepower up to 5 percent. The price of an exhaust system depends on the desired result, the make and model of your car. You can expect to spend the average cost of an exhaust system between $300 and $1500.

Exhaust System Parts Average Costs:

Type of Exhaust Systems   Average Cost  
Cat-back exhaust systems$300 to $1500
Axle-back exhaust systems $300 to $1500  
High performance mufflers $75-$300
Exhaust system tips$25-$150

Let’s check a table showing how much does an exhaust system cost by car model:

Car Model   Average Cost  
Audi A3  $1,500  
BMW 3 Series  $1,200  
Nissan Altima  $1,100  
Audi Q5  $900  
Honda Civic  $550  
Ford Fusion  $450  

Moreover, high-performance models require unique parts and tools. So, you need to spend more money to maintain them. Remember that all data are our predictions. Your exact charges will be based on your car’s age, amount of accidents, and the availability of your technician.

You can do some modifications and make your vehicle an extraordinary machine. And the simple manipulation is the replacement of the new exhaust system. In this article, we will discuss in detail your question, how much does an exhaust system cost? Do not worry; we are here with the solution. After reading the writing, you will get a good idea about the cost of an exhaust system.

How much does an exhaust system cost installed?

Before knowing about how much does an exhaust system cost, Think about how much it costs to install an exhaust. They don’t take much time to install. Several suppliers will help you replace and install a new exhaust system without any extra charge.

Nevertheless, the whole installation process needs 1 or 2 hours to complete. Besides, labor cost ranges from $50 to $60 per hour. Then, your total cost will be $50 to $120.

Moreover, high-performance models require unique parts and tools. So, you need to spend more money to maintain them. Remember that all data are our predictions. Your exact charges will be based on your car’s age, amount of accidents, and the availability of your technician.

Installation Cost per Part

All exhaust systems contain three major parts-


The downpipe links your car’s exhaust system to the turbo, sending gases out from the engine. Harmful fumes are converted to less hazardous pollutants by the catalytic converter. Typically, a new downpipe will require between $200 and $300 to purchase and install. Most downpipes are composed of stainless steel and resist leakage.

Most importantly, they are economical than exhaust manifolds. Please note that you need to spend less than $30 on the downpipe clamps and rings.

Check the cost of downpipes in the table below:

Brand   Cost  
PPE 11700500 Performance Downpipe  $140  
Industrial Injection HX40DP2 Downpipe  $190  
Waltyotur Stainless Steel Downpipe for Honda Civic  $120  
TUPARTS J2DP005 Downpipe for Audi A3  $115  
ECCP Turbo Exhaust Pipe 1.8T  $90  

Exhaust manifold:

An exhaust manifold absorbs the harmful pollutants and stops them from entering your vehicle. Many brands like to install two exhaust manifolds in their cars.

This feature is usually made with cast iron or tubular steel. If you want to make your vehicle robust, you can choose it. Nevertheless, steel is more expensive than iron.

The estimated cost of installing an exhaust manifold is $500. Labor charges typically range from $100 to $300.

The following table will give you details about the costs for exhaust manifolds-

Exhaust Manifolds   Cost
Dorman 674-939 for Toyota   $140  
ECCPP Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold   $120  
TUPARTS Exhaust Manifold for Audi A3 $115  
Cciyu Exhaust Manifold Kit for Jeep   $90  

Muffler Costs:

The muffler of the car helps to reduce the noise of your car’s engine. Thus, it prevents damage.

However, a conventional muffler will set you between $50 and $100. Most of the high-end variants cost more than $100. In addition to a high-quality one need $70.Correspondingly, the typical cost of labor is between $100 and $200.

Take a look at the table at the average costs for mufflers-

Products Cost
Walker Quiet-Flow Exhaust Muffler $90  
Flowmaster 42433 40 Series Muffler   $85  
Dynomax Super Turbo 17747 Exhaust Muffler   $60  
Evil Energy Universal Outlet Muffler   $55  
Thrush 242422 Exhaust Muffler   $50  

Labor Costs for Installing an Exhaust System

Labor costs are frequently quite affordable if you choose a cat-back or axle-back exhaust system. These systems are easy to install. 

If you merely like to take a muffler, you should seek a quote on how much an exhaust system costs before buying it.

Finally, placement can be relatively inexpensive, costing $100.Sometimes the customization is essential, which might cost up to $300 or afterward.

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust system

We have talked about the exhaust system price but; there is another thing about the cost of the exhaust system replacement. The question is also a part of our query of- how much does the exhaust system cost.

To replace the existing exhaust system, the cost of the exhaust is a crucial factor. But you can not get an exact answer for this. As the exhaust system varies in size, shape, and other factors, the price is not constant, so we can only give you the closest approximate cost for the exhaust system.

You can find the exhaust system for different prices; however, the price remains between 150 to 1150 US dollars. We have identified and summarized the price and, it includes the labor cost. The price will vary but will follow the range. So, if you have made up your mind to replace the exhaust system, take an idea from the price range. We have mentioned by researching about the price in the market.

If you want to know the expense except for the labor cost, we also have the solution. The labor cost generally varies from 50 to 60 US dollars, so you now know- how much the replacement cost is.

You can make your car up to date by changing the exhaust system to a new one. It does not cost so much. For the affordable price of the exhaust system, the rate of replacing it is going higher.

By doing the replacement of the exhaust system by yourself, you can easily save the labor cost. Also, the replacement done by the laborers is less time-consuming. You can save time if you give the task to the excerpt laborers; there will be an extra cost besides the actual expense of the exhaust system. When you have decided to replace the exhaust system all by yourself, you can save the cost.

How much does it cost to get true dual exhaust

Surprisingly, true dual exhaust offers sound insulation features. Thus, it creates a pleasant sound. On the other hand, a straight pipe improves the pace of gas velocity. This system can limit engine efficiency below 2,000 or 2,500 RPM.

How much does an exhaust system cost? You have to pay $100 on the cheap end to $400 to $500 on the high end. According to researchers, customers need to spend $150 to $200 to get true dual exhaust. Pricing may vary from $50 to $100 for extra labor costs.

Here is the estimation cost table to get true dual exhaust:

Component   Cost
Muffler  $60 to $120  
Hangers, gaskets, silencers  $20  
Labor  $80 to $100  

How Much Does a Custom Exhaust System Cost?

The quickest method to obtain a precise quotation for your vehicle is to consult with a specialist. How much does an exhaust system cost? Moreover, plan to invest $150 to $2,000 for materials and $75 to $200 for service.

The cost of the material impacts the overall cost of a custom exhaust system. Because installing an exhaust system is costly and time-consuming also.

Relatively inexpensive equipment, incompetent personnel, or shortcuts might lead to a car that faces accidents and requires more pricey repairs and replacements.

How much does a loud exhaust cost?

The ultimate cost of a loud exhaust is affected by the quality of the muffler, materials, and thickness. Further, you will get it at $60 to $120. Also,$20 for hangers, gaskets, and silencers. Labor costs between $80 and $100.

How much does a cat-back exhaust system cost?

Above, we learn about how much does an exhaust system cost. Now, let’s talk about how much a cat-back exhausts system costs.

Cat-back is a quick method to expand performance throughout automotive drivers. The precise layout of this technology ensures significant horsepower in the exhaust system. If any car and truck companies need to develop a new vehicle, they aim to maximize capacity and save resources.

They never concentrate on boosting horsepower. Consequently, the exhaust system becomes ineffective and causes power failure.

You can quickly set up the cat-back exhaust system and provide an immediate speedup to the vehicle. The best advantage is that it is also cost-effective, with parts ranging at $300.Additionally, there are a variety of aspects that may influence your overall cost.

Cost estimation for cat-back exhaust system:

Cat-back exhaust system Cost
Average Cost Range  $650-$1,500  
Low-End Cost Estimate  $300-$400  
Mid-Range Cost Estimate  $500-$700  

Furthermore, the cat-back system’s parts cost between $150 to $1,000. It requires stainless steel or galvanized aluminum. Stainless steel exhaust systems are more resilient and stable than aluminum exhaust systems. 

These systems are affordable too. You may find mild steel-made exhaust systems in the market. They are less expensive than stainless steel but, they corrode more quickly.

If you don’t want to install an entire exhaust system, you can purchase the parts separately for $25-$150.  Also, you need to spend between $100 and $250 for the maintenance.

Let’s look at the table for some cat-back exhaust system brands and their estimated costs-

Brands Costs
Performance Street Series Kit (15710)  $990-$1000  
Full System Kit – 140332  $1,015-$1,030  
K&N 2009-19 Dodge RAM 1500    $285-$295
Flowmaster Doss Exhaust System Kit (717787)   $560-$580  
Power  Silverado 1500/Sierra 1500   $390-$405  
Flowmaster 2019 Silverado/Sierra 1500   $865-$880    
K&N 2014-19 Chevy/GMC Silverado 1500  $550-$565  

How much does a turbo-back exhaust cost:

By replacing the new exhaust system, you make your car unique and different from the typical ones. A turbo-black exhaust system can turn your car from a turtle to a rabbit in terms of speed. So, why will you say no to the turbo-black exhaust system?

Once you have determined the turbo-back exhaust, it is time to know about other details about the system. And for this, the first comes the price of a turbo-black exhaust system. As we gather all the reliable information for your convenience, we have tried to present the most moderate price of the turbo-back exhaust for your car. The cost will be no more than 900 US dollars. It excludes the labor cost. In case you are replacing the exhaust system by yourself, you will not need any labor assistance.

If you are willing to pay a little more for making your car the most stylish and super-fast, then turbo black is a perfect choice. We can assure you that you will not regret your choice. Once you have implemented the exhaust system in your car, you can not believe the difference in your car. The old car will feel like more than any new car. And this is all you need.

The turbo-back exhaust may cost more than any other exhaust system in the market, but the performance is far better than them and, you can be sure about it. So, prepare your money and buy the turbo-back exhaust- your fast and furious car is merely a few minutes away.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Exhaust System


Aluminum or stainless steel-made exhaust systems protect from unwanted corrosion. Although mild steel exhaust systems are cheap as well as have corrosion-resistance properties.

Type of the Vehicle

How Much Does an Exhaust System Cost?  The type of your vehicle affects the expense of your car installation. Several companies prefer OEM exhaust systems. Besides, some need aftermarket exhaust systems. Therefore, expensive cars are more costly to maintain than cheaper ones.

Wrapping Up

As you have known- how much does the exhaust system cost, you must be willing to replace the existing exhaust system of your car. We are sure you are more confident doing so after reading our article. You can not imagine how much the new exhaust system can change the outlook of your old car.

We will be glad if you write to us about your experience buying the exhaust system. You can determine the cost of the exhaust according to your budget. Best of luck with the new exhaust system!

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