Exhaust Clamps Vs Welding: How Will You Decide For Connecting Exhaust Pipes     

When it’s needed to repair exhaust systems, you will need to compare Exhaust Clamps Vs welding. Do you want to know which one is best for joining the new exhaust system?

Problems with an exhaust system are very common in automobile users. A corroded pipe is one of them. Before you choose, you should know about exhaust clamps and welding well for installing new pipe or repairing the existing one. These two ways of making joints are suitable in different situations.

We will tell you about all the benefits and demerits of two ways of repairing exhaust pipes, which will make it easier to choose the preferable one as your need.

Please, read this article very carefully to know about Exhaust Clamps and Welding with their advantages and disadvantages.

Exhaust Clamps Vs Welding 

There are huge differences between clipping pipes with a clamp or welding. To be aware of these differences, you should know all the merits and demerits.  

A few basic comparisons are listed in the table below for you. This will help you to have a basic knowledge of exhaust clamps and welding differences.

Basic Comparison Table

Features Exhaust Clamps Welding
Use Used for joining two pipes temporarilyUsed for permanent joints
AccuracyCreate temporary joints than weldingMake strong, accurate joints 
Durability Less durable than welding  Long-lasting 
Skill  Do not need to be professional help Need skilled professional personal
PriceA cost-effective way of joining two pipesLittle costly 
Safety equipment Do not need much safety equipmentSafety equipment is a must
Power Do not need a power supplyNeed electricity to melt metal

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Differences Between Exhaust Clamps And Welding

To compare the Exhaust clamps vs welding, you need to know how they work. The detailed information is given below with their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a beginner and want to know in detail about clamps and welding, then this is for you to learn the basics of these two ways of connecting metal pipes.

Exhaust Clamps: For Connecting Two Muffler Pipes Temporarily

First of all, we will discuss Exhaust clamps. These are well-known tools for strongly connecting two exhaust system pipes or repairing any broken pipes.

What is an Exhaust Clamp?

Clamps are metal clips usually used to join the exhaust pipes together. It also allows the pipes to hold together even in extreme heat.

They keep the pipes together very tightly with a firm grip and make a very strong bond between the two pipes. It is very easy to install and perfect for DIY.

If you do not want to go to an automobile garage, you can use an exhaust clip to repair your exhaust pipe. You can make it tight or loose as you need. 

As we said, it is easy to install, and you will not need any extra hand for help. That will save you some money too. You only need some simple installing tools to install clips and make a strong bond.

But after using the clamps a few times, they can get corroded or break that may need to be replaced with new clamps.

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Available Types of Exhaust Clamps

Three types of clamps are available in the market according to the utilities of the muffles. They are U-shaped clamps, V-shaped clamps, and band clamps.

  • U-shaped clamps: The most used clamp types in the factory and garages connect exhaust system pipes. One of the main causes to choose is that they can be adjusted in various sizes and uninstalled anytime needed. Its shape allows this to give proper tightness around the bond.
  • V-shaped clamps: These clamps are also called turbo clamps because these are mostly used inexpensive car turbo exhaust systems. It is more costly than the other clamp types. 

This clamp has two parts that need welding to assemble with the pipes, and another piece holds the two welded ends together to give a strong connection.

This clamp’s shape helps it provide maximum tightness and make airtight joints.

  • Band clamps: Band clamps are normally flat straps or ring-shaped. It is versatile in size, making it more useful than other clamps. But this has the disadvantage that the clamp is permanent. To disassemble the pipe from this clamp, you have to cut or break the clamp.

You can find aluminum, galvanized, and stainless steel-made clamps. Among them are galvanized and stainless steel clamps that are more heat resistant and preferable for installing the exhaust system. Depending on the pipe’s shape and size, you can choose one or more types of clamps.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to replace any parts
  • Cost-effective
  • Do not need expert help


  • Short lifetime
  • Sometimes need welding too
  • Less strong than welding


Welding: Everything You Should Know About Welding

People use welding to repair or connect exhaust pipes in everyday life. It is used to provide strong, long-lasting, and permanent joints. 

The two ends of exhaust pipes melt with high heat and make a solid joint in this process. Thus converts two pipes into one piece.

You can not disassemble these pipes without cutting a cut. The welding equipment needs electricity to produce high heat to melt the sealing metal.

For a long-lasting, strong bond, you have to ensure proper use of filler metal. Also, it needs expert help to weld metal pipes and proper safety gears.

Available Types Of Welding

There are several ways to weld metal pipes that you can use to join your car’s muffler pipes. The four types of welding techniques are TIG welding, MIG welding, stick welding, and flux-cored arc welding.

  • TIG welding: This welding has a non-consumable tungsten electrode. Here you need electricity to melt strong metal and join the two pipes. Inert gas prevents the joint from oxidizing during the process. This is the most common welding process.
  • MIG welding: A non-consumable electrode uses a metal electrode connected to an electric supply. It is not a good option for thin tube welding.
  • Stick welding: You need electricity to produce a strong arc to melt metal in this process. The stick has flux on it, so there is no need for inert gas to prevent oxidation.
  • Flux-cored arc welding: This is similar to stick welding. With the help of electrical power, it produces flux around the pipe that melts the metal and makes a strong bond.

You can choose any of these types of welding systems for connecting metal pipes. 


  • Strong 
  • Make Permanent joint
  • Long-lasting


  • Need skill personnel
  • Costly 
  • Safety equipment is a must
  • Need electricity

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Features Comparison Exhaust Clamps Vs Welding

Now you have basic knowledge about exhaust clamps and the welding system. To compare and choose the best one, you should know their features too. 

Easy Installation

When it comes to making joints between two muffler pipes together, exhaust clamps are the easiest option to choose. You do not need to gather any special skills or expert help in this process. You can install and uninstall a clamp-on exhaust system with some simple tools.

But if you intend to use welding to connect metal pipes, you need to use a welding torch properly. If you are not that skilled, you have to go to a garage or professional personnel for help with specialized welding equipment. It is a complex and time-consuming process. Once you assemble two pipes by welding, it is impossible to disassemble again.

Metal Strength

Clamps give enough strength to a connection if it is installed and tightened properly. But once the clips start to become fragile, they begin to lose their power. If you do not need a temporary joint and want to disassemble the joint, you can easily choose the clamps. But it is not much stronger than welding.

For a strong and long-lasting connection, welding is the best choice. As the two ends of the pipes are joints with the melted metal, the bond becomes metal strong. That can not lose strength over time. It will not loosen or break easily. For a strong bond, welding is best.


Clamps work very well but do not last as welding. We can say that clipping with metal clamps is good for short repair. After long use, the clamps get rusted and cored and broken and need replacement.

While as for long-lasting and perfect exhaust pipe installation. It will last longer than a clamp. The welding expert may choose to weld over clamps.

Particular Skill 

To install exhaust pipes in the system with clamps, one needs no special skill. Anyone with simple technical knowledge can easily use an exhaust clip to connect muffle pipes without previous experience. You need not go for a professional and install it at home. 

Oppositely to weld metal pipes, you will need special skills to use a welding torch. Otherwise, you will melt the pipe, making it hard for you to connect the tubes or block the inner side of the pipe. So if you are not an expert, you should go for technical help from a skilled person.

Proper Safety Gears

You do not need many safety gears for installing exhaust clamps but a set of gloves for your hand safety. So it is a safe way to install an exhaust system.

But for welding, full safety equipment is necessary as it produces heat or sprinkles. You need safety glasses, shoes, and gloves. Without wearing proper safety gear, you should not try welding. It can cause huge damage to you. 


Finally, the price of exhaust clamps is very low. The tools needed for installing clams are also low in price. That comes on a small budget. That anyone can afford any time. 

While welding is a little costly, you need to go to an expert to a garage. On the other hand, if you want welding equipment for your use, they are very high in cost.

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Exhaust Clamps Vs WeldingWhich One Is Best?

It is hard to compare exhaust clamps and welding. But some may prefer clamps over welding. Because using a clamp is safe as you do not need to use electricity or any heavy equipment. It is also cost-effective, and a single person can easily use it without any expert help. 

So one can do repairs with these clamps at home without going to the garage. But the connection with metal clamps is weaker and less durable than welding.

On the other hand, people may prioritize welding to fix an exhaust tubing system. It needs specialized tools and safety equipment to weld. It is costly and can not be done alone. For this, you have to go for a professional. 

So far, You are skilled and will always require extra hands for help. But it is long-lasting and stronger than a clamp. But it is not possible to disassemble it after welding.

Now it’s totally up to you, which are you choosing to solve your problem with the exhaust pipes. You also need to choose one that meets your needs and budget too. If you have a very small budget and want a reliable solution, using an exhaust clamp is best for you.

Differently, if you have a big budget for repairing your exhaust system along with wanting a permanent and long-lasting solution, you can choose to weld. 

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Final thoughts

People usually use exhaust clamps and welding to connect the exhaust pipes. So always, there is a debate while selecting between exhaust clamps vs welding. 

Suppose you are in a dilemma and can not decide which one is best for your exhaust system. After reading this, I am sure I will now choose either clamps or welding. 

If you intend to repair your broken exhaust pipes, you should choose galvanized or stainless steel-made clamps. This is easy to use and cost-effective too. Otherwise, you can go for a strong, durable connection with a welding expert.

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