Top 5 Best yfz 450 exhaust Reviews With Ultimate Buying Guide

Best yfz 450 exhaust will help you roar on the high mileage and release the pollutants. So, it’s obvious to get an idea about the best aftermarket exhaust that is running currently. 

You should know that not all the aftermarket brands have guaranteed you to supply the best one. Finding the best exhaust depends on the person’s preferences, and it’s challenging as well.

Our in-depth research has attached a shortlist for the best yfz 450 exhaust according to their fitness, amazing performance, and great looks. These are best for having unique features and functions. So let us jump into the deep to find your needs.

Our Top Picks: At A Glance

Top 5 Best yfz 450 exhaust Reviews With Buying Guide

We attached here the best yfz 450 exhaust according to their finishes, fitness, and performances. These are best for having unique features and functions. So let us jump into the deep to find your needs.

1. Big Gun 07-1202 ECO ATV Silver Slip-On ExhaustBest Rated


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Quick Specs

  • Item Weight- 7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 36×8×8″-inches
  • Materials – Stainless steel
  • Vehicle Service Type- All-terrain type vehicles 

This easy-going exhaust is perfect for those who are in search of lightweight stuff. The big gun exhaust is easy to handle. Moreover, you can install this stuff without any guidance. But you have to rejet the carburetor. It’s good to go with the Yamaha yfz 450 exhaust

This exhaust will run about 6,000 ft with less trouble. Even if you went from a stock 158 jet to a 165, it will run great. The performance of this thin pipe is highly noticeable with the improvement in power and torque during the long trip. 

Features with Benefits

Let us move and discuss some of its feature benefits. However, it has very few advantages, compared to others. 

Sounds Good 

The staff is highly remarkable for making fewer sounds. Making weird sounds is a common characteristic of the exhaust. But this pipe is freed from these functions. It’s very comfortable to use and operate. 

Provide More Power 

The silver slip pipe is master to provide more power during the trip. This feature seems to be very rare on some exhaust. But this time, the big gun silver tool can provide and increase the power automatically. 

The tool is made only to realize four things- provide power, sounds, craftsmanship, and performance. The crafting style of such a tool is really impressive as it can produce more power. Nothing is cooler like this, whereas you go out on long drives. 

Comes With Brush Aluminum Muffler

The eco series exhaust is more durable than others. The stainless-steel tubing is the common coating that we find in almost every component. But the main variation occurred when we learned that the pipe has 6061 brushed aluminum muffler canisters. This is a proven material that will last for many years. 


  • Fits on Yamaha YFZ 450 (04-09)
  • Lightweight
  • Able to deliver maximum power
  • Uses stock head pipe
  • Easy to install


  • Not the right size for the 05
  • Incorrect fitments

Extra Benefits

 The bonus points of this stuff are available at very low prices. The Eco-Series manufactured these things without hurting your wallet. So you will get the best product at a lower price. 

User’s Reviews

The staff was good to perform. Already it has earned a top rating on Amazon from the users. This amazing exhaust is lightweight and easy to operate. 

A user says,” it will fit on the 04 yfz so nicely and has a wide mid-pipe.” “The product performance is great and sounds good while working,”- says another reviewer. Most of the users agreed that it’s the best exhaust for 06 yfz 450 also.

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2. Big Gun 09-24602 Titanium Size Exhaust | Best sounding exhaust


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Quick Specs

  • Item weight- 7.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 45×7.5×6.5″- inches
  • Material – Red powder coated stainless steel

This header pipe originally would not fit the mid-pipe, so you may get upset about this. But you may get impressed with the power gains from the exhaust system that it produces. It sounds killer and will snap up on a wheelie from a bog in third gear.

You can use this dynojet stage two jet kit that comes with a pile of pilot choices. This tool is used to develop the altitude. You can also use the 48 pilots with 165 main and the custom tapered needle in the 5th setting. We wouldn’t recommend you use stage 3 unless it has a cam upgrade, which can mess up.

Anyway, this is a fantastic pipe setup except for the minor fit issue. You can race and ride by using this for many years. 

Features with Benefits

There are some major benefits we’ve found on this stuff that are unique and good. These are, 

Deliver Maximum Horsepower

The staff will provide you with maximum horsepower. It is also able to give you enough torque power to run the engine more smoothly. The components are required to spread the power evenly in the rpm range. 

Made With Solid Materials 

With the absence of solid materials, the longevity of your exhaust isn’t recognized. Fortunately, this crystal pipe will come with 049 stainless steel tubing. Also, it is a strong base of an aluminum muffler canister. Along with this, the EVO exhaust system is much lighter compared to the stock units. 

Heat Resist

The sleek muffler design of this stuff will allow maximum clearance to prevent exhaust from bursting.

Overheating is another reason by which your stuff can get damaged. In that case, the big gun titanium exhaust is fully heated resistant to give extra protection. 

Fits On Different Models

If you’re buying any exhaust, fitting with the vehicle will provide you with the certainty that it will go throughout. Hence, this item fits different upgraded models. Likewise, 

  • 2004-2009 Yamaha yfz450
  • 2012-2013 Yamaha yfz450
  • 2006-2007 Yamaha YFZ450 
  • Bill balance edition 2007-2008 Yamaha YFZ450 SE.


  • It’s the best 2005 yfz 450 exhaust
  • Stainless steel made body
  • TIG-welded muffler brackets 
  • Less heavy than stock exhaust
  • 304 steel made head pipe 


  • No header pipe found 
  • Not have the right color

Extra Benefits

The model can increase its power up to 4-8 h.p on most models. Especially, the 96-98Dbs track and trail legal are having those issues. However, the exhausts are used only for closed courses and not permitted for use on the road. It’s just because most of them are not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles. This sort of exhaust is hardly found in the state of California.

User’s Reviews

The product has very positive reviews on Amazon. People accept this exhaustion in their hearts, as one of the users claimed that it sounds too good. Another reviewer suggests using this stuff on many races. It has huge power to run your vehicles so far. 

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3. Yoshimura RS-2 Slip-On Muffler Stainless Exhaust  | Best Professional


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Quick Specs

  • Material- stainless steel
  • Dimensions-38.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches
  • Item weight-6 Pounds

Our fourth pick is a Yoshimura Rs-2 slip-on muffler, stainless pipe. This exhaust comes with a tiny outlook. We are impressed to see how unique the design is engraved upon this pipe. Most importantly, this stainless-steel exhaust is very versatile, potent, and ergonomic. The manufacturer claimed it as the best exhaust for 2006 yfz 450.

We don’t want to go to any arguments about its performance. As we told you before, this sleek pipe is manufactured with an original TRC. It will be able to increase the power as well as deliver it to the vehicles. 

Features with Benefits

The first appearances you may notice about its architectural functions. It comes in a different pyramidal shape with many identical features. 

Increased Volume 

This is the relevant feature of these components, we guess. The exhaust comes with increased volume systems. So the user can increase the volume as well as decrease it if needed. The EPA approves all the series here. That means they are compatible with omitting any sounds. 

RS-2 Quieter System 

This is a quieter system that works to raise the power and upgrade the performance. Mainly, rs2 comes with a larger core, and it adds a bonus by making a way to perform in every situation. This system consists of a value-priced package too.

Diamond Shaped Sleeve 

The diamond-shaped body will be awesome to fit on the motorbike. This is often easy to install. Diamond-crafted pipe helps to reduce the internal exhaust more evenly. 

Large Core & Muffler Volume Packaging 

With the help of a large core and muffler volume package, this exhaust can do a quieter operation. Here is the core, and the muffler work as remote control stuff. These functions can control the noises, which isn’t adequate. 

Stainless-Steel Elements 

Almost all the elements of this exhaust come with a layer of stainless steel. So it is now clear that they’re highly intensive, rustproof, durable. In simple words, you’ll get their stainless-steel tailpipe and header. 


  • Stainless-steel cone end cap
  • USFS approved spark arrestor
  • Diamond-shaped
  • Suitable to use all-terrain vehicles 
  • EPA approved tailpipe


  • Not Mention 

Extra Benefits

The exhaust is included with many double features. The EPA-approved noise compliance is indifferent among them. This feature will specifically be used to decrease the noise levels. 

Along with these, all applications here have malfunctioned with EPA approval. So they are less noisy and appropriate to use everywhere. The product comes to fit on the best exhaust for 2006 yfz 450. All in all,

It will be best fitted for these below models also.

  • 2005 yfz 450 exhaust
  • 2020 yfz 450 exhaust
  • 2006 yfz 450 exhaust
  • 2004 yfz 450 exhaust
  • 2008 yfz 450 exhaust
  • 2007 yfz 450 exhaust

User’s Reviews

We didn’t find any detailed reviews of this product on Amazon. But overall the products are good and imported from the USA. And you know how good the product is when you find them based in the USA. 

We find some good reviews on YouTube, eBay, and other valuable sites. All of them claimed these are fine to use, less noisy, and maximize muffler volumes. These fittings are best to use in YAMAHA 2005 yfz 450 exhaust and many more.

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4. Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Steel Big Core Exhaust | Best Premium Pick


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The spark racing exhaust is compatible to use in any motorbike. The main feature benefit of such a product is the Yamaha YFZ450 2004, the best exhaust for 2008 yfz 450, and dirt bike. The product is recognized as the best exhaust for Yamaha yfz 450.

Yamaha yfz 450 and beat the beast-like many more. It comes with extra benefits and unique advantages. 

All the parts are made USA-approved and 100% solid. The most additional part of this product will be compatible with Yamaha 2009-YFZ450R. 

Features with Benefits

Despite having some common features, this shark-looking and durable tool also have many advantages. Below we are trying to discuss them in detail. 

Hassle-Free Performances 

This sparks racing X6 exhaust system is ideal for any application. Due to the power gains, it will be able to produce through the entire power curve. You can call it the best exhaust yfz450r

The model comes with a complete system, not a slip-on, as it could perform well on an incomplete system. 

So far, it works much better. That’s why you may find it more profitable than working with the limitations of the stock head pipe. 

It has been proven that this model is worthy of beating the Pro-level riders. Similarly, it could be dragging the races. The model is eligible to compete in high mileage competitions for best performances. 

Offers X6 & X6 Big Cores

The product is eligible to fit in both X6 and X6 big core systems. The X6 race core can compete with the 2″-inches outlet diameter. With this diameter, the core will give you certainty for better actions. It is the best exhaust for yfz 450.

On the other hand, both can be configured with two vital pieces of stuff- spark arrestor and quiet inserts. 

120-110db Testing Guidelines 

Both of these racing core systems can be adapted with 120-110 dB testing guidelines. Among them, the race core system uses up to 120db. The big core houses support 2.25″-inches outlet diameter to offer top-end performance. They are resisting to fit on different models. But they’re known as the best exhaust for 06 yfz 450.

Another side, the Big Core is up to 110db using the SAE testing guidelines. But it cannot be configured with any quiet inserts. Hence, you can add the spark arrestor to the Big Core system. Yet, this big core is never intended for using a spark arrestor. 

We must say it’s not too good because this running spark arrestor will drastically shorten the arrestor’s longevity.

100% USA approved Materials 

When we’re going to buy any products, definitely we like to buy the solid parts. In the case of metallic instruments, these sorts of features are a must. Don’t worry; in this model, you get the parts 100% USA approved. 

Most of them are resisted and made with high-grade stainless tube constructions. Both of them have exceptional looks, extensive durability, and performance. 

6061-T6 muffler components 

You may get amused that this intense product has a magical wand. It can keep the weight down while retaining durability. With the 6061-T6 muffler components, the product can attain a low weight of up to 6lbs. It is lighter than the stock systems. 


  • Exceptional fittings and finishes
  • Hassle-free installation 
  • Comes with detailed instructions 
  • Best exhaust for 2008 yfz 450
  • 100% durable 


  • Not found

Extra Benefits

It comes with in-house manufacturing systems. Easy to operate according to their instructions. The package instructions are clear enough to understand. The fittings and components are well-made with solid materials for ensuring a wider life span.

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5. HMF 041403606071 Yamaha YFZ 450 Exhaust | Best Value for the Money


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Quick Specs 

  • Material – Aluminum 
  • Item Weight – 12 pounds 
  • Dimensions – 12×8×32 inches

Our first pick is the HMF Performance Series that comes with the exhaust’s sound. It’s a holy grail for the folk who usually don’t like too many sounds. The best outlooks and deep, aggressive sound make it more intensive for the user.  

Features with Benefits

There are so many unique features that lay behind this stuff. Like, 

Cylinder Shape Core Design 

The most additional part of these components is very versatile. The cylinder look designation, unrestricted core, provides the average flow. The aluminum-made body makes it solid and breakage-free. 

Equal Power

This HMF performance is very innovative to convert the power among the stuff. It allows the exhaust to extend the H.P and torque evenly throughout the entire power curve so that you can get the best performance with this. 

Unrestricted Core 

This tube pipe uses a 2 1/8″-inches non-restrictive core. The main purpose of this core is to ensure maximum flow. 

Less Weight

The best exhaust system for yfz 450 must have to be lightweight and handy. With 12 pounds weight, this gigantic pipe is very handy to carry. The manufacturer crafted this exhaust shell with T6061 aluminum. It was too light to carry. The item weighs substantially less than any stocks. 

This Series Exhaust system already has an unrestricted core. It is situated surrounded by high-performance glass wool packing. So there is less chance of corrosion and frictions.


  • Lightweight
  • Coated with high performing glass wool
  • Provides equal power
  • Easy-going outlook
  • less noisy


  • Not found

Extra Benefits

This component has a deep ability to reduce aggressive sound. You’ll typically notice the stuff can increase 4-6 dB from the stock exhaust system. 

It comes with an industry-leading end cap and color options so that you can surely add a completely custom look as long as the sound to your machine. 

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Buying Guide To Choose The Best yfz 450 Exhaust 

Choosing the exhaust system for your motorbike is quite difficult. Hence, there are two different types of engine-2 strokes and 4-strokes. But the problem occurs while you’re failing the fitted one for you.

 If you’re running a very old bike or an outdated one, there’s a high chance of having a 4-stroke engine. The best exhaust for 2006 yfz 450 is an example of these norms, where we can get clear about its model and year. 

Anyway, getting a clear concept about the exhaust-buying guides is obvious. Otherwise, you won’t return the pipe once you install it. Don’t think that the cheapest exhaust system will do the work so nicely. Yet, there are a lot of things that lay behind these affairs. 

The bike’s sound, fuel management systems, and performance greatly impact it comparatively. So consider these below criteria to run the bike swiftly. 

Slip-On System 

If you wonder about the Slip-on system, it refers to the mullet systems or slanging clips. The system disables its user to change the entire exhaust system. By this, you can adjust the muffler systems. It will make the work much easier to do by yourself. It is cheaper.

Slip-on systems will require replacing the whole system, that much more involved. It often works to customize the fuel management system also. This option must be considered for change in the exhaustive systems. It’s far more expensive, whether it does much more for the performances. 

Fit On The Models 

Of course, it’s mandatory to choose the exhaust that should match your bike. The right model will do so many positive changes towards the bikes. At the same time, you can’t be able to return them after putting them down. Check the manufacturer and get a clear concept about the models. Most of the exhaust systems are renowned as the yfz 450 best exhaust

On the other hand, you can check out the preview about which one should consider Yamaha yfz 450 best exhaust. It’s just because the best exhaust for Yamaha yfz450 will provide incredible changes through the bike. 

Check Out The Year & Model Of The System

Of course, the best exhaust for 04 yfz450 is going to give you better performance. Do yourself a favor by inquiry on these facts. Check the actual owner’s manual before purchasing them. Keep in mind that making mistakes in these affairs can lead to a lot of frustration. 

A clear conception always attaches to the manual, unlike yfz450 best exhaust, the best exhaust for 2008 yfz450, etc. Besides this, yfz450 best aftermarket exhaust will be fitted for every racing bike. But they may demand your penny more compared to others.

In general, once you have mounted the exhaust, it can’t be returned. So you should make sure that whatever you compromise to purchase must work with your bike. The year and model of the systems will ensure that you’ve chosen the right exhaust for the motorcycle. 

Noiseless Exhaust 

Excessive sounds may dismiss the performance of your bike. As the exhaust here acts as a modifier, you also need to understand what causes the system to make sounds. Most of the components now come with a built-in system that can minimize the sounds. So you should move around these fittings to increase the performance of your bike. 


Ensure that you choose the solid and high-profile stuff, unless all your attempts are going in vain. The durable and heat-resistant exhaust will certainly give your services for long periods. There are three types of material available on the market. Stainless steel, aluminum coated, and diamond coated brass. Choose the best breakage-free one to enhance the experience of your riding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a muffler add horsepower to the exhaust?

Yes, a good muffler helps provide a sufficient h.p to the bike but also helps to get a smooth ride. Under a low purchase, you can add an aesthetic look to the vehicles. It is very cheap as well as works as a great alternative to the ride.

2. How do I make my exhaust sound too deep?

To make it deep:

  1. Start the engine first, then rev it up.
  2. Check the sounds and inquiry on how it sounds.
  3. If you want to make the sounds deeper, make a wider cut and the third of the pipes’ circumference.

Additionally, a cut with a four inches gap will give the accurate sound that you wish. 

3. Why is Borla exhaust so expensive?

BORLA was manufactured with high materials. They are very expensive as a lesser grade of steel. That’s why most of them are expensive compared to others.

Final words

Changing the exhaust system is a good option if you don’t want to buy one. If we compare the motorbike to our human body, then the exhaust is a kidney. Exhaust works to reduce all the unnecessary elements inside the engine. The exhaust changes the performance of your shabby bikes. They’re changing your riding speed also. 

Nowadays, almost all bikes have a heavy-duty exhaust. Yet, you install them like other parts if you want to increase the gas mileage and weight. So study each product from our best yfz 450 exhaust systems and purchase that fitted on yours. 

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