Top 7 Best Sounding Exhaust For V6 Camaro Reviews With Buying Guide

The exhaust system maintains consistency in the proper operation of the engine. Proper exhaust is also able to boost performance. It does not normally fail when best used in speed time.

Camaro owners have to consider the best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro. We’ve created the top 7 product lists with buying guides to help you get the right product.

Let’s choose the most important one according to your target. Check first, then take it later.

Quick Review!

Best Sounding Exhaust For V6 Camaro || Best Review

Everyone is aware of buying the right product. All of our top products are also the same as efficiency but get a few differences based on your needs and structure.

We have made the best product specifications, features, benefits, pros, cons, extra benefits, and user reviews today. Just follow the guidelines without delay.

1. Gibson Performance Exhaust 320001 Aluminum Exhaust System | Top Pick

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Gibson is highly acceptable for its best quality and a lot of components. Deep rumble will get more confident in making the right choice for your vehicle.

The dual-walled cut tips are also able to fit well. Say it is the best exhaust system for v6 Camaro.

If anyone searches for the best, just going to wanna like this.

Quick Specs

  • Inlet: 2. 25 inch
  • Outlet: 4 inch 
  • Mandrel-bent: 2. 25
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Oval Body: 4 x 9 x 13 inch
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific

Features with Benefits

Weight & Size: The package is pretty standard to give more by its diminutions. The item weight is ‎35 pounds, and the dimension is ‎31 x 14 x 13 inches.

Mandrel bent pipe: Mandrel-bent is covered by aluminum that claps on the tubing to remove backpressure. The couple welds give a profit with high clearance exhaust. Thus the system is going to have rust resistance against any source of oxidation or corrosion.

Sound Performance: Muffled parts internally create an aggressive sound like a drone but not so loud at all. That’s why you get a better deep rumble. The crazy exhaust system is for you. So why not love the sound.

Design & Finish: The polished tips are awesome to come down to the best quality, sound, and special others. You get a smart finish like stained ceramic. 4inch polished tips create great looks and increase the efficiency at speed.

Materials: Pretty straightforward, that is a very simple system but with high-quality materials. 304 stainless constructions make it a fantastic one. Aluminized systems reduce surface rust easily. The short pack helps to provide long-life protection in running time. 

Installation: When you replace then-new baffles, take to set easily in hangers with ease, just a charm! You may fight for less than 40 minutes for proper installation. The powerful exhaust system is hassle-free with improved speed like the original one. 


  • Little bit
  • Deeper tone
  • Best value
  • Less expensive
  • High build quality
  • Excellent choice
  • Quality Product


  • Super loud but not vexatious.
  • Gives a little bit on starting but an aggressive tune while running.

Extra Benefits

Gibson comes with some exclusive hardware. These components are perfect and sharp to make easy installation. Even the procedure helps to super mileage and increase horsepower. Surprisingly it will give a lifetime limited warranty.

User’s Reviews   

Special clients are happy to use this model. The supermodel gets deeper after 500 miles, commented Amazon’s big fan. Consumers also spread their reactions to the comment options.

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2. SLP 31201 Axle-Back Exhaust | Best Value

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When Camaro riders find an aggressive throaty sound, SLP is the best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro. The iconic is not also given flow exhaust but also gives a superior performance. 

The model is going to be smoother, lightweight than accumulation.  Baffles permit the conventional chamber. That’s why it can develop the professional core and reduce the flowing exhaust.

OEM mufflers are created to maintain consistency with assemblage. SLP’s give power tips of a limited lifetime warranty to recover your performer anytime. Why go to the next?

Quick Specs

  • Mandrel-bent: 3″
  • Polished Tips: 4”
  • Weight: ‎23 pounds
  • Fit type: Specific Vehicle
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: ‎29 x 17 x 13 inches

Features with Benefits

Axle-back: The Axle-back system suggests maximum flow cut back with a deep rumble. Reduce back pressure with extra exhaust flow this way. It is also possible by the axle-back system.

Materials: The performer is used to the high-quality components. The turbo-type muffles mandrel-bent is 2.5 inches. These are made of 409 stainless steel construction. So you get reliability and durability for long-term service on your system. 

Design & finish: Modular technology creates a special design to mention the super performance. It covers the whole body to look like a ceramic wrap. Stains create a great finish of ambush that shows like an SLP logo. The polishing system also creates extra protection from all over junk.

Installation: The system includes some hardware hangers, welded, and necessary elements. These components are also taking proper installation. It takes some quality time, less than an hour to install.

Sound performance: The aggressive sound like a drone fills your vehicle at highway speeds. 4″ tips give a different some with increasing the sound activities. Loudmouth can create deep sound and rich performance. 


  • Best quality 
  • Heavy-duty 
  • Easy install
  • Good looks
  • Sound Goods
  • Less expensive


  • Excessive sounds do not predominate but permit the appropriate sound.

Extra Benefits

Including a power flow system can control the unrestrained flow by the piping. The best exhaust for 2015 v6 Camaro gives a heart-stirring dispatch. The performer boasts superior power to filter the high heat for mild exhaust heat.

User’s Reviews

The exclusive is special for the Camaro fan for its best quality service. They can also believe that there is no chance of disliking it in terms of components. You can get it by observation from the best seller rank.

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3. Flowmaster 42541 40 Series | Runner-up

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If you ask a question, what’s the best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro? We can say the Flowmaster is the best sounding muffler in the marketplace.

The product is separately dyno tested and quality full. It is also able to improve mileage, performance. 

Super 40 comes with advanced technology. Besides, the muffler is a safe product so that you can move it smoothly. So you can also pick the best sounding exhaust for 2010 Camaro v6.

Quick Specs

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Shape: Oval
  • Vehicle: Car
  • Outlet: 2-1/2 inch
  • Fit: Universal Fit
  • Exterior: ‎Painted

Features with Benefits

Material: Flowmaster added high-quality materials of 16 gauge aluminized steel. The component is also perfectly welded so that you get it more durable. Aluminum can protect mufflers from rust quickly. Similarly, it gives a lasting long time process.

Weight & Size: The Super 40 model weighs 9.5 pounds, and its dimensions are 4 x 9 3/4 x 19. It looks a little longer as a pipe. In that case, it is gently helped in the gas exhaust. 

Exterior: The supermodel looks a little different for oval-shaped. It is polished to be perfect, which helps in maintaining quality. As a result, you get a better way of off-road driving and racing. 

Design: Baffles are creating an original design that gets a proper way to customize. Besides, it is also able to fit well and help gas escape easily. It is pretty possible to have an unrestrained conversation because of the loud sound during the running time.

Mandrel-bent pip: Mandrel bent piping system provides some important elements. It is fully covered on the tubing and baffles that are rust-resistant. All systems are functioning for this system.


  • Original sound
  • Super mileage
  • Flowmaster quality
  • Amazing muffler
  • Everything is great
  • Reasonable price


  • Sounds great but not annoying

Extra Benefits

The series is offset in 2.50 with a center out of 2.50. In that case, you get an aggressive tone with fantastic exhaust. Even it roars louder for any vehicle. Functionally it makes a great sound in gas mileage, so it is recommended for trucks.

User’s Reviews  

The higher product is special for amazing sounds, advanced materials, and is well priced. They are given importance to user satisfaction so that Amazon gets a higher rank. So users did not skimp on giving the best reviews.

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4. Magnaflow 4in X 9in Oval Dual/Dual Performance Muffler | Best Overall

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Magnaflow is well known for her best deep sound. The straight gives a super mileage system for its better activity. The item is important for being well priced.

Overall the product is best and looks stylish when setting up the car. It can help to flow exhaust according to the shape. Just decide to buy the surprising model. The best performance exhaust for v6 Camaro is for you.

Quick Specs

  • Shape: Oval
  • Exhaust: Duel
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Muffler: Straight-Through
  • Inlet Diameter: 2.5 inch
  • Dimensions: 21.13 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches

Features with Benefits

Materials Used: The muffler is made up of high-quality materials of stainless steel. Steel also helps to be erosion-resistant perfectly. Moreover, it is highly upgraded for lifelong service. Uniquely it is suitable for cars and trucks in this case.

Stain Finish Design: The oval shape baffles exterior is machined for smooth coating. The dual exhaust includes a CNC system which is robotic formulates. A brushed system may give you aesthetic looks. That’s why it gives well with the long-term service of your jeep.

Magnaflow sound: The flexibility creates a deep rumble sound. Engineers test it for bringing a super deep sound. Its sound promotes horsepower. Surprisingly the muffler’s aggressive sound is perfect on the highway road. It is also famous in that case.

Installation: The icon is also fit for easy installation. But in some cases, it’s gone to the best service by experts. The item cutting, covered fabrication is also except on the walled system. So you can take the help of a professional installation in this step.


  • Worry-Free
  • Discount Price
  • Great quality
  • Sporty sound
  • Artistic complex
  • Get what you want


  • The model is best to install professionally

Extra Benefits

The professional model installation is required for pro fitness. It takes well-fitting to give pro fitness due to their proper cutting and welding. All in the entire product is special for permanent guidance and exhaust system. Surprisingly it will upgrade your exhaust performance system.

User’s Reviews

The users are also satisfied with the Magnaflow sound and others’ performance. The dimensions, satin finish, and classic are the best reviews options from users. It is highlighted on Amazon’s bestseller rank. 

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5. Flowmaster 817483 Axle-back System | Editor’s choice

Flowmaster 817483 Axle-back System

American thunder is a powerful component and includes a new addition. The Axle-back system is perfect for different designs and performance. 

The muffler is easily installed and customized at any moment. The dual exhaust gives proper exhaustion. If anyone wants a best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro cannot be minor in anyhow.

Quick Specs

  • Exterior: Painted
  • Exhaust: Duel
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 58.5 x11.25 x16.25 inches

Features with Benefits

Materials: The axle-back includes the best quality components of stainless steel. Effective material brings a vehicle life. It provides more activities with great performance. Besides, the engine gets pure exhaustion in driving time. 

Mandrel-bent: Montreal bent is used for the perfect tubing in replacement. You get it reliable and durable at any moment. Additionally, the tubing pipe is able to flow exhaust properly.

Exterior: The classic deep design creates amazing looks that get a durable option for its proper coating. The Exterior has a paint finish for perfection. So you can get a standard one that is durable and flexible. Stain finish also makes the reliability of your products.

Sound: Flowmaster creates a mid-level and deep rumble sound that plays an effective role while riding. Normally it creates a nice tone based on client acceptance.  

Advanced hardware: The advanced technology includes some important components to improve high efficiency. Air intakes, catalytic converters, headers, and some accessories for special setup. The replacement kit can absorb high heat and exit mellow.

Installation: Some exclusive hardware allows installation in less than 30 minutes. After installing, you get something over your stock. It is not more potential but gain a lot of activity. Additionally, it gives a good fit so that you will enjoy the running time.


  • Bit louder 
  • High quality
  • Classy design
  • Rust resistant
  • Replacement kit
  • Little expansive
  • Tested and proven


  • Install properly. It will be worry-free for you.

Extra Benefits

Exhaust interior design also impresses the client. The essential parts are taking to super implement for better achievement. Hopefully, it will be helpful for throttle sound, mileage, and activities. Even you get a limited lifetime warranty for the exhaust project.

User’s Reviews

Amazon’s customers are happy to use this model because of its best quality. They also positively mention great performance and amazing sounds. Even they are given an easy punch on the reviews star rank for the best value and super mileage.

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6. Dynomax 39522 Ultra Flo Polished | Premium Pick

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The best exhaust for 2013 v6 Camaro model is made by professional engineers. Baffles have larger pipes with straight-through types. The pipe does exhaust flow clearly and gives the engine health.

The exhaust system does filter the high heat to exit low heat. Hence the needs of followers are noticed.

Say it is the best cat-back exhaust for v6 Camaro.

Quick Specs

  • Finish: Satin
  • Shape: Round
  • Exterior: ‎Machined
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Piping Diameter: 2.5″
  • Type: Straight-Through

Features with Benefits

Materials: High-quality materials are also essential on the muffles. Stainless steel constructions are used in this steel series for effectiveness and efficiency. These components are given a well fit with easy installation.

Weight & Size: Steel series muffler is effective for its package dimension. The muffler’s weight is 43 pounds, and the size is ‎‎57.13 x 12.38 x 15.5 inches.

Cat-Back: The cat-back system helps exhaust easily and gives extra dyno-proven power. Steel series is a tested product to trust, as the original pitch after install. Moreover, it improves the flow of the end exhaust and removes back pressure.

Design: The innovative design enhances the exterior throttle sound of your car. It will balance the noise level in starting time. Thankfully the level is also able to control exhaust. You get a proper finish to give a perfect look. Ensures high resistance which improves durability in any condition.

CNC care: Fortunately, the CNC is coming from the latest design with robotic manufacture. The machined billets provide the best quality with brand-new technology.

Sound Performance: Magnaflow is modifying the sounds to create a smooth tone. Then it is relaxing in raiding time. Luckily, it gives a high application for sound level.

Advanced technology: 3D scanning technology is improving procedures that will include installation. Premium system is also ensuring the real one after replacing. A stain finish makes the muffle more durable and helps to be rust-resistant easily. So you can get original outfits like real components in riding time.


  • Angle cut
  • Defect-free
  • Rust-resistant
  • Amazing sound
  • Aggressive sound
  • Great performance
  • Outstanding product


  • Keep warm and clean for rust resistance.

Extra Benefits

The best exhaust system for 2013 Camaro v6 gives the best function of exhaust in running time. The dual rear exit can absorb extra flow that improves exhaust efficiency. Moreover, it provides long life efficiency with your vehicle.

Users Reviews

The eye-catchy model is better for users. Amazon followers are excited about this amazing one. They have spread love and good wishes through comments. 

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7. Dynomax 39522 Ultra Flo Polished | Best budget

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The exhaust is known for its advanced technology. It is used in high components to create extra power automatically.

Ultra Flo is not to take huge time in installation. It creates an eye-catchy look for stainless steel polish. 

Overall it is ready to accept the buyer’s demand as well as give something good. Still, it is the best exhaust for v6 Camaro 2017 with its good prices available in the market. So, guys, you may also choose this fantasy.

Quick Specs

  • Finish: Matte
  • Muffler: straight
  • Exterior: Smooth
  • Made in the USA
  • Muffler Technology: CRF (Continuous Roving Fiberglass)

Features with Benefits

Materials: Dynamic is made by stainless steel construction. It is a better way for rust-resistant and long-time protection. That’s the way it stays strong and durable and looks perfect.

Coating: Cat-back shows a shiny flash for its ultra flo polish finish tips. The coating also ensures exhaust flow. It can reduce backpressure. The texture is so smooth and durable to create outlooks like a matte ceramic.

Weight & Size: The model weight is 21.8 Pounds with an item dimension is ‎32.7 x 15.6 x 13.8 inches, good enough. It is very easy to carry in driving time and helps to improve performance.

Advanced Technology: The series is used on dyno-proven technology. It can focus upon the 2,000 SCFM. That’s way support and increasing horsepower. CRF technology gives extra power in running time. It is also absorbing and vibrant so that you can easily talk.


  • Perfect fit
  • Great value
  • Good service
  • Stainless steel 
  • Best functioning
  • Advanced materials


  • Specific for vehicles according to the type of fitness

Extra Benefits

The USA. product structure gives a dependable manufacture and pro fitness. Additionally, you get better responses and super mileage. The series’ performance is so crazy and creates your smile.

User’s Reviews

Consumers are satisfied with the installation, great sound, performance, and advanced technology.  Even it can impress the client. You can also understand it by looking at the best seller rank.

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Buying Guide Best Sounding Exhaust For V6 Camaro

Our top of the reviews shows the packages in detail. All the baffles are awesome, but perch time, you may know some tricks. Just check out these points one by one for a buying guide.


Everyone gives priority to the best quality of any product. Of course, anyone should pay attention to the high-quality material when buying. The best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro stability depends on the best material. So you have to know some clear ideas about materials.

Quality materials will determine the best product. Normally, the abounding exhaust is made of stainless steel or aluminized items. You should know the strands of steel or materials. Thus it is going to achieve a real one.

Otherwise, it makes rust on her surface area. The shape, coating, and finishing are full of essential elements. In that case, know the formula, components, and take it later. So switch the option before purchasing.


We should keep a better idea about the vehicle exhaust system. Normally the compatibility is related to the well-fit exhaust. Similarly, it also helps to move your driving speed.

Diameter creates a well-functioning exhaust system. Well, adjustment gives more comfort and a better outfit. So check the compatibility is overall in that case.

You can check the fit exhaust to another car in their shop to get clearance. Otherwise, you may fall in trouble, so take it critically. Then you can decide to buy.

Sound Range & Capacity

Before buying baffles, sound performance is also important. The option depends on the procedure of flowing gas. Moreover, it is also connected to the structure.

All of the best sounding exhaust for the v6 Camaro model gives a better sound. Automatically it is created from the engine by gas exhaustion. But it is different in your vehicle structure. 

See the starting of some running cars to how it sounds in delivery time. It may also exit the loud, aggressive, moderate, or mellow sounds in delivery time. Now you can also pick a sounding one to your choice. 

Legality & Reliability

A buyer may know the rules of use and policy about the target product. Similarly, you have to gain a clear idea about the product reliability & legality. It is possible to get a legal one by this clearance.

Some products are not accepted in the same state. Then see the legality of your state before spending money. Now you are again checking the system that does a worry-free buy.  

After confirming the rules & regulations in your state, then make sure the sounding laws, guarantee and warranty for ordinances. It will give you confidence at any moment. Now decide according to your wish.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel-burning system highly depends on the engine. Then flow exhaust control the fuel engine of your vehicle. Normally you get a proper way by proper exhaust and fuel efficiency.

Usually, the Camaro V6 is compatible with the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It will get better if you fill up with the right amount of gas.

The activities are not the same for all of the cars. It depends individually on the jeep structure. Let the seller know the idea of ​​the structure and holding capacity of your car. So check this option before purchasing.


Buying the best sounding is a big deal. The condition also depends on the buyer’s budget. 

You may search for a. exhaust at a low price. At that time, it should give the best product priority without ever thinking about fewer prices.

If you are thinking differently, it may fall into a bad situation. Don’t worry. See all the above reviews, then take it later.


A baffles installation is very critical but easy. We should give priority to this action when buying a sound.

If you can install it properly, it will provide long-lasting and proper service to the muffler. If not, you may know the setup way for the different cases.

Some exhaust accepts the professional service. In these moments, you should have priority on customer service. It may be required in the case of perfection. Each item wants one thing that is given importance. 

The incorrect installation creates errors and it may upset you. Be alert. Don’t miss this point.

Best Sounding Exhaust For V6 Camaro (FAQ)

What is the best exhaust for 2019 v6 Camaro?

The best exhaust system for Camaro v6 is given here.

  • Borla 11851 atak exhaust system.
  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.
  • Mrt 91a177 performance exhaust system.

2. What is the best sounding exhaust for 2018 v6 Camaro?

Now we are given the top 3 best exhaust for v6 Camaro.

  • Borla 11851 atak exhaust system.
  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.

3. What is the best sounding exhaust for 2015 v6 Camaro?

The best exhaust for v6 Camaro 2015 is given here.

  • Borla 11851 atak exhaust system.
  • Mrt 91a177 performance exhaust system.
  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.

4. What is the best sounding exhaust for 2013 Camaro v6?

The top 4 best exhaust for v6 Camaro 2013 is given here. Just check out…

  • Borla 11851 atak exhaust system.
  • Step 31201 axle-back exhaust system.
  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Mrt 91a177 performance exhaust system.
  1. What is the best sounding exhaust for 2011 Camaro v6?

If you search the best exhaust for 2011 Camaro v6 for your target, that is given here.

  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Mrt 91a177 performance exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.
  • Magnaflow 15693 street series performance exhaust system.
  1. What is the best exhaust for v6 Camaro 2012?

The top 4 best exhaust for v6 Camaro is given in the form of a list.

  • Step 31201 axle-back exhaust system.
  • Mrt 91a177 performance exhaust system.
  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.
  1. What is the best exhaust system for 2014 Camaro v6?

The top 3 best exhaust for v6 Camaro 2014 is given here.

  • Flowmaster 817483 cat-back exhaust system.
  • Corsa 14953 cat-back exhaust system with x-pipe.
  • Magnaflow 15693 street series performance exhaust system.

Final Words 

We have already known the best sounding exhaust for v6 Camaro with the buying guide. As a learner, it also gives you a proper guideline. Thus you will decide to buy a dreamy-sounding exhaust.

Just go on and happily buy. And don’t forget to share your experience. We are also waiting for your suggestion and innovative sharing.

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