Top 5 Rated Best Sounding Exhaust For 6.4 Hemi Reviews

There are a few other things you need to consider when looking for the Best Sounding Exhaust For 6.4 Hemi. First of all, are you solely focussed on noise, or your goal is to improve your vehicle’s performance, make it sound and look cool.

Our team has developed the top 5 best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi where you will get all the features together, amazing performance, best sound, and unique looks. An Ultimate buying guide is attached for you at the next step. So, let’s move on!

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Top 5 Best Sounding Exhaust For 6.4 Hemi Reviews & Buying Guide

1. BORLA 140633 ATAK Cat Back Exhaust System | Top Pick

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Borla cat back is originating from the country of USA. The model is great for the best quality and construction.

ATAK is superb for its crazy power, performance, and superb mileage. 2020 ram 2500 6.4 hemi upgrades the system for exhaust efficiency. There is no reason to ignore it. So let’s see later.

Quick Specs

  • Style: Cat back
  • Finish: Natural
  • Weight :56.0lbs
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product Type: Auto part
  • Dimensions :39.37 x 44.45 x 149.86

Features with Benefits


Borla is such a unique item for its high-quality materials. Stainless steel construction includes the series. It makes it durable and effective. Moreover, you get protection from corrosion.

Cat Back system

The system takes a good setup from the catalytic converter. It is ready with controlling power. The mid-pipe exit flows with sweet deep. Besides, it increases the extra Hp and torque. At starting, you get real muscles on the level of sound.

CNC care

CNC constructions are best for quality control in functioning. The ram 2500 6.4 hemi Borla exhaust makes a clearance with profit. The system can cover the full amount of coverage on your trip.


The tailpipes optimize the applications. It’s able to manage the louder and vibrations. Mandrel bends hide the extra airflow and exit mellow.

Leak-free materials

High-quality components ensure leak-free service. Stain polished lap image makes it durable and stable. Surprisingly these are given a healing service. So the coverage is staying with long life.

Necessary kits

Cat back includes some essential materials for better improvement. These are mid-pipe, CNC, primary kit, and others. Stain textures create a perfect finish to make it sharper. Welded system makes it powerful and helps gas escape.


  • Well fit
  • Durable
  • Great looks
  • Super edition
  • Excellent sound
  • A little expensive
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • Keep warm and clean for rust resistance
  • Installation at a service centre may be expensive

Extra Benefits

The series is coming with a classy look & throaty sound. The quality control system is also able to get a straightforward install. Its perfect structure gives a crazy performance with a tolerable throaty sound. Thus you get more confident in cursing time.

User’s Reviews

Most of the Amazon reviewers are a priority for this great performance. They appreciate an innovative look, classy design, fantastic sound, and super activities. Amazon’s fanatics are charmed and spread their greetings.

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2. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust 19200 | Premium Pick

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The special brand is originally from the country of USA. Dependable manufacture gives long-term service for reliability. It is fit for the 2021 ram 2500 6.4 hemi exhaust system.

Engineers are testing the crew cab exhaust system. The best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi is also made for the user’s satisfaction. So why not take the next step? 

Quick Specs

  • Inlet: 2.5 
  • Outlet: 3″
  • Shape: Round
  • Exterior: ‎Machined
  • Model: Steel series 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Straight-Through
  • Fit type: Vehicle specific

Features with Benefits

Materials: The classic brand includes some strong materials. Stainless steel is one of them to increase performance. Stainless steel gives protection for surface corrosion. In that case, you get the system more functioned.

Weight & Size: The series is perfect for its package & dimension way. The caution weight is 56 pounds, and the size is 48.75 L x 14.75 H x 22.5 W inches. Thus it may also take a proper installation.

Cat Back: The systems all components help to flow exhaust easily. You get a real one after installing for this reason. Besides, it does sound deep and loses weight while driving. Similarly, it hides backpressure while functioning.

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CNC care: The robotic manufacture includes CNC care. It is also able to create and control the system. Thus you get a pre-protection by robotics for long-lasting.

Mandrel Bent: Functionally, mandrel bends piping is the important option. The pipe creates a powerful coverage to absorb an aggressive tone. At a time, it controls the function to flow exhaust properly. Similarly, it creates a proper way to throw the right consistency.

Hardware: The Magnaflow series added some reliable components. The muffler stock pipe creates great activities to keep good fitness. The coating makes a smooth texture like a plain lap. A cold air intake kit helps to exit extra flow. Moreover, the brand gives a 6.4L nice sweet deep rumble with longevity.


  • Great fit 
  • Best value
  • Well made
  • Heavy duty
  • High quality
  • Awesome sound
  • Super performance


  • If you polish it, it will get more lasting 

Extra Benefits

MagnaFlow creates a dynamic function to the straight outbox. The system is normally dependent on your driving habits. Nice rumble moderate the volume and is not too loud.

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User’s Reviews

It takes a good fit, bends are beautiful, and welds are quality standard. For that, consumers are excited to use this. They also share their experience in Amazons.

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3. aFe Power 49-42056-B Mach Force-XP Exhaust | Runner Up

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MACH Force is exclusive for fitment and crazy performance. Original equipment also made the quality standard model. The XP will ensure the best quality components.

The Cat back system is also perfect for the 2021 power wagon exhaust. The baffle is pretty simple to take to install in less than one hour. It is tested and proven by some experts to make users confident level.

Also, the system is so loud, like a drone. So why don’t you know the deep throaty at the moment?

Quick Specs

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Cat-back
  • Coating: Black
  • Weight: 58 lbs 
  • Finish: Polished Tips
  • Style: Straight-through
  • Dimension: 13 x 13 x 23 inch

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Features with Benefits

Materials: High-quality components are made super activities. Stainless steel constructions give full coverage o the main baffles. Thus it images work fast. You get a long-lasting ability with super efficiency.

Shape & Design: Mach force is coming with a black powder coating with plain looks. Straight-through shapes & images can impress the customers. So the system absorbs the high heat to exit mild and low heat.

Mandrel-bent: 4″ mandrel-bent is coming with a strong ability to flow exhaust easily. The system is polished on high-quality components. Stain texture is also perfect for reducing all over the junk.

Advanced technology: Advanced technology is coming with a leak-free coverage for coating. Tubing pipes are increasing the functional efficiency. The system is going up to 15 horsepower. And the function can gain torque power. 

Installation: The model includes some mounting hardware. These are tubing pipe, air intake, 4in CB, single 6” diameter. They are also able to create a full protector on the forces. Some exclusive parts take easy installation. 


  • Well fit
  • Durable
  • Easy install
  • High quality
  • Great sound
  • Best exhaust
  • Best service
  • Looks amazing


  • Take care that the coating may be not worn out

Extra Benefits

aFe is the best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi with an innovative design & amazing look. ‎Open-air intake creates an aggressive sound around 2K RPM. Thus a trip becomes exciting. That’s why it can flow exhaust quickly.

User’s Reviews

Great services, super install, fantastic sound, crazy performance are washing the customer’s brain. Amazon consumers are also happy to use this model. So the buyers appreciate it effortlessly.

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4. Corsa 14996BLK Cat-Back Exhaust | Best value

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The cat back function is the best exhaust for a hellcat charger. The reliable product is coming from the country of USA.

The item is also a priority the customer demand. Professional engineers have tested the activities and mileage. 

So it is dynamic and unobtrusive to can hold the market demand. Now go to the next that you want the best cat-back?

Quick Specs

  • Type: Straight
  • Origin: USA
  • Weight: ‎70 pounds
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: ‎58 x 15 x 21 inches

Features with Benefits

Materials: Inoxidable 304 stainless steel texture gives perfectness to the system. It easily maintains balance and keeps durable. Similarly, it makes a facile con installation. The construction is with a lasting lifetime chance.

Cat Back: Cat Back system is good to function from the catalytic converter. It can balance the speed of power. Mid-pipe exit flow with hiding backpressure. For that, it improves the horsepower and consists of the torque. You get original muscles after starting.

RSC technology: The robotic manufacture gains the client’s brain. The function is easy to meet the target. RSC technology is also improving the hardware style. After installing, you get a real icon for this robotics.

Mandrel-bent: The tubing pipes are making more activities. Mandrel-bent also monitors the system and freely gas escape. Additionally, it creates a magnetic sound by filtering the functions.

Design: The exclusive design creates low loudness with lower RPM. Fabric ado gets a mind-blowing polished tip. The most popular items give a super performance on the highway.

Kits performance: Stock pipes are flowing exhaust from the internal site and confirm mild sound. Corsa super performance is also able to boost HP and torque power. Turbo charger manifold attaches new headers that more function.


  • No drone
  • Affordable
  • Smart product
  • Beautiful sound
  • Best exhaust ever
  • Outstanding product
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • Noise level is great but not good for all types of vehicles

Extra Benefits

The model is exclusive for its advanced technology. It takes some time for the process of easy installation. The full-coverage system is stable and durable. Thus, you get real outfits to reduce rust.

User’s Reviews

Amazon consumers are pleased to buy this supermodel. The big fan is satisfied with the advanced technology, setup, and performance. They are also appreciative of the item to avoid negativity.

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5. Banks 49786 Exhaust System for Ford 6.4L | Best Overall

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If you search 6.4L Quad TP, one also suggests the banks 4986. The series is creating a heavy-duty performance in the drive.

The upcoming product is better for engine health. It also minimizes the high heat and maximizes the louder. Besides, it does not take a long time to install.

The best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi has properly fitted the system. Why can you not pick the best one? And see the next. 

Quick Specs

  • Manufacturer: ‎Banks
  • Origin: China
  • Type: straight through
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Item package weight: 38.14 lb
  • Item package dimension: 57.0″ L x 22.0″ W x 15.0″ H

Features with Benefits

Construction: The muffler is built from the high materials of stainless steel. Construction makes better polished and strong on fitment. Similarly, it helps to reduce all over the junk.

Design & Shape: Amazing sounds make your vehicle a different mood. The tailpipe shape is easy to carry and take install exactly. The coating ensures a great lap-like ceramic that can have high rust resistance.

Weight & Size: The bank is a superb creation for its dimensions. The item weight is 69 pounds & the size is 57 x 22 x 15 inches. The best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi is perfect to appear to be special. Thus, it can gas escape easily.

Installation: The function is added some exclusive parts. In that case, it is not so tuff for installation. It takes manually set up in less than 40 minutes. After starting, get an original one with a smooth drive. 

Structural Fitness: Some essential elements make pro fitness for a better install. The product includes some materials: tubing pipe, tailpipe, diameter, and air intake to duty well. Stain lap creates a deep rust resistance power.


  • Fit well
  • Real one
  • No drone
  • Great sound
  • Performs well
  • Good instructions
  • Pretty desert lady


  • See any issues, get service in warranty time

Extra Benefits

Stock pipes are to increase to mileage and rpm then a sweet sound. Functionally, it helps to reduce backpressure and extra flow. For that, you get a charming and elegant drive.

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User’s Reviews

The intelligence is best for its exclusive design, amazing sound, and best values. Users bestow their lives in the judgment box. Fanatics are also spread their wishes in the Amazon comment box.

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Best Sounding Exhaust For 6.4 Hemi | An Ultimate Buying Guide

We have already got a clearance in the best-sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi. Afterwards, it is important to know the buying guide with it.

There are some unique ideas before buying the best one. If you know this, also purchase properly. So let’s start to know more.

Components Matter

Guaranteed materials make a perfect texture for your system. Eye-catchy materials are used of titanium & carbon fiber. They are also lightweight, easy to carry and replace.

Otherwise, stainless steel also creates a ceramic look. Similarly, aluminium is included in some models to look great. All above, the item 304 stain is better for rust-resistant and long-lasting.

Maybe it ought to know the elements include materials like aluminium, stainless steel, or others. To ensure the target item, the brand gets the best function. Take it later.

Dimension Tips

Suppose anyone wants the best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi. It should know the dimension properly. It also depends on muffler perfectness. Similarly, it links up the size, weight, length, inlet, outlet, diameters. 

Accurate size is also set up easily without fault. Suppose you like a sweet aggressive buy the small muffle. If not, pick a pretty large one.

Necessary kits

Models do not always include all types of parts or hardware. Take note of this aspect so that you do not fall into any later annoying situation.

Oxygen sensor parts are not including all of the models. Mandrel tubing pipe keeps controlling and opening the airflow system.

Even air intake is filtering the function that exits mellow with low heat. Of course, know these options. Don’t miss it when buying.

Price & Expire

High quality or mid-level also depends on the budget. Normally, good products are a little expensive. That’s why buy the best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi.

The best product is also more important instead of a little budget. Buy the best and not worry more about price in terms of quality standards.

Check the model, year, brand, and expiration date on the muffles. If you may not care about this, also suffer panic. So carefully check it.

Exhaust Pattern

The pattern comes with different segments. Primarily the item improves functions and makes are more durable. Even it can replace easily from the catalytic converter. The stands are cat-back.

Header backs also create a great performance. Even you get an effective and productive way from this system.

Axle-back can modify the caution to the same as cat-back. It gives better improvement & strong in terms of running when you know that it is possible to buy exactly.

Installation Guide

Baffles give some instruction to set up the systems normally. You may install it in less than an hour, according to their guide.

But the chance is not for all models. Sometimes it recommended the professionals for installation.

When the expert does, it then takes its proper fit and balance vibrate. Don’t avoid the recommendation, though. It cost a little expensive.

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Best Sounding Exhaust For 6.4 Hemi (FAQs)

Q. Borla 140633 cat back is fit for the 3.6L v-6?

Ans: No! 3.6L does not work properly. It is just only fit for the 6.4L.

Q. What’s the speciality of best exhaust for challenger srt 392?

Ans: Challenger srt 392 is coming with different colors and super activities. The function upgrades the exhaust tips to the catalytic converter. For that, it increases HP & torque easily. It gives a smooth sound with low heat by filtering.

Q. Which is the best exhaust for ram 2500 6.4 hemi?

Ans: The ram 2500 6.4 hemi Flowmaster exhaust is best for its delta flow technology. It includes the SS construction for HD performance.

Advance hardware can highly function on the system. Mandrel-bent tubing pipes control the iconic. Moreover, it gives flow exhaust properly.

Q. How do I understand if the 6.4 Hemi engine is reliable?

Ans: The 6.4 Hemi engine is good, solid, stable, and reliable. In a word, it is a better performer than many others. It has been popular among the enthusiastic with available in the marketplace for nearly a decade.

Q. What is the sound value of a single exhaust?

Ans: Dual exhaust is louder instead of a baffle. Duel exhaust connected two catalytic converters. When exit flow, it becomes louder on both sides.

But a single is not showing the same activities as a duel system. Flowmaster can roar louder sound than Borla & Magnaflow, according to consumers.

Q. How do I get the best sound from exhaust?

Ans: First of all, replace the baffle on your vehicle. Advanced technologies design muffles that can create deep sound. Similarly, attach the tips and tubing pipes. These activities also create an aggressive tone.

Final Wrap

Best sounding exhaust for 6.4 hemi will improve the sound of your car as well as the torque and horsepower. Consider both noise and emissions regulations when modifying your car exhaust system.

Hopefully, the review article will clear your confusion and help you to find the best one.

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