Best Exhaust for yfz450r: The Top 5 Exhausts Review 2022

Concerned about the best exhaust for yfz450r? The efficiency of an old exhaust is naturally reduced. Without a new and updated exhaust, you will be faced with different problems while riding your vehicle. Don’t worry, we are going to discuss the best exhaust for yfz450r. 

The best exhaust system is very effective for a vehicle to operate in the right way. It will completely change the activity and appearance of vehicles. Fortunately, you will get the top ten Powerstroke reviews at a time. Without further ado, just dive into this detailed review for your better understanding.  

Some common features should be-

The best exhaust for Yamaha yfz450r should be Flexibility, have a Good appearance, Updated version, Lightweight, Supersound control capability, Made with quality materials and easy installation process, etc.

You will get a complete buying guide after the product reviews. It will surely help you to select the best exhaust from a lot of numbers. 

We have recommended some special features should be considered for getting the best exhaust:

Top 5 Best Exhaust for yfz450r Reviews With Buying Guide

The best full exhaust for yfz450r is specialized with special features like advanced power support, engine support, excellent noise control, and other different performances. Unfortunately, it will not be so easy to find an exhaust with all quality performances all time. Here, you will find out the 5 top reviews of 2021 yfz450r best exhaust. Have a look!

1. Big Gun Evo Race Slip-On Exhaust | Best Overall


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Quick Specs

  • Product type-Stainless steel & aluminum
  • Dimension-33 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Weight-8.15 pounds
  • Surface color-grey

Features with Benefits

Without wasting time, this will be a great decision for you to set up the big gun Evo exhaust for your car. It will be perfectly fit your car easily. It is a high-quality and durable exhaust too. Hopefully, the well-branded product will provide a great performance as expected. Let’s explain the features with benefits of the best yfz450r exhaust

  • Attractive Design: The design of the big gun exhaust is really attractive. It is an oval-shaped exhaust actually. It is an exhaust with a pretty red color. This unique and simple design of the big gun Evo exhaust will easily attract you.   
  • High-quality Materials: This great exhaust is made up of .049 stainless steel and an aluminum muffler. It is organized with 304 stainless steel mid-pipes. These materials are high-quality and lightweight. So, it will be very convenient for all. The big gun Evo exhaust will deliver you the horsepower and torque gains at the highest level. 
  • More Flexible: This amazing exhaust is much flexible in its work. The design of the product will provide you the maximum clearance. It is with a removable screen-type USFS. It has quite better and outstanding sound than any other exhaust.


  • Much flexible product
  • It is very lightweight
  • Adjustable sound quality
  • Perfectly fit


  • It is not included a header pipe

Extra Benefits

The best full exhaust for yfz450r is a handmade product from the USA. You will get a one-year warranty from its manufacturing date. This effective exhaust is highly recommended for sport ATV and different off-road MX models. You will get the exhaust with a screen-type USFS approved removable spark arrestor. It will provide a noticeable performance.

Consumers’ Review

There are a lot of positive customer reviews on online platforms. Most of them are very satisfied with this big gun Evo exhaust. They all found it as a minimum sound level product that is much more flexible. Consumers highly recommend this exhaust for its best-fitting performance. So, let’s try!

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2. Sparks racing stage 1 power kit | Premium Pick


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Quick Specs

  • Product type-stainless steel 
  • Exterior part-metallic finish
  • Weight-20 pounds
  • Well fitted 

Features with Benefits

The sparks racing X-6 exhaust is a well-known brand in the exhaust world. It is the most demanded 2020 yfz450r exhaust to most consumers. The sparks racing exhaust is a powerful device fit for different application systems. The high-graded exhaust will surely provide you with the best performance. Let’s discuss!

  • Excellent Design: This exhaust system is designed with a fully complete system. The design of the X-6 exhaust is more exceptional than others. It requires an excellent appearance. The outlet diameter of the X-6 stainless steel exhaust system will offer you top performance. The X-6 exhaust is just compatible with the Yamaha YFZ450 2004+ dirt bike. The Yamaha yfz450r exhaust is also the most popular.
  • High-graded construction: The X-6 exhaust is constructed with high-grade 304 stainless tubes. It is offered for the X6 race core and X6 big core systems. The outlet diameter of the exhaust system will provide all-around performance. This yfz450r exhaust system is also configured with inserts and a spark arrestor. You can install a spark arrestor in the big core system. It will help the exhaust to reduce harmful particles.   
  • An ideal exhaust: You can consider this exhaust as an ideal one for its better performance. The X6 stainless steel exhaust system is perfect for all types of applications. It is fit for all because of its superpower. The ideal exhaust is made in the USA. It is made with an in-house exhaust manufacturing facility. 
  • Hassle-free installation: The installation process of this exhaust system is completely hassle-free. You will luckily get all the needed hardware for installing the exhaust properly. Besides this, there is complete guidelines and instruction for installing the sparks racing X6 stainless steel exhaust system. You can set up all 2021 yfz450r exhaust hassle-free


  • Well fitted for all applications
  • Constructed with high-grade stainless tube
  • Much durable
  • Requires better performance
  • Hassle-free installation process


  • The spark arrester can reduce the exhaust’s life span

Extra benefits

This excellent exhaust is required with multi-performance capacity. You will find this device with a complete system. The unique exhaust system is configured with both quiet inserts and a spark arrestor. It is very exceptional to look at and much durable. For installation perfectly, it includes the necessary hardware. 

The X6 exhaust is required with all-around performances. You can check out the 2019 yfz450r exhaust. The race core system of this exhaust is around 102 dB which is using SAE testing guidelines. Again, the big core exhaust system is around 110db. It uses SAE testing guidelines. The smart finishing look of this ex easily attracts new customers. 

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3. Big Gun Exhaust Exo Series Complete Exhaust | Runner up


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Quick specs

  • Evo R slip-on type exhaust
  • Dimensions- ‎44.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight- 12 pounds
  • Red-colored powder coat
  • Screen type- removable

Features with Benefits 

People will be very impressed with the Yamaha yfz450r’s best exhaust. It requires high-quality features. The pretty appearance of this exhaust system attracts consumers. The people with a vehicle need the big gun exhaust system for better performance. Let’s know the amazing features of this product-

  • Attractive shape & Design: The big gun exhaust EVO slip-on exhaust is organized with a pretty shape. It is an oval-shaped product that is very lucrative to look at. This exhaust is made of 304 stainless steel and a hard-anodized aluminum muffler. The stainless steel is covered with red color. The design will allow maximum clearance. 
  • Lightweight: The well-organized exhaust is not very heavy. It is much lighter than other exhausts. Because of its simple design and lightweight features, it is a very convenient device. 
  • Tolerable Sound Quality: Excessive sound production from the exhaust is a common issue. Sometimes, it can be more disturbing. But, fortunately, the sound quality of the big gun exhaust is tremendously better than others. It is really appreciated.
  • Great Performance: The standard big gun exhaust requires great performance. It is highly recommended for sport ATV and different off-road MX models. Massive horsepower is included with this amazing exhaust. The 2018 yfz450r exhaust will also provide better performance.


  • Noticeable performance product
  • Lightweight exhaust
  • Inclusion of removable screen-type
  • Low noisemaker


  • Only 30 days return policy

Extra Benefits

The big gun exhaust generally provides different extra facilities to all vehicles. It is a very effective and complete exhaust system. The big gun exhaust is a handmade product in the USA. Just pick up this exhaust and enjoy your day.

Consumer’s Review

There are a lot of positive reviews of the big gun exhaust. Consumers just like the super activity of this exhaust. Customers recommend that it is fit for all vehicles because of its superpower. It will always provide you with very good performance and the 2016 yfz450r exhaust too. 

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4. Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Steel Race Core Exhaust | Best Tip Brand


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Quick Specs

  • A complete exhaust system
  • It is an air filter kit
  • Weight- 24 pounds
  • A replacement air filter is available

Features with Benefits

If you want to set up a simple and effective key for great performance, the sparks racing stage 1 power kit will fit you. This exhaust will be very much flexible for all users. It will need a little time for installation. When you try this, you will be just fond of it. Let’s see-

  • Excellent Design: The sparks racing one performance kit comes with some different and effective multi-activities. The 2017 yfz450r exhaust requires a pretty look also. This key is designed with different key bolt-on components. These components will meet up the user’s needs from their bikes. 
  • Reducing Cost: The sparks racing stage 1 performance kit can provide great performance as expected. Tuning issues will be needed to overcome all kinds of fuel-injected bikes. And, this tuning procedure is very costly. If you set up the performance kit, you will get a fuel controller. This fuel controller does not need any type of additional tuning to activate the kit. So, it will generally reduce the cost. 
  • All Rounder: The sparks racing stage 1 performance kit will provide you with multi-services. You will find it in Race core and big core exhaust system. And, the race core system is organized with quiet inserts and a spark arrestor. It will also provide multi-services to get the best performance from bikes. So, the users can get different facilities at a time. 


  • Multi-task performance
  • Easy installation process
  • Flexible to use
  • No additional tuning needed
  • Much durable


  • No rating is available

Extra benefits

The consumers will get extra benefits from the spark racing stage 1 power kit. It is made in the USA. So, the technology used is just awesome. This device requires an exceptional appearance. You will surely get a durable device. The 6061-T6 muffler components of this kit will reduce the weight of the kit. The consumers will get a full factory warranty. Consumers will find some extra benefits from the 2014 yfz450r exhaust. So, get the best device. 

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5. Yoshimura RS-2 Slip-On Muffler for Yamaha YFZ450R | Best Sound


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Quick Specs

  • Product material-Stainless steel
  • Dimensions-38.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches (97.8 x 19.1 x 17.8 cm)
  • Weight-6 pounds
  • Shape-Diamond

Features with benefits

The YOSHIMURA RS-2 stainless exhaust is a fully complete set. If you want to get a complete exhaust system, you can take this YOSHIMURA exhaust. It will be fit for your vehicle. This exhaust will provide the consumers with all the necessary tools and kits. You will be just fully satisfied with this amazing exhaust system. Let’s broad discussion of features with their benefits.

  • Design: A lucrative design is very important for customer satisfaction. At first, you have to choose the design of the exhaust, like the 2009 yfz450r exhaust. The Yoshimura comes with a pretty design. This exhaust is normally diamond-shaped. You will just love this design for your lovely vehicle.
  • Construction: The YOSHIMURA exhaust system is constructed with important parts like mid-pipe, steel header, aluminum muffler sleeve, installation, etc. These all are very necessary to provide the best service. It is made from stainless steel. 
  • Sound Level: The sound level of the yfz450r’s best exhaust system is medium. The exhaust system is required with a 96db sound insert. It has also been inserted with the optional 99db and 94db sound. The excellent exhaust system is designed with the highest muffler volume. 
  • Installation Process: The installation hardware is included with this exhaust system. It will take only a few minutes to install the exhaust in your vehicle. The consumers will get full instruction to set up the exhaust system properly.
  • Performance level: The RS-2 is one of the full complete systems. This exhaust is included with all applications to provide excellent performance. The large core is adjacent to this exhaust system that is able to provide a bonus performance to the consumers.   


  • Diamond shape appearance
  • Inserted with a 96db sound
  • A complete exhaust system
  • Inclusion of full installation guideline


  • No specific warranty facility

Extra Benefits

The RS-2 exhaust will offer the consumers different extra benefits. This exhaust system is included with the EPA noise emissions labels. This exhaust system is approved with a spark arrestor. 

This system is also approved for EPA noise compliance. You will get the return facility of the product from its company. 

Consumer’s Review

The RS-2 exhaust is a worldwide famous system. Consumers are just fond of this exhaust’s activity. The customers always notice this exhaust as a very good and effective product.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Exhaust for yfz450r

Different exhausts have different features with multi-qualities. Proper checking is needed before upgrading your exhaust system. Every consumer has to consider some factors before buying the best exhaust from the market. Let’s get a broad concept-

Design & Size

Different exhausts have different designs and different sizes. The design of the exhaust also differs in their activities. Consumers need to select a stylish design with a suitable size. The size mainly depends on the car’s capability and model. The consumers will get the options to choose the design and size of the exhaust based on their needs. 

Outlet Type

The expectation of the consumers is different. Some people like to set up vintage-time cocktail shakers for their motorbikes. The same appearance can create some problems. Consumers want to purchase an exhaust with exceptional features and appearance. So, the variation of the outlet needs to be different. 


A lot of exhausts are available in the market. But all are not the same. The quality of the exhausts is a very important issue. A highly efficient exhaust system has different special criteria. Reducing the gases that are expelled from the vehicle is the main feature of the best exhaust system. But, you have to select the highly efficient exhaust to get the best performance. 

Raw Materials

Every exhaust is made from different raw materials. The quality of the ingredients should be considered first. The longevity of the exhaust system mostly depends on the ingredients. Some exhaust systems are made of aluminum and some are from stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is considered the best material for making the exhaust. It is much more durable and at an affordable price than other ingredients. The mild steel is cost-effective from any other. So, stainless steel can be considered as the best based on all conditions. Before buying an exhaust, consumers can consider aluminum and stainless steel as suitable materials.  

Diameter Length

An exhaust with a large diameter piping system can provide the most effective service. An exhaust with large diameter piping provides more space to the engine for breathing. Again, the small diameter piping system cannot reduce gas production. The small diameter with an exhaust causes the horsepower reduction. So, for getting the best performance, we should select the largest exhaust for the best performance. 


A suitable exhaust is very important for better performance. There are different exhausts available for yfz450r. It is very important to find a suitable exhaust that is fit for your vehicle.      

Sound Quality

Quality of sound is a very important feature for a well-organized exhaust. The common exhausts make extra noise. The consumers will get an option to reduce the noise or make a deep sound. The consumers can select as their choice. 

Affordable Price

Most of the time, consumers want to get an effective exhaust at a reasonable price. On the other hand, if you give priority to the quality, there is no issue. The selected exhaust should be more durable, attractive in design, and be a perfect size. With all types of issues, the price range has to be kept in mind for maintaining a budget.   

How to install exhaust yfz450r?

Consumers need to think about installing pre best yfz 450 exhaust system

before buying it. They also have to think about their riding place.

The exhaust system includes some parts. These are called-

  • Head pipe
  • Mid pipe and
  • Exhaust canister

For installing the exhaust fyz450r, you have to arrange some tools. These are-

  • Metric socket set
  • Allen key set and
  • Ratchet and extension

For a successful installation process, you have to follow some steps. These steps are as follows-

  • Firstly, you have to check out the tightening points of the adjacent exhaust. You need to lose all of those screws one by one through the ratchet tool.
  • You need to lose the right part of your exhaust where the head pipe is included with the motorbike. 
  • Now, you can lose the screw of the exhaust canister called the main part of an exhaust. Unlock all the points with the help of a ratchet.
  • Disconnect the main part of the exhaust system from the vehicle.
  • Then, pick up the head pipe from the engine cautiously. 
  • Now, time to install the new and updated one for getting the best performance.
  • Input the head pipe of your new exhaust through the appropriate metric socket. The size of the metric socket should be carefully selected for perfect setting.
  • Now, set up the main part of the exhaust and tight it with the help of a metric socket. It will need to be tightened by an allen key.
  • You must go to the header to check the screw and tighten it perfectly.
  • Make sure that the head pipe of the new exhaust should not be adjacent to any other part of the vehicle like the powerhouse. 
  • Finally, check out all the adjacent points of your new exhaust carefully.

Now, you are ready to drive your vehicle with the updated exhaust yfz450r and start to enjoy your day.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is a YFZ 450 fast?

The speed rate mainly depends on the gearing system. Gearing will provide you the top speed. Some consumers always want to change their gear. The YFZ450 is able to take a fifteenth tooth on its front part. Basically, the type of gear is responsible for the speed. 

2. How can I make my exhaust sound deeper?

To check out the sound level, you have to move around the vehicle just after starting it. You have to cut the pipe’s length at a selected portion. The sound level will be depth and the volume will be changed with the cut of the pipe. 

3. What exhaust system sounds the best?

The recommended best exhaust systems are the Borla exhaust system, heartthrob exhaust system, MagnaFlow exhaust system, Corsa exhaust system, Flowmaster American thunder, the MBRP exhaust system, the JBA performance exhaust system, etc.

4. How long will a YFZ450 last?

4. There is no specific time limitation about the longevity of YFZ450. But, the longevity of the exhaust mainly depends on the user pattern and maintaining processes. If the consumers maintain the YFZ450 exhaust properly, it will last a minimum of five years.

5. Is a YFZ 450 reliable?

Regular maintenance of a product normally enhances its longevity. The YFZ450 is a very reliable exhaust system. You can trust this exhaust system more than anything. Just take care of it properly. Consumers need to maintain all techniques perfectly due to using this exhaust.

6. Will there be a 2021 YFZ450R?

There are different versions of the YFZ450R. You will find the 2021 Yamaha YFZ450R available in the team of Yamaha Blue. The cost of it will be 9,299 dollars. With this latest version, you’ll get multi-special editions, updated models, features, Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing, etc.

7. What is the loudest exhaust?

 The loudest exhausts are Flowmaster super 40, Flowmaster super 44, Flowmaster super 10, Flowmaster outlaw, Flowmaster 50 series big-block muffler, and hooker aero chamber muffler, etc.

8. Which is faster, yfz450 or Raptor 700?

Around the all-out drag race, the consumers will find the Baraboo Raptor 700 is very fast. Besides this, the Yamaha is always faster. The torque of 700 and the long gearing will generally move from yfz450. 

Wrapping Up

Improvement of motorbike performance depends on different issues. The quality exhaust system for a vehicle is much necessary to improve its work. You normally need different quality aftermarket elements after buying a YFZ450R. But, what are the best exhausts for yfz450r? We have already described the top five exhaust systems in the marketplace. 

For maintaining the ATV bike’s performance, consumers need to replace the quality elements. The exhaust system can improve the activity of a vehicle successfully. The exhaust system will be able to enhance the attractive appearance of the vehicle. It helps to reduce the noise and control the sound level. In this article, we have tried to inform the best quality exhaust systems. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to pick up the best.  

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