Best Exhaust for V Star 650: Top 5 Exhausts Reviews in 2022

An updated exhaust system is very beneficial for providing the best performance. It works enhances the performance capability of your vehicles in different sectors.

There are different models of exhaust available on the market for v star 650. Selecting the best exhaust for v star 650 can be challenging for you.

Our team has developed a top list of Best Exhaust for v Star 650 to make your job easier. We will discuss the features, benefits, pros, cons, customer’s review, rating, and most importantly, a complete buying guide of the newest branded exhaust systems. So, keep reading.

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1. Cobra Slashcut Slip-On Mufflers 2164SC | Best Customers Choice


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Quick Specs

  • Product type- slip-on or muffler
  • Product style- Slash-cut tip
  • Dimensions- 39.5 x 12.2 x 5 inches
  • Weight- 15.8 pounds
  • Color- Chrome

Features with Benefits

Design & Material: This exhaust system is designed with a full standard level. It is well-structured with triple chrome plating that lasts for a long time. All types of needed hardware are included with this system. The large and muffler bodies of this exhaust system are totally stylish and perfectly fit with the vehicles. The body of this exhaust system is generally used on the OEM head pipes. It will be able to eliminate the original muffler box. You can consider this exhaust as the best exhaust for Yamaha v star 650.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of this exhaust system is much better than others. This sound level is completely fit for the long muffler bodies of this exhaust system. It will improve the sound performance of the motorbike of the consumers. 

Inclusion of Parts: Each exhaust for v star 650 is included with some necessary parts. The 2164sc is also included with some essential parts. Some important parts are the front heat shield, rear heat shield, front plated assembly, T-bolt clamp, HS 24 clamps, rear plated assembly, etc. These all are perfectly effective and fit with the exhaust system. 

Well-Fitted: The exhaust system is a complete system. It is checked and well designed for customers’ satisfaction. This exhaust system is well fitted like a glove. This will not be adjacent to the floorboards, footpegs, or any kind of part of the vehicles. 

No Re-Jetting: The 2164sc is a worldwide valuable product. It is highly recommended for its better performance. Besides this, it is the loudest exhaust for v star 650. So, there is no need for any re-jetting.

Installation: The 264sc is very easy to install. You can install this exhaust with a detailed guideline provided by the company. All necessary hardware is provided with this exhaust system along with the cobra exhaust for v star 650.


  • Well-designed exhaust system
  • Completely fitted with broader space
  • Made of high-quality finished material
  • All parts of the exhaust system are original  


  • No warranty is covered with this product

Extra Benefits for you

The consumers will get this slip-on exhaust for v star 650 system with high-quality finished material. They will also get a complete guideline for proper installation with the necessary hardware of the exhaust system.

Customer’s Review

Consumers of this exhaust system always provide positive reviews. There is no installation problem with this exhaust. You will get an awesome set of pipes. Consumers always recommend the size of the exhaust. It is an exhaust system with a very reasonable price.  

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2. Delkevic Full 2-2 Exhaust compatible | Premium Pick


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Quick Specs

  • Product material-Stainless steel
  • Style-Round bull nose shape
  • Weight-10 pounds
  • Manufacturer-Delkevic

Features with Benefits

The updated and polished materials of this Delkevic full 2-2 exhaust are really attractive. If you are looking for a round bullnose muffler exhaust, you can obviously select this one. There are some exclusive features with the exhaust pipes for Yamaha v-star 650 classic systems. Let’s know the updated features with more benefits-

Design: The design of this exhaust system is super updated. The round bullnose shape of this exhaust system is just awesome. Different essential hardware is included with this exhaust set. Again, the gaskets are adjacent to the exhaust device. Consumers with smart choices will just love this exhaust. 

Materials of the Delkevic: Exclusive and very high-quality materials are used with this design. Around 16 inches of polished stainless steel are used. It is a high-grade 304 stainless steel and is also polished. All materials are upgraded with this Delkevic exhaust system.

Awesome Look & Sound: The Delkevic exhaust looks more attractive with the hand TIG welded components and carbon fiber ferrule. The excellent sound quality is produced from this exhaust system by making it carefully. The finest and high-quality materials will increase the outlook and performance of this exhaust system.

Dyno Test: The Delkevic is always recommended for a dyno test. The dyno test will easily evaluate the power, activity, and affectivity of the exhaust system. Even so, there is no need for remapping and rejetting with this Delkevic exhaust system. 

Customs Forms: Customs laws are very important in case of buying the Delkevic exhaust system. Consumers have to pay all their brokerage fees, duty tax, and customs fees. So, before ordering a Delkevic the consumers must pay all taxes. 


  • Stainless steel round bullnose
  • An excellent polish
  • Enhanced performance of the exhaust
  • Excellent look


  • Only one year warranty from manufacturing

Extra Benefits for you

The consumers will find different facilities with this exhaust system with some extra benefits. There is a dyno test with this exhaust system. No rejetting is needed with this exhaust. You will be able to complain about any kind of manufacturing defect of the device within one year. 

Customer’s Review

A lot of customers’ positive reviews are available on online platforms. Consumers are always satisfied with this product. Most of the consumers find this exhaust very useful. They recommended a more well-fitted exhaust than others. 

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3. Muffler Exhaust Pipe Shortshots Staggered | Editors Choice


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Quick Specs

  • Product material-Stainless steel
  • Product quality- High
  • Color-Black
  • It’s a 100% brand new product
  • Installation should be professional

Features with Benefits

If you are looking for high strength and good-quality exhaust system, you can select the muffler pipe Shortshots for Yamaha V star. It is one of the great products that will provide the best service to you. This is a well-constructed and high-quality product. Let’s see details-

Design & Material: The design of the exhaust is simple and attractive. It is made with a high-quality material called stainless steel. It is constructed with 2X exhaust pipes. This type of design is suitable for muffler riders. Consumers will get the best performance from this exhaust system. 

Installation Process: The installation process is recommended as a professional with this exhaust system. But, there is no instruction added with this exhaust system. It is not hard to install anymore.

Guaranteed Product: The exhaust system is a high-quality and excellent service provider. The manufacturer provides a manufacturer guarantee of this exhaust system because of its super service. 

Service from Company: The company of this exhaust system will provide the best service to the consumers. The company needs to be informed of any kind of problem with the exhaust system. They will contact consumers as early as possible. The contact time is within two business days.

Muffler Exhaust System: There is a slip on the muffler exhaust pipe with this exhaust system. It will extend the longevity of the power sports exhaust system.


  • Guaranteed product
  • It is a hundred percent brand new product
  • High-quality product
  • Much durable and good service provider
  • Fully-satisfied exhaust system


  • No instruction for installation
  • No specific warranty facility is included

Extra Benefits for you

Let’s know some extra benefits of the exhaust system. The consumers will get a thirty days facility for informing the defective problem of the new exhaust. Besides this, the consumers will get pre-sale, after-sale, and sales services from the manufacturing company. Consumers can pay by the Paypal method through different sites. 

Customer’s Review

Customers recommend the exhaust is suitable for their motorbikes. Consumers are fond of the sound that is very low comparatively than others. The design, color, strength, and materials are much appreciated by different customers. 

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4. Worldmotop Muffler Pipe ‎YC-Exhaust-14| Best Overall


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Quick Specs

  • Product material- Stainless less
  • Material quality- High
  • Dimensions- 33.4 x 16.1 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight- 11.66 pounds
  • Color- Chrome

Features and Benefits

Excellent and effective service is the best expectation of consumers from their expected device. The Worldmotop exhaust muffler pipe is one of the best exhausts worldwide. It comes with different qualities and features. Let’s have a look at the extended features of the Worldmotop exhaust muffler pipe-

Material Quality: These exhaust systems for Yamaha v star 650 are constructed with hundred-percent high-quality stainless steel. It is totally a brand new product. Stainless steel is a very durable and good working material.

Design: This quality exhaust is included with 2x exhaust pipes. This exhaust is made up of different necessary hardware. It is a very quality product with excellent design and shape. The curved shape of this exhaust system will attract consumers easily. 

Fitment Pattern: The fitment pattern of this exhaust is not perfect for all types of vehicles. The fitment normally suits the Yamaha V Star 650 and some others. So, confirmation about the model for the selected vehicle is very important.

Smart Look: A lot of branded exhaust systems are available in the market. But to find the exhaust with a beautiful look is not so easy. The Worldmotop exhaust muffler pipe is very smart to look at. Consumers will be attracted to this exhaust seeing its outlook. 


  • Easy installation process
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Perfect for muffler riders
  • Super guaranteed exhaust
  • Brand new product 


  • No instruction for the installation process

Extra Benefits for you

The consumers will get many extra benefits from this exhaust system. The consumers will get fully the sale, pre-sale, and after-sale facilities. The installation process of this exhaust is very easy for all consumers. Consumers can select the best part for their motorcycle. It’s a great option for them. 

Customer’s Review

The consumers always agreed positively with this exhaust system. They are fully satisfied with the design, shape, budget, and excellent service of the amazing exhaust.

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5. Worldmotop Exhaust Muffler Pipe for Yamaha | Best Value for the Money


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Quick Specs

  • Product material- Stainless steel
  • Product quality-high
  • Dimensions- 33.4 x 16.1 x 7.3 inches (84.8 x 40.9 x 18.5 cm)
  • Weight- 11.66 pounds (5.25kg)
  • Color-Black & chrome

Features with benefits

If you are a muffler lover, the Worldmotop best-sounding exhaust for v star 650 muffler pipes can be the best choice for you. It’s not only a simple exhaust. It is the most strength and high-quality exhaust ever. Consumers always want to set up a new and updated exhaust for getting better performance. Better sound quality, excellent efficiency, etc are the most demanded features from an exhaust. Let’s see the excellent features and benefits of the exhaust-

Design & Construction: This exhaust for Yamaha v star 650 muffler pipe is constructed with stainless steel. It is an exhaust with a muffler exhaust pipe, 2 X exhaust pipe, and all necessary hardware. The design of this exhaust is fully unique and attractive. This design is highly recommended for Yamaha V star 650 XVS650 XVS400 DS650 400 Drag star four hundred and fifty. 

Excellent Service: This amazing best exhaust for v star 1100 is a 100% brand new product. It is a good working product that will completely fulfill your satisfaction. This exhaust system will not rust exposed to rain and any high-temperature situation. This high-quality exhaust will not be spoiled within a short time. 

Durability: Durability is a great feature of the best exhaust for v star 950 system. This updated exhaust is more durable and durable than others. The muffler exhaust pipe will extend the life of the total exhaust system. It is an anti-corrosion exhaust system. 

Installation Process: The installation process of this exhausting process is not so hard. The riders can install it within a short time. But there is no installation instruction included here. 


  • High-quality material
  • Much durable
  • It is a 100% brand new product
  • No cutting or splicing is needed
  • Reasonable price


  • Only one color is available
  • No specific warranty facility is available

Extra Benefits for you

The consumers of the best exhaust for v star 1300 system will get some extra benefits. The sound level will be relatively low with this exhaust by installing a silencer. You will also get a 30-day repairing facility with this exhaust system.

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How to choose the Best Exhaust for v Star 650

People need to be concerned about some important matters when they want to change any part of their vehicles. If you have a vehicle, you will obviously need to update your exhaust system. There are a lot of exhausts in the market. Different vehicles have different models and sizes. All are not the same. If you have V star 650, you should consider some things before buying an updated exhaust are-

Building Material

The exhausts are made of normally stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is the most durable and hardy material for making exhaust. Stainless steel should be taken as the best material. This material is very advantageous. There is no corrosion and enough durability with this exhaust system. There are a lot of climatic changes around the year. And, the car has to face these situations. The exhaust with stainless steel will provide the best service for your lovely vehicle. 

Large Diameter 

The large diameter of an exhaust system provides better services than a smaller one. The large-diameter exhaust pipes will provide large lungs for breathing. Minimizing pipe’s inside pressure is important to improve car activities. When the pipe diameter of an exhaust system is small, the gas exclusion will be reduced normally. 


Gas emission is the only important task of an exhaust system. An updated and new branded exhaust will provide the best service from the past. It is able to clean a lot of unwanted gases from the car.

Efficiency & Durability

A high efficient exhaust system is very important for a great task. It helps the car to provide super performance. The most efficient exhaust system will clean the impurities a lot within a short time. The durable exhaust system also helps the car to move without any hassle. 

Attractive Design 

Consumers always want to select a well-fitted exhaust with an attractive design. The stylish design with exact shape easily attracts the consumers. Consumers just want to get a well-designed exhaust.


Before buying an exhaust, all compatibility should be considered. The adjustable and well-fitted exhaust will be very fruitful for the vehicles.

Exact Model

There are different models of exhaust systems. Each vehicle adjusts with a different model. So, all consumers need to check out the exact model for their selected cars. 

Installation Process 

The easy installation process is a major facility of the exhaust system. Sometimes, consumers have to face critical problems to set up the exhaust into the car. People should select the exhaust with an easy installation process.

Super Guaranteed

Consumers should purchase the guaranteed exhaust from the market. There are different guaranteed exhaust systems in the marketplace. 


A budget-friendly exhaust system with more effectiveness generally gets more priority. An effective exhaust system with an affordable price should be selected by all consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I make my Yamaha V-Star 650 louder? 

The consumers will need to follow some steps to make the V-star louder. They have to remove the stock baffles from the exhaust of their car. It takes only around one hour to complete this task.

2. How do I get more power from my V-Star 650?

There are some processes for getting more power from the V-star 650. First of all, you can install an updated air filter with this exhaust system. It will allow extra air into the engine. This system will help to increase power.

3. How many miles will av Star 650 last?

Consumers will need to go a little bigger if they want to go a long drive. They have to clean the engine perfectly with oil and filters. They will find around 100,000 miles.

4. Is VStar a good bike?

It is a very nimble motorcycle for riding. For people who are deeply in love with cruisers, this VStar 650 is generally a beginner motorcycle. It will provide much reliability to the consumers.

5. How much horsepower does a VStar 650 have?

The V-star 650 is rated for only 37 lb-ft. It is also rated at 40 hp. This is perfect in the cruising world. It is also perfect for linear power delivery.  


You will definitely find an exhaust system with the highest fuel efficiency level. A well-branded exhaust requires different effective features. Consumers generally want the best service from an exhaust system. What are the best exhausts for v star 650? We have already discussed the most updated features of some well-branded exhaust systems that are suitable for this type.

Consumers should justify the lucrative features of the exhaust system before buying an exhaust for their vehicles. The budget-friendly exhaust system can be a great expectation to many customers. The best exhaust system will provide the best service. 

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