Top Rated 5 Best Exhaust For Triumph Bonneville t100 Reviews

The best exhaust must be soundless and made with solid materials. If your goal is to buy the best exhaust for triumph Bonneville t100, you may find thousands of options there. Buying any top exhaust will indeed demand a few expenses from you.

Based on our in-depth research, we have made a shortlist for the Triumph Bonneville t100. So, let’s jump over reviews on the top-listed exhaust. These are economically priced to boot as well as better than any inline-four. 

Our Top Picks: At A Glance!

Top 5 Best Exhaust For Triumph Bonneville t100 Reviews

We decided to list those 5 best exhaust for triumph Bonneville t100 for well-made materials, not obnoxiously loud. And most of them are saving weight on a 500lb bike. All in all, they look stylish and sound good. 

1. Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust for 2004-2016 | Editors Choice

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Radiant cycle’s shorty is the best version for 2004-2016. It might be the priority if you aim to buy the lightweight, short, stylish, and soundless exhaust. Radiant cycles are great for their features and come with solid brass-made technology. 

Quick Specs

  • Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions: 9 “×2.375”-inches 
  • Resist Temperature: 400⁰F
  • Materials: Powder-coated premium quality finish

Features with Benefits

Premium Quality Finish: Most of the exhaust hasn’t been born with a premium quality finish. But these exhausts are bestowed with a premium finish for giving the best experiences. Powder-coated designs here work to give extraordinary benefits. With this, the exhaust won’t burst out, even at a high temperature. It has 400⁰ temperature resist advantages which are suitable for any motorcycle. 

Easy Installation: Installing this sort of motorbike exhaust is very easy. All in all, it comes with clear instructions. By this feature, radiant cycles are favorite for beginners to experts. So you can consider it as the Best Exhaust For Triumph Bonneville t100. The slip-on design is workable for directly fitting onto the OEM headers. For this reason, you’ll get specific installation features for jointing this onto the vehicles.

High Flow Baffle: If you’ve recently installed any exhaust into the vehicles, you may know how effective this is. A high flow baffle works to sting out of the exhaust shock wave. It will less affect the performance. The exhaust offers you to cancel out the excessive sound from the vehicle’s outlet. Also, it works to ensure high and speed performances.

Lightweight: The most additional feature of this exhaust comes with lightweight advantages. So you don’t need to bear extra panic to bear its weight. 


  • It comes with durable materials 
  • High quality and powder-coated finish 
  • Less heavy 
  • Less noisy 
  • Manufactured with a radiant cycle retail box 


  • We didn’t find any additional cons for this product.

Extra Benefits

The product has a great tuning that is proven to ensure better performance. These are sleek, affordable, and completely welded.           

User’s Reviews

You can switch on this product as we found a thousand reviews based on many retail websites. A user says radiant cycle is good to go for its stylish layout and less sound. 

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2. British Customs Polished Sleeper Pro | Best Value for the Money

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British custom polished exhaust is another unique creation of this company. It comes with sleek and cylindrical designs. Do you want to buy something unique and stylish? Well, British customs are manufactured by the best and exotic layouts. It is the first choice for those who’re looking to buy the ultimate retro exhaust. 

Quick Specs

  • Materials – Stainless steel
  • Weight- 12.65 lbs
  • Style- straight cut tips
  • Type- slip-on muffler

Features with Benefits

Ultimate Horsepower: No machine will be run very quickly without any horsepower. The increasing horsepower will help to maneuver the components. Without it, there is little chance to lose the connection power among the vehicles. You can increase your power on your own. 

Solid Design: Exhaust longevity is the main thing that we’re becoming conscious of buying. The first thing about this sleeper is that pros have a deep number. It is manufactured with a rich tone inspired by the distinctive sound. And it can produce the vintage Triumphs of the 60s, which is notorious for. 

Durability: Luckily, all Pros staff have a revolutionary one-piece 304 stainless-steel body. So that you can improve its durability as long as it eliminates the need for ugly seams, these exhaust systems generally come with hand-welded exhaust systems. In brief, you’ll get a solid piece of exhaust from this item.

HVO technology: The essential fact about this product is that it is well-engineered with innovative HVO technology. With the help of this, you can emphasize an uninterrupted airflow that increases the speed. As a result, you’ll get outstanding performance by this.

Rubber Mounting System: The Sleeper Pros include a rubber mounting system. It helps to isolate the engine vibration from the frame and eliminates bracket fatigue. 

The extending longevity works here as the ultimate investment. 

Overall, most of those slip-ones are very quick and easy to install on Triumph Bonneville T100 with VIN greater than 437493.


  • Made in the USA 
  • Comes with HVO technology 
  • Authentic retro exhausted tone
  • Stainless steel made body 
  • High-profile design and quality 


  • No instructions were found.

Extra Benefits

You will get the best fitments and solid parts there. The items are included with, 

  • Polished chrome stainless-steel mufflers
  • 4 pieces Bushings
  • 1 pieces Rubber grommet
  • 1 piece Black steel bracket
  • 1 piece 10 mm-1.50 x 35 mm Socket cap head bolt
  • 1 piece of 10 mm-1.50 Nylock nut
  • 2 pieces of 10 mm Flat washers

Important Note- it will never fit in Bonneville SE/MAG. But it was well-made and best for the Triumph Bonneville T100 EFI. Overall, the product is the best-sounding exhaust Triumph Bonneville.

User’s Reviews

Most of the users claimed that it was the best aftermarket exhaust for the Bonneville. Besides, it was good to buy for its slip-on muffs design. On Amazon, it had 5-star ratings. The product works like a beast to give protection from excessive vibration. 

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3. Radiant Cycles Shorty G.P. Exhaust for Motorcycle | Best aftermarket exhaust

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Radiant cycles is another triumph of Bonneville t100 aftermarket exhaust. If you’re looking for the head-turning sound for the mean machine? Then the radiant cycles are the best buy for you. Likewise, it’ll help to crave an aggressive rumble to cruise the streets. The radiant cycles are a good example of G.P. shorty exhaust for adding sleek design. At an affordable price, you’ll get a great product for your bike.  

Quick Specs

  • Materials – steel
  • Weight- 2 pounds
  • Finish- powder coated
  • Types – welded design

Features with Benefits

Well-fitted To Honda CBR500R CBR: The product is well-fits With 2013-2018 Honda CBR500R CBR 500R CBR 500 R. So you can easily install the parts on this model. 

Simple Installation: The radiant cycle comes with simple installation features. You need to remove the stock muffler, then slip the new pipe to locate it in place. Finally, tighten the clamp. And you’re all done.

High-Quality Finish: Unlike other stylish exhausts, it will also be made of powder-coated materials. For this reason, these parts are provided with an excellent finish that matches the factory parts. Again, the powdery finishes also disclose those parts that are less slippery and magnificent.

Heavy Duty Construction: There is no doubt that the radiant exhaust can also be fitted for any heavy-duty machine. If you’re going to buy any electronic parts, it’s obvious to consider a solid brass finish. So here, you’ll find the best welded constructional parts to use without any hassle, certainly.

60-Day Warranty: Most of the radiant Cycles come with a 60-days guarantee. So you can use them without any panic for longer. All in all, these products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee as bliss.


  • It sounds like a beast
  • The built quality is exceptional 
  • Great value 
  • Hassle-free use 
  • High-quality finish


  • No muffle or baffle was found as inspected. 

Extra Benefits 

Customer support will respond to any inquiries quickly and help to guide you in any purchase. They’re very upfront, which is a loud solution for exhaust. Their service options are good to assist you with this, besides the additional baffle product. You will find these to be essential. Your Bonneville will sound like a beast.

User’s Reviews

On Amazon, we’ve found the best valuable reviews. Most user reviews say he doesn’t have $500-$1,000 sitting around for new name brand mufflers. These parts get the job done and then some.

The user was super satisfied. These look great and sound pretty cool too. Especially, the popping sound on deceleration is due to the air injection system being omitted rapidly. 

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4. British Customs Predator Pro Exhaust | Best Pro Exhaust

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British customs pro is the best aftermarket exhaust for triumph Bonneville. Hence, these look very crystal clear and glass-proof. You can rely on this product. These exhausts have been available in the field of different biking sectors since 2016-20. They’d changed and added many features to their amazing product. 

Quick Specs 

  • Material –  304 stainless steel
  • Finish – Brass
  • Weight- 14.3 lbs 
  • Made in the U.S.A

Feature With Benefits 

Increased Horsepower: The exhaust can produce extra power voltage for the vehicles. We think it’s the best feature that is the priority of every bike rider. You may not like the slow-driving beast while you’re in roars. Thankfully, these brass-coated exhausts were well-enough to increase sufficient horsepower to run the vehicles. 

Killer exhaust tone: Here, killer exhaust tone refers to its sleek and stylish layout. We like the physical appearance of this product. However, they’d spend their best effort re-designing the exhaust. Every piece of such a product is made with 304 stainless steel. So before you’re going to make any blind decision, we suggest you give this one a try. These are good examples of durability and quality. 

High-Velocity Output: The Predator Pros exhaust also features High-Velocity Output (HVO) technology. The stylish and designer element will emphasize an uninterrupted airflow. For this, you can improve the performance as long as the horsepower. 

Besides, the notorious exhaust tone of the exhaust has been enhanced with the Pro edition. With this design, the product is indulged with integrated louvered core baffles. And you know, how to affect this one to minimize the increasing sounds of the vehicles.  


  • Comes with a polished silver design
  • It has a little deeper growl
  • Rubber made mounting systems 
  • Innovative HVO technology 


  • Very quiet volume 
  • No clamps provided 

Extra Benefits 

This product will be best fitted for ongoing vehicle models such as Triumph Bonneville T100 2010-2015, T100 110th Anniversary L.E. 2012, T100 Black 2014-2015. Lastly, it is also best for Triumph Bonneville T100 Jet Black 2011 too.

User Reviews 

Comparatively, this predator pro is a good source of many positive values and reviews. On Amazon, it had 5 stars. Hence, there, we didn’t find any informative reviews of this. But some users claimed this predator pro had very impressive B.C. as far as being a great company. 

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5. Delkevic Full 2-2 Exhaust system | Best Rated

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Delkevic full 2-2 exhaust is compatible with a 16-inches stainless-steel muffler. The first and foremost thing, you fall in love with its ergonomic design. The well-crafted and glossy finishes are super lightweight to carry. It has a comfortable and wider exhaust to push out the gases easily from the machines.

Quick Specs

  • Material – Metal
  • Surface Finish- Polished 
  • Weight- 0.86 kg
  •  Mufflers – 13″ (320mm) 

Features with Benefits

Complete Exhaust System: This amazing exhaust offers complete systems. And it was made to the same high standard design. The most initiative criteria of these exhaust components are detailing well-drafted structures. 

The manufacturer gives extra attention to ensure its fit and performance. As a result, it was proven to stand the test of time at an unbelievable price.

Incompatibility With Triumph Panniers: One of the worst features of this stuff is incompatible with Triumph panniers. That means it can only compete with 21″ mufflers.

High-Profile External Stuffs: All the stuff of this system consists of the highest quality. Plus, they’re proven and come complete with all gaskets and fittings.

Stainless-Steel Custom Cruiser: Stainless steel-made exhaust is the most relevant part of any muffler. It is the result of years of collaboration between the USA and the U.K. Both of these countries have been developed for the discerning customer and cruiser market. 

With the combination of two countries, there we find unique, sleek, and acoustically dynamic mufflers. On the other hand, it is also featured with a carbon fiber ferrule. Again, these things have to multiply interchangeable outlets, as most of them are popular among manufacturers with their design characteristics.

Lightweight Muffler: The weight of the muffler is constructed at 1.9 lb / 0.86 kg. For the lightweight quality, the manufacturer will control all the procedures to maintain a high production standard.

Absence Of Re jetting / Remapping: The absence of rejecting or remapping is the better feature of this product. It is required after fitting. However, they recommended a dyno test after fitting the replacement exhaust parts towards the vehicle.


  • Include all the necessary equipment to fit onto the engine 
  • Handcrafted by the finest materials 
  • Feature with carbon fiber ferrule
  • Multiple and interchangeable outlets 
  • Top-quality exhaust 


  • Not found

Extra Benefits 

This set is manufactured with many essential parts, including -delkevic header pipes, custom cruiser mufflers with baffle, brackets, clamps, and gaskets.

User’s Reviews

The product had good reviews on many websites. It sounds more profound and bestowed with solid architectural designs. It sounds incredible.

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Best Exhaust For Triumph Bonneville t100 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Like any living thing, your vehicles also need an option to heal and exhale the unwanted gas from the motor. It will also allow the vehicle to perform efficiently. To minimize the weakness and wheezing problem, you require choosing the right exhaust for your triumph Bonneville t100. 

On the other hand, you’re getting to miss out on extra horsepower that can easily be unleashed with the mods righteously. Some of the best items are high-speed exhaust systems. But when shopping for them, you have found out several types and materials to choose from. 

Meanwhile, each of them has its own stylish and unique benefits. To help you in this regard, we put together this guide on choosing the best exhaust system for Bonneville.

Amounts Of Your Swap Out

First, start by justifying how much of the system you want to swap out. In most cases, you’ll get three options to choose from header/manifold back, cat-back. PDF back should be your priority if you have a diesel or axle-back system. 

In general, the more OEM tubing you’ll choose to replace in favor of free-flowing mandrel-bent tubing, the more benefits you’ll get out of your exhaust system. But it depends on the ride. Anyway, sometimes installing a header-back system can be labor-intensive or somehow impossible to run. 

On the contrary, an axle-back system will replace the easiest parts of the OEM exhaust to access. This thing must have added nearly as much power as a cat-back system needed. All in all, it will sound far better than your stock exhaust.

Stainless Steel Made Elements 

If you live in a dry area of the country, the stainless-steel tubing, which comes standard with most exhaust systems, will work just fine. The stainless steel-made exhaust system is a good example for living areas with high moisture also. 

But keep in mind that all stainless steel is created equal. The vast majority of the exhaust system is made from T409 stainless steel, which is nearly corrosion resistant. So be aware of buying any exhaust system for the triumph Bonneville t100 exhaust pipes.

Read The Customer Reviews 

Before deciding on any final kinds of stuff, it’s wise to read out the customer reviews. As we vividly indulge here, all the reviews as much as we can. With these reviews, you can finally decide what type of exhaust system is the best triumph Bonneville t100 aftermarket exhaust.

No Drone 

Sound quality is the priority of most menfolk when buying any exhaust system. On the contrary, we wouldn’t like to buy any noisy exhaust system for the machine. So try to achieve or purchase any products that had keenly included no drone because the exhaust drone will make excessive sound through the ring when you’re driving.

Proper Fitments

It is crucial to confront the fact about proper fitments. Somehow, if you installed the exhaust system inside the motorcycle incorrectly, it is highly likely to slip out. Proper and clear instructions will be workable on these affairs a lot. Nothing is more vulnerable if you installed them with the incorrect exhaust systems. It’s just because once you install the stuff, you won’t remove it instantly. 

Exhaust Types 

There are huge differences in the facts of exhaust types. Some come in a cylindrical shape. Whereas some of them had header back or axle systems as well. Each of the systems requires different installations and guidance. Among them, header back systems offer the best performance overall. Additionally, they’d have high compatibility to resist off-road or racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Triumph Bonneville t100 reliable?

Yes, triumph Bonneville t100 is reliable as they ranked in seventh place with an overall failure rating of 29%. As well as, triumph didn’t compete with the brand quality of Japanese. They will successfully beat the other expensive brands named Ducati, BMW, and Can-Am. 

2. What Is The Top Speed Of Bonneville t100?

As we know, Bonneville t100 is a high-rated motorcycle brand around the world. Recently, they’d owned 115 mph at a high-rated speed overall. 

3. Which Triumph Is Bonneville Best?

By many websites and reviewers, the Triumph Bonneville T120 is the best. It’s just because they’re the first innovation of this brand. All in all, they’re well customized with a purist incarnation with the original 650 CCS.

Final words 

Hope our comprehensive exhaust-buying guides and reviews will give you a clear conception of how to choose the right one for the bike. These 5 best exhaust for triumph Bonneville t100 will help you most in this regard. Don’t forget that the more you research about this, the more you get clear concepts. So do analyze our articles more to bring the most adorable, solid brass exhaust for you. 

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