Top 5 Best Exhaust for Milwaukee 8 Review in 2022

Before you go for picking the Best Exhaust for Milwaukee 8, learn how a performance exhaust improves the engine’s performance and sound efficiency. Here we will make your job easier.

The great problem is that finding the best quality exhaust out of the huge brands is comparatively tough. We made a top list and an ultimate buying guide to finding the best product for you based on our in-depth research.

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Top 5 Best Exhaust for Milwaukee 8 Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Vance & Hines Eliminator 300 Slip-on Exhaust | Best Overall

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Quick Specs

  • Product type- Muffler
  • Product style-Straight cut tip
  • Dimensions-38 x 15 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight-12.92 pounds
  • Color-Chrome

Features with Benefits

We have reached the exhaust system. This exhaust is a multi-purpose activity product. The appearance of this exhaust will attract consumers at first sight. This unique exhaust system requires the most effective features and performances. Let’s see-

Eliminator 300 Efficiency: The eliminator 300 slip-on is the most popular device. It generally expands the popular eliminator line. The eliminator 300 is made of precision-machined billet end caps. They are attached with glass-wrapped acoustic baffles. It can produce a resonant tone.

Body Structure: The design of the best exhaust for Milwaukee 8 Softail body parts is really attractive. It generally looks great. Consumers will get this exhaust with natural color and polish. The polished feature provides an elegant look. The eliminator 300 exhaust has a 3-inch round muffler body. 

Sound Quality & Other Features: The sound quality of this exhaust system is excellent. It is just tolerable to all consumers. This exhaust has optional quiet inserts. A T-bolt clamp is included with this exhaust system. A baffle is installed with the muffler casing of chrome steel.


  • Long body size
  • Polished look
  • Multi-tasks exhaust system
  • Muffler body shape
  • Perfect color is available
  • Perfectly fit for its suitable dimensions
  • Exact weight
  • Build-in quality material


  • Comparatively expensive exhaust system

Extra Benefits

Consumers can get the facility to replace the Milwaukee 8 exhaust within a certain time if there is any product receiving time. You will get this exhaust available in Chrome. There are optional quiet inserts with this exhaust system.  

Customer’s Review

The sound quality of this exhaust is just attractive. It easily attracts consumers. Customers like this exhaust system for its polished look. Its easy installation process is just favorable to the users of the exhaust system.  

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2. Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 Slip Exhaust | Editors Choice

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Quick Specs

  • Product body shape-Round
  • Product service type-Cruiser
  • Dimensions-38.3 x 14.3 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight-20.9 pounds
  • Length-4 inch

Features with Benefits

The vans and Hines Eliminator 400 is a popular and well-known best exhaust for Milwaukee 8 street glide. When you go to buy an updated exhaust, you will surely get this one. It has already stayed with the most popular brand lists. Let’s discuss the exclusive features with different benefits of this exhaust system-

Design and Construction: The design of the Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 Slip-on exhaust is just amazing. It is well-constructed with quality materials. The body of this exhaust is comparatively large. It is 4-inch long. You will get this exhaust in matte black and chrome color. 

Durability & Appearance: You will look at the external polished look. Where the question of durability is present, the 400 slip-on exhausts will get priority. The steel material just provides toughness and a smart appearance. 

Quality Sound: This exhaust system has better quality. It has mufflers with CNG machined caps. The large mufflers generally produce deep aggressive sounds. The sound performance attracts the consumers easily.

Easy Installation Process: The installation process of the 400 slip-on exhaust system is quite easier than others. This installation is perfect for all consumers. They can set up this exhaust within a short time. 


  • It is constructed with solid material
  • Excellent sound performance
  • This exhaust will enhance horsepower
  • Much impressive exhaust system
  • Easy installation process
  • Excellent polished look
  • Smart and attractive design


  • Comparatively low sound 

Extra Benefits for you

The deep and aggressive sound system is just fan tasting. It will provide you with a lot more facilities than its price range. The exclusive design and construction provide the extra durability of this exhaust.

Customer’s Review

It is a well-accepted exhaust to maximum customers for its best quality. Consumers always want the best exhaust for Milwaukee 8. The sound quality is favorable to all. The diameter is just adjustable, which introduces it as a great product. Customers like this exhaust for its grey look. They recommend this exhaust for its quiet sound. It is well-known as a helpful exhaust. 

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3. Vance & Hines 16672 Twin Slash Round | Runner-up

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Quick Specs

  • Product type- Slip-on or muffler
  • Product style- Bologna
  • Dimension of this exhaust- 38 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Weight- 23.90 lbs
  • Color of product- Chrome

Features with Benefits

For getting a suitable model, you have to follow this amazing second exhaust system. The Vance and Hines 16672 is a very popular and updated exhaust system. It is most adjustable for the Milwaukee 8 Softail. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this best exhaust for Milwaukee 8

Construction & Design: The manufacturing process of this exhaust system is just mind-blowing. The quality material is used to make it. You will find the distinctive twin slash and heat shield for making this exhaust system. The twin slash exhaust requires solid build quality that will provide the durability of your exhaust.

Size & Color of the Exhaust: This exhaust requires the body with a large 4 inch round muffler. You will get the exhaust with a sharp and clean appearance. The mufflers of this exhaust system will protect the exhaust from discoloration. You will get a polished exhaust also. 

Appearance: The bike lovers always want to get an aggressive look. You will generally get the M eight exhaust good-looking. Besides that, the muffler will increase the outlook quality. Finally, the appearance of this exhaust is just amazing.

Sound Quality: There is an exclusive sound system with this exhaust system. When you accelerate the exhaust, you will hear a large roar. The muffler generally makes the sound exclusive. It just amplifies the sound to make it blend. The deep sound will attract the consumers easily.  

Installation Procedure: The easy installation process of this exhaust system does not require any kind of tool. Everyone can install it with a minimum of installing knowledge. You will get full instructions to install this exhaust.


  • Exclusive design
  • Stylish product
  • Long-lasting exhaust system
  • Much durable
  • Excellent engine performance
  • Easy installation process
  • Full instruction with installation


  • Much expensive comparatively than others

Extra Benefits for you

The design and excellent sound quality are very favorable to all. An easy installation process is just fantastic. A great outlook of this exhaust system attracts customers easily. This exhaust appreciates the high performance of the engine.

Customer’s Review

A lot of customers are just fond of this exhaust system. They recommend it for the sound quality, easy installation process, great slip-on pipes, and high-quality features. It is a highly appreciative best performance exhaust for Milwaukee 8.

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4. Vance & Hines 47229 Black Shorts Full System Exhaust | Premium Pick

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Quick Specs

  • Dimensions-37.99 x 15.98 x 12.01 inches
  • Weight-21 pounds
  • Color-Black
  • Made in-USA

Features with Benefits

People always want a well-adjustable and beautiful exhaust. A perfect Milwaukee 8 exhaust has multiple efficient features that attract all consumers. We are going to discuss the third exhaust system. It is a uniquely designed exhaust with a simple handling device. Let’s check-

Design: The 47229 is an updated exhaust system. It is constructed with a new flat plane mounting panel. This panel is with 12mm oxygen sensors. The sensor will help to increase the data feedback. This exhaust is designed with updated material than others.

Well-Fitted product: Every vehicle has a different exhaust system. This exhaust is fitted for the 2014 to 2018 Sportster models. The upgraded heat shields will fully cover the bike.

Quality Sound System: The exhaust system generally produces a loud sound. When you start driving, you will be disturbed by the loud noise. But, this exhaust system does not produce irritating noise at all. It is tolerable. The sound quality is much better than others.

Easy Installation process: A simple and easy installation process is very important. If you buy an exhaust with time-consuming installation processes, it will disturb you. Just take an exhaust that needs only a few minutes to install. This best exhaust for m8 114 systems will save your time.


  • The noise level of this exhaust is tolerable
  • It provides excellent performance 
  • Very easy installation process
  • This amazing exhaust system requires low sound 


  • There is no specific warranty with this exhaust system

Extra Benefits for you

The well-designed exhaust is truly fit from the 2014 to 2018 models that are just amazing. The heat shields are very beneficial for your bike. It enhances the longevity of the exhaust. 

Customer’s Review

Customers recommend this exhaust in different aspects. They stated this exhaust as an outstanding device. Sound quality is always best for the customers. They love the best head pipe for Milwaukee 8 for its excellent and durable pipes.

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5. Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust| Budget Friendly

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Quick Specs

  • Product Type-2 into 2 system
  • Product style-Slash cut tip
  • Dimensions-41 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Weight-24.3 pounds
  • Color-Black

Features with Benefits

The Vance & Hines big radius is one of the popular and influencing branded exhausts. This well-reputed brand has multiple features with a lot of benefits. Now, we are going to discuss the fourth exhaust system. This reputed branded exhaust will be much beneficial for you.

Exact Construction: The construction of the best slip-on exhaust for the Milwaukee 8 system is very important. Without exact construction, you cannot fit this device in your vehicle properly. This exhaust is designed with 16 gauge steel. This beautiful exhaust is attached with 2-1/2 inch diameter pipes. It can cover the full heat shields. 

Inclusion of Parts: The parts included with this exhaust are heat shield, front header, rear header, front muffler heat shield, footpeg adapter, socket head bolt, socket head bolt, cable tie, lock washers, spacers, Hex bolts, adapters, etc. 

Great Performance: The big radius exhaust pipes can produce a lot of horsepowers. It will perform better as the expectation of the customers. These radius pipes will enhance the quality of appearances, sound, and other activity performances.

Fuel Management System:: The Vance and Hines fuel pack FP3 fuel management system is very effective for the activity of the Vance and Hines exhaust system. It is recommended to buy especially at the time of installing big radius exhaust pipes on motorbikes. 

Oxygen Sensor & Product Color: The Vance and Hines big radius pipes curve for oxygen sensors. It is used for the activity of an oxygen sensor. You will get this exhaust system with chrome and black color.

Installation Process: The consumers will get the best performance exhaust for Milwaukee 8 with a full instruction process. You will be able to install it easily, and it takes a few minutes. The easy installation process will simply save your time. 


  • Sensor facility
  • Highly effective exhaust pipes
  • Full-coverage heat shields are available
  • This exhaust will customize your bike look
  • Very easy installation process
  • Product servicing facility


  • No specific warranty duration is included with this exhaust system
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Extra benefits for you

The sensor facility is an extra benefit for you. The exclusive pipes are much more effective and enhance different activities of the exhaust system. The FP3 fuel management system is another extra benefit for the consumers. The consumers will get the product servicing facility from this branded company. 

Customer’s Review

A lot of positive reviews of this exhaust are available. The sound quality of this exhaust just attracts the consumers of the exhaust system. The colors and polish of this best exhaust for the 2020 street glide special are just attractive. The extensive exhaust is just awesome for its multi-activity.

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Buying Guide of Best Exhaust for Milwukee-8

Different exhausts are made with different features. They are different based on their size, work, color, dimensions, weight, price, etc. Each exhaust has its unique quality. But, the consumers need to consider some particular facts before buying an exhaust. Let’s discuss some key points that will help you to select the best exhaust among a lot-

Branded Product

Everyone should select a branded product because it provides a quality product. It will also provide you with the best warranty facility. A lot of brands are available in the marketplace. Just justify the different specifications and take the best as your requirement.

Types of Exhaust

There are two types of exhaust systems in the marketplace. The slip-on exhaust and full system exhaust. You can choose an exhaust from these two types. These two types have different features with different facilities.  

Quality Materials

All consumers should give priority to the quality of materials of the exhaust system. The material quality differs from the longevity and durability of the exhaust. The materials have to be of good quality because it is not possible to purchase exhaust quickly. You surely like the lightweight product. An exhaust with quality materials will be lightweight. So, never forget to consider the material of the exhaust before buying an exhaust.

Sound Performance

Quality sound performance should be a great feature of an exhaust system. People want to get a low sound capacity of an exhaust system. Sometimes, it will be more irritating to all. So, find an exhaust with low and deep sound. Excellent sound is another quality benefit of a quality exhaust. 

Full System Exhaust

You will get a lot of facilities with a full exhaust system. There are different multi-effective parts with this exhaust system. These parts can be mid-pipe, header, muffler, and other parts, etc. So, the full system of the exhaust will be very beneficial for you.   

Slip-On Exhaust

Consumers have to be conscious about the best slip-on exhaust for Milwaukee 8. You will get the slip-on exhaust within a short budget. This exhaust will be very easy to install. But, the slip-on exhaust will improve the exhaust’s sound and replace the muffler. There is no effect on the bike’s performance in this slip-on exhaust. The people who want to get the best 2-1 exhaust for Milwaukee 8 with low price and aggressive sound; can be the best solution for them. So, the consumers should find out about the slip-on exhaust system

Configuration of Exhaust

Different exhaust systems have different configurations. First, you need to figure out the configuration before purchasing an exhaust system. You will get some different exhaust systems like single, dual, and true dual exhaust systems. These have different features. The dual exhaust system has a louder sound capacity than a single. The two-in-one exhaust is suitable for a lot of engines. So, you can purchase this type of exhaust for your motorbike. 


Everyone should consider the compatibility of an exhaust. The compatibility of a product will confirm the product quality and product longevity. So, all should justify the compatibility of an exhaust system.

Ecological Issues 

An eco-friendly exhaust system is always expected. Some catalytic converters can decrease toxic gasoline. It will be helpful for the environment. So, you can choose the exhaust with eco-friendly materials. 

Easy Installation Process

An exhaust with an easy installation process is always appreciated. People want to save time. So, you need to find an exhaust with an easy installation process. But, the full exhaust system is much more complicated to install sometimes. If someone wants to replace the fuel tank, engine block, then they should spend extra bucks. So, if you are ready to measure this requirement, purchase the full system exhaust.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What is an exhaust system?

An exhaust system normally includes different exhaust pipes. This device is used to remove the gases from the inside part of an engine. 

2. What are the best performance exhausts for Harley Davidson?

The best performance exhaust systems will depend on the different consumer’s concerns. Different consumers have different choices. The multi-branded exhaust systems require different features. So, choose an exhaust based on your full requirements. 

3. How can I make my Harley exhaust louder?

You can hear loud your exhaust in the time of changing your exhaust system. Consumers can do two things at a time. Normally, the sound will be increased from thirty to fifty percent after updating your exhaust. 

4. What are mufflers?

Mufflers are one type of device to reduce the emitted noise from the exhaust. It is set up within the internal part of the engine of the exhaust system. So, the mufflers are the most important feature of an exhaust system.

5. What is the best exhaust for a Harley Street Glide?

Cobra True Dual Head pipes 6250 exhaust is recommended for the Harley Street Glide because of its lightweight. All exhausts will not be fit for this Harley Street Glide.


The priority of exhaust is normally less to most of the users. But, if you are a true lover of your motorbike, you have to prioritize the features of an exhaust system. The consumer having a Milwaukee-8 must be concerned about the best exhaust for Milwukee 8

We have discussed in detail the top 5 best exhaust for Milwukee 8 with multiple features. These exhausts have multi-effective performances. The performances of these exhaust systems are very important because these also improve motorbike performance. Hopefully, you will be more benefited from the detailed explanation of the product reviews. So, follow up on the specifications of these exhausts and select the best.

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