Top 10 Best Exhaust For Honda Civic Reviews in 2022

When you are looking for the Best Exhaust For Honda Civic, consider both the best sound and high performance. Choose the high-performing exhaust system that improves the efficiency of your car engine and makes it easier for it to expel gases quickly.

Here we have reviewed the top 10 customized and well-designed exhaust systems that will contribute to sound, torque, horsepower, and power gains. So choose wisely.

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Best Exhaust For Honda Civic Reviews & Buying Guide

1. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System| Best Overall>

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Quick Specs

  • Product material-Stainless steel
  • Body finish-Polished
  • Exhaust body shape-Round
  • Dimentsions-46 x 13.75 x 11.13 inches
  • Weight-35 pounds

Features with Benefits

The Honda Civic MagnaFlow exhaust series is a well-known brand. It is recognized in the aftermarket industry for its great quality. This exhaust is made with high-quality technology. Let’s discuss the beneficial features of this exclusive exhaust system.

Constructed Material: The MagnaFlow Street series exhaust system is made of quality stainless steel. This constructional material will provide long-lasting performance and high longevity. This high-quality material will also provide much durability to this exhaust.

Attractive Design: The design of this exhaust system is just attractive to all. It is designed with high technology that helps to increase horsepower and torque. The muffler design of this exhaust system is straight-through and free-flowing. This exhaust still contains its performance with more quality and unique design. 

Sound performance: The sound level of this exhaust system is not very aggressive. The sound quality is just awesome. The street series provides the consumers with a smooth and deep sound. It is featured with a good balance of exterior and interior sound levels. The sound level of this exhaust is at a moderate level that is tolerable.

Easy Installation: The MagnaFlow exhaust system generally usually uses 3D scanning technology for the developing processes. So, the installation process of this exhaust needs simple knowledge to set up properly. You can install it hassle-free. 

High-Quality Technology: High technology is used with this exhaust system. This technology improves the performance levels of the exhaust system. This technology has extended all features of this MagnaFlow Street exhaust system


  • High-quality materials
  • Exclusive design
  • Improved technology
  • Multi-beneficial features
  • Simple installation process
  • Multi-performance activities


  • Limited warranty facility

Extra Benefits

The performance of this exhaust system lasts for a long time. The MagnaFlow exhaust has the parts defect-free. You will get a one-year warranty with a limited lifetime warranty. The perfect dimensions and weight of this exhaust system are just well-fitted. The polished appearance and high technology of this exhaust will provide the consumers with all upgraded features.  

Consumer’s Review

Consumers of this exhaust system highly recommend it as a great product. The high-performances of this exhaust just attract the consumers. Consumers consider this exhaust as an updated design product. Its polished look and fantastic finishing are just attractive to all customers.

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2. Honda Civic FK7 Hatchback Sport Stainless Steel Polished | Runner-Up

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Quick Specs

  • Product type-Single cat back system 3pc design
  • Material-T304 stainless steel
  • Diameter of piping-2.5 inch to 3 inch
  • Weight-40 pounds
  • Exterior part-Smooth shape

Features with Benefits

The muffler axle black is an updated exhaust system with multiple facilities. The best exhaust for 9th gen civic si is most wanted. It is one of the best exhausts in the marketplace. It is suitable for different models. Let’s discuss the useful features. The features will provide you with a lot of benefits. 

Constructional Material: This muffler exhaust is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very strong material that will provide you with much durability. 

Glorious Appearance: The outlook of this exhaust is just awesome. You will get a glorious look at this exhaust because it is super polished with high-quality stainless steel. 

Design of the Exhaust: It is designed with a 3 inches pipe. This mandrel bent piping is attached with a dual high flow muffler. The length of the dual high flow muffler is 3.5 inches. 

Suitable Exhaust: The silver muffler axle is not fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system. That’s why it is tested to ensure fitment issues before shipment. This exhaust fits all types of 2017 present Honda civic FK7 sports models. 

Multi-Parts: You will get some different parts with this one exhaust. Consumers will get one Honda civic FK7 polished exhaust, two Hatchbacks sport three inches mid-pipe tubes, three gaskets, and one hardware bag with this full package.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • High-quality product
  • Super polished product
  • With a unique design
  • Deep and aggressive sound quality
  • Super fitting settings
  • Multi parts in one package


  • Only one year warranty

Extra Benefits

The expanded piping of this exhaust is just amazing. You will get different parts with this exhaust. It is a super-fitting exhaust system. The extensive exhaust is a silver-colored product. Consumers will get different benefits from this exhaust system.

Consumer’s Review

Most consumers like this exhaust for its multi-purpose facilities. The dimension of this exhaust is just appreciating. The dimension of this exhaust is perfect for fitting to different appliances. They recommend it as a well-fitted exhaust for all 2017 Honda civic FK7 models. Consumers also like the best exhaust for 8th gen civic si

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3. Flowmaster 12014310 Dbx Muffler | Best Sound Muffler

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Quick Specs

  • Exhaust material-409 Stainless steel
  • Product shape-Round
  • Dimensions – 14 x 6 x 6 inches (35.6 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm)
  • Weight-16 ounces
  • Sound quality-Medium

Features with Benefits 

The Flowmaster muffler is our fourth device. You can consider it as the best exhaust for Honda civic. It is another well-branded product. This muffler has different features with multiple benefits. You will get more exclusive facilities from this muffler. Let’s have a look at the features of this device.

Internal Construction & Design: The size of the Flowmaster muffler is a 2-inch inlet and 2-inch outlet. This muffler exhaust is made up of 409s stainless steel. It is the internal component of the exhaust. This muffler exhaust system is wrapped with a material called a proprietary insulation material. It is finally polished with the 304 stainless steel casing. The design of this muffler is compact and race-proven. 

Excellent Sound: This Flowmaster has a variety of engine types. Within this engine, chassis space is limited. The sound quality is controllable due to the variety of types of engines. 

Cool Shell Technology: Cool shell technology is used in this muffler exhaust. This amazing technology generally helps to minimize the radiant heat from the Flowmaster muffler body.

Suitable Appliances: This Flowmaster muffler is perfect for muscle cars, sport compact imports, etc. These mufflers are also fit for the street rods, Lowrider, sport Trucks, and other different appliances. These mufflers are very attractive to the consumers because of their moderate to aggressive tone. These durable mufflers are more effective. The best exhaust for 98 Civic is very popular in the market.


  • Most durable product
  • Build with 409 stainless steel
  • Compact and race-proven design
  • Polished with stainless steel
  • Used cool shell technology


  • Comparatively expensive product

Extra Benefits

The cool shell technology of this muffler provides multi-facilities to the consumers. It is a muffler with extensive polished stainless steel. This muffler is very effective without any drones. It is mostly suitable for different appliances. 

Customer’s Review

Many customers want the best exhaust for 2020 civic si. Customers like this muffler for its high quality even though it is comparatively expensive. It is a great muffler for four-cylinder engines. Customers recommend that it is very nice. It is highly recommended for the 10th gen Honda civic. The easy setup system will fully satisfy the customers.

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4. OE Style Catalytic Converter Exhaust Pipe | Budget-Friendly

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Quick Specs

  • Product material-High-quality stainless steel
  • Dimensions-17 x 14 x 8 inches (43.2 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight-11.5 pounds
  • Brand name-Auto dynasty

Features with Benefits

The OE-style catalytic converter exhaust is very effective and popular for its performance level. This exhaust has different benefits for the consumers. Let’s know the details about the amazing exhaust.

Material of this Exhaust: This exhaust is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This steel is a computerized mandrel-bend for the extra facility. Your exhaust system will get more longevity for these mandrel-bends. 

Design: These catalytic converters are designed with validation, and it is well-fitted. This catalytic converter provides EPA-compliant activity. The amazing performance attracts most of the consumers easily. 

Durability: The wonder exhaust system is adjacent to catalyst material which provides more durability. The high-quality stainless steel also provides this exhaust with much strength and a lot of durabilities. Enough durability is a great feature of this product.

High Technology: The high-quality technology washcoat of this exhaust system stores oxygen. Again, the OE expertise also provides application-engineered parts. You will get the best performance from this exhaust system.

Installation Process: The installation process is not so easy because of this exhaust. A large number of consumers highly recommend that the installation process should be professional for better fittings. 


  • It’s a 100% brand new product
  • The catalyst material of this product provides more durability
  • High-quality stainless steel is used to make this exhaust
  • It is a unique shaped exhaust
  • Consumers will get this exhaust at a reasonable price


  • No instruction is included with this OE-style catalyst exhaust.

Extra Benefits

A high technology washcoat is used with this exhaust system that can ensure exceptional oxygen storage. The catalyst material is very effective for this exhaust system. You can use it for federal emissions models. 

Consumer’s Review

Many customers recommend this exhaust system as one of the best exhausts in the market. Consumers like the polished look and design of this exhaust system. The price level also attracts consumers. Price is more reasonable for this product.

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5. DNA Motoring CBE-HC922-NRT Catback Exhaust System | Premium Pick

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Quick Specs

  • Exhaust material-T 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions-45.7 x 13.2 x 8 inches (116.1 x 33.5 x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight-24 pounds
  • The exterior of this device-Chrome

Features with Benefits

We have reached our last product review. The DNA motoring CBE-HC922-NRT 2.25 inches stainless steel is the most popular exhaust system. It has also come with different features. Let’s know the effective features of this exhaust.

Quality Material & Construction: This exhaust is constructed with T-304 stainless steel, high quality. It is adjacent to computerized mandrel-bends. All these combinations will provide you with strength and durability. 

Preventive Way: The TIG welded CNC machine flange of this exhaust is very effective in its work. It can protect the exhaust from any type of corrosion and harmful temperature. 

Excellent Design: The design of this exhaust is a combination of low-restriction mufflers, large pipes, etc. The well-designed look of this exhaust system will provide an amazing look to the consumers. 

Multi-performances: This exhaust generally provides multi-activities. It is a dyno-proven device that can increase fifteen to twenty-five horsepower. It also reduces end torque. 

Sound Quality: A great output of this exhaust is much better sound quality. It produces the most aggressive and deep sound that will ensure smooth gas flow. It will enhance the great output and efficiency of the engine.


  • Great design
  • Multi-performances
  • Quality material
  • Excellent sound
  • Durable product
  • Easy installation process


  • Not much strength

Extra Benefits

The DNA motoring exhaust is the most upgraded. High-quality material, exclusive sound quality, and increasing capability to increase horsepower are the most beneficial features of this exhaust.

Consumer’s Review

There are many useful and effective features of this exhaust. And, some negative reviews of this exhaust system are also available. After all, many consumers have accepted this exhaust as a best.

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6. DNA Motoring CBEHC922 Catback Exhaust System | Best Cat-Back Exhaust

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Quick Specs

  • Material-304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions of the DNA motoring- ‎45.67 x 13.15 x 7.56 inches
  • Weight-24 pounds
  • Exhaust system-Upgraded 

Features with Benefits

Now, we are going to discuss the 7th exhaust system named the DNA motoring CBEH exhaust system. It is another updated exhaust for you. You will get some special features with more benefits in this exhaust. Let’s discuss-

Construction Material: The DNA monitoring exhaust system is made up of T-304 stainless steel. It is a well-known and high-quality material. This material increases the lifespan of this exhaust. The weight and dimensions of this device just fit. 

Protective Ways: The technologically manipulated mandrel-bends are adjacent with the high-quality stainless steel. With these combinations, the CNC machine flange of DNA monitoring exhaust fights against any deterioration and temperature. 

Sound Quality: The sound quality of this exhaust system is more aggressively deep. This type of sound is favorable to most consumers. If you want to get an exhaust with a smooth tone, you can pick up this exhaust.

Suitable Vehicle: The cat-back exhaust is not fit for all types of vehicles. It is specially built for the 1992 to 2000 Honda Civic sedan. This exhaust is a dyno-proven device. It can increase from fifteen to twenty-five horsepower instantly. The installation process of this exhaust is recommended to be professionally completed. 

Stylish Appearance: This exhaust system has fuel efficiency, quality sound control, smooth exhaust gas flow, and horsepower enhancement capacity. Besides all of these, it also has a stylish appearance for its unique design. 


  • Unique design and stylish look
  • Reasonable price
  • Quality deep sound
  • Smooth flow of gas
  • Protective capability against any pressure 


  • The installation process is not so easy

Extra benefits

The DNA monitoring exhaust is an upgrading product. The upgrading features are building horsepower, improved sound quality system, etc. It has an updated designed performance that will attract consumers easily. 

Consumer’s Review

Consumers prefer the DNA monitoring exhaust system’s noise level. The price of this exhaust is just ok for all consumers. The stylish design of this exhaust attracts consumers. Consumers highly recommend this exhaust system for its deep and aggressive sound.

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7. Borla 11828 Rear-Section Exhaust System | Customers Choice

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Quick Specs

  • Product material-304 stainless steel
  • Product type-Axle black system
  • Dimensions of Borla-29.21 H x 112.776 L x 27.177 W (cm)
  • Weight-14.2 pounds
  • Finishing type-Polished

Features with Benefits

The Borla is the most popular and high-quality exhaust system. It has come from the USA for more than four decades. Still now, this branded product is providing its services successfully with strong confidence. Consumers will get 2020 Honda civic sport exhaust systems. Let’s have a look at the effective features with multi-benefits of this exhaust-

Manufacture & Design: This exhaust is constructed with high-quality material like T-304 stainless steel. It has a perfect diameter and weight measurement. This exhaust is well-designed for releasing hidden horsepower. The diameter of this exhaust system is much appropriate for a successful exit. 

Durability & Strength: The high-quality material of this exhaust device increases the strength capability. The strong material can increase the longevity of this exhaust system. The durability of this exhaust is also enhanced by being made of this high-quality stainless steel. 

Great Appearance: The engineering process of this exhaust system is just appreciated. The polished process of this exhaust just provides an exclusive look. Consumers will easily attract to the glorious appearance of this product.

Sound Performance: The sound quality of this exhaust system is just awesome. The custom-tuned Borla mufflers and stainless steel pipes will help to provide the best sound performance. They will also improve the flow of quality sound.

Velocity: The excellent velocity provides different facilities to this exhaust system. It improves the fuel economy of this device. The velocity of the exhaust system can add tolerable sound power and other facilities.  


  • Great sound quality
  • Upgraded design
  • Used high-quality material
  • Easily installed
  • Exclusive appearance
  • Polished product


  • No gasket is included with this exhaust

Extra Benefits

You will get excellent sound quality and a polished appearance with this exhaust system. This exhaust is made with perfect measurement. It is directly made in the USA. The consumers of this product will get million-mile warranty facilities. 

Consumer’s Review

The exhaust system is just favorable to the consumers for different fantastic benefits. It is a well-fitted device. The consumers will recommend this exhaust system for its great sound, nice upgrade, easy installment process, etc. It is just an awesome and great product also.   

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8. Walker Exhaust SoundFX 18558 Exhaust Muffler | Best Appearance

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Quick specs

  • Product material-Steel
  • Product shape-Oval
  • Type-muffler
  • Dimensions- 42 x 10 x 8 inches (106.7 x 25.4 x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight-5 pounds

Features with Benefits

Now we are going to discuss the third exhaust for the Honda Civic. Besides this, you will get the best exhaust for 2018 Honda civic hatchback. The walker exhaust soundFX 18558 is very popular. It has come with many more beneficial features. Let’s discuss the features of this exhaust.

Constructional Material: The Walker SoundFX direct-fit mufflers are a well-constructed product. It is made up of hundred percent aluminized steel materials. The steel material is much better than the low-carbon steel. The internal drainage system helps to reduce the corrosion of the device.

Design: The design of the walker SoundFX is unique. The mechanical interior joints and spun-locked heads are attached to this device. For premium performances, this exhaust has two internal tubes. It also has two partitions. The aluminized steel construction generally provides a professional appearance to the exhaust system. 

Different Body Shapes: The walker direct-fit SoundFX mufflers have different shapes in different portions. It has multi diameters, lengths, shapes, etc. These all are designed for different vehicle applications. 

Reasonable Price: The price of this walker SoundFX direct-fit is not so high. You will get this exhaust system at a comparatively reasonable price than other exhaust systems.  

Durability & Stability: The mechanical interior joints will provide durability to this exhaust. Again, the spun-locked heads of this exhaust provide more stability.

Quality Sound: The louvered tube does better than straight, perforated tubes. The louvered tubes help to improve the noise quality. It will provide you with a factory-style sound that is completely tolerable. 

Long-lasting product: This exhaust has internal partitions and mechanically joined tubes. These can maintain the change of temperature. These portions of the walker exhaust system can allow the contraction and expansion based on the temperature. It helps to minimize the distortion level. 

Easy Installation Process: Installment of this exhaust system does not need any extra welding and fabrication. All pipes, brackets, and other tools help to install the exhaust easily. 


  • Reduction of corrosion
  • Factory level sound quality
  • The installation process with hassle-free
  • Variety shapes
  • Longer longevity
  • Unique design


  • The warranty facility is much complicated

Extra Benefits

This unique exhaust system provides multi facilities with different partitions. The factory-style sound system is just attractive for this exhaust. You will be just a fan of this product for its unique design and variety of shapes. This exhaust system is a long-lasting device for its capability to reduce corrosion. 

Consumer’s Review

It is a great muffler to many consumers. Consumers recommend this exhaust for its nice and quiet feature. The excellent sound quality just attracts the consumers. The price level of this exhaust system is very reasonable. Most consumers like this exhaust system for its easy installation process.

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9. DNA Motoring CBE-HC06EX Exhaust System | Best Value

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Quick Specs

  • Item material-Stainless steel
  • Dimensions-‎55.5 x 16.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight-26 pounds
  • Surface-Aluminized
  • Color of this exhaust-Metallic
  • Product style-Round

Features with benefits

Now, the DNA motoring CBE-HC06EX-BT exhaust system is our discussion part. This exhaust system is fit for some civic Honda drivers. Now, let’s discuss the important features of the DNA CBE-HC06EX-BT.

Construction: This exhaust is made up of quality material like stainless steel. This quality product can increase horsepower. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the fuel of vehicles. This product can increase from fifteen to twenty-five horsepower. It is built with 2.2.5 inch piping, 4-inch circular muffler tip, and 2.25 inch OD vent.

Strength: The DNA motoring CBE-HC06EX-BT exhaust has computer-manipulated mandrel-bends. It is made of T-304 stainless steel, a high-quality material. The CNC flange of this exhaust system can protect against any kind of deterioration and pressure. All of these features of this exhaust carry more strength and durability. 

Deep Sound Quality: This exhaust is with quality sound. It produces an aggressive deep sound. All consumers will get the smooth tone that ensures you the smooth exhaust gas flow. 


  • Quality material
  • Aggressive and deep sound quality
  • Easy installation process
  • Stylish appearance like round shape
  • Durable product


  • It can be hard to get a bolt started due to the thick flange. 

Extra Benefits

The flange is a great feature of this exhaust system that can protect it from any kind of deterioration. The deep tone is just awesome. You will get a complete exhaust with full high-quality materials. Consumers will not need any extra parts to install this exhaust successfully. 

Consumer’s Review

Customers recommend this exhaust as an excellent device. Its quality material attracts the customers easily. This great exhaust is much more acceptable to customers for its deep and aggressive sound quality. It is a well-fitted product and has an easy installation process. Customers just love it.

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10. Invidia (HS96HC3GTP) N1 Cat-Back Exhaust System | Super Easy Installation

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Quick Specs

  • Product material-SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Weight-5 pounds
  • Diameter of piping- 60 millimeters
  • Price-Reasonable

Features with Benefits

Invidia N1 cat-back is another popular exhaust system that comes with multiple beneficial features. This excellent exhaust is our ninth product discussion. Let’s start to discuss in detail this amazing exhaust system.

Design and material: The Invidia exhaust system is made up of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. It is also constructed with the combination of CNC- machined flanges and mandrel-bent stainless steel piping. This piping helps to enhance the exhaust flow and reduce the backpressure. 

Effectiveness: The Invidia exhaust system can increase the torque and horsepower. It is capable of producing strong, mid, and low power gains. It will offer you a free-flowing Titanium exhaust system. It is very effective to select multi-functional vehicles that can improve the torque and power over the factory exhaust. 

Titanium Exhaust System: The Invidia offers a free-flowing Titanium exhaust system. Titanium is a comparatively light and stronger material than any kind of steel. The Titanium is capable of protecting any kind of corrosion. So, you will get your car with better power that can improve straight-line performance.

Durability: The Invidia will get priority in case of durability. It is tested and popular for its durable performance and other capabilities. 


  • Reasonable price & excellent performance
  • Made up of high-quality stainless steel
  • Lightweight product ever 
  • Multi-facilities provider
  • One year warranty policy


  • Only a one-year warranty facility

Extra Benefit

The Invidia exhaust system is a product of high quality. You will get a complete excellent exhaust with different facilities. The warranty facility of this product will cover some problems like mufflers, cracks, structural welds, manufacturing defects, etc. So, it is a great facility for all consumers.

Customer’s Review

The Invidia exhaust system attracts customers easily with its polished look. Consumers recommend this exhaust system for its multi-facilities and activities. The warranty covers different sections, and consumers love these advantages.

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Best Exhaust System for 2000 Honda Civic ex

When you are looking for the Best Exhaust System for 2000 Honda Civic ex, it will be best to take the advice and help from your trusted professional. Are you searching for either a replacement or upgrade?

There are few options for the best exhaust for 2000 Honda Civic ex car; according to the majority opinions of consumers, the axle back exhaust system is the best for civic ex with quality sound and looks.

The axle back exhaust system is designed with T304 stainless steel. It is made in the USA. It is an exhaust with useful features like mandrel-bent tubing, straight-through muffler, engine-matched tubing, etc.

The axle back exhaust system generally sits behind the rear axle of a car. It generally organized all necessary parts. This exhaust is very easy to install and fit with vehicles.

Sometimes, hardware and instructions fit perfectly. The axle back exhaust system helps to improve the efficiency and performance of your 2000 Honda Civic ex.

Finally, the axle-back exhaust system normally refers to a straight pipe system. You will find a muffler and tailpipe with its configuration system.

Besides axle-back, you can also try the other aftermarket exhaust systems for your Honda civic ex like apexi n1, Skunk2 megapower, DCSport system, Flowmaster, etc. They are also good at performance.

Best Exhaust Systems for Honda Civic EG  

The Honda Civic EG is popular because of its VTEC engine. EG is The fifth generation of honda civic cars introduced in 1992. If you are searching for the Best Exhaust Systems for Honda Civic EG, try the most powerful exhaust APEXI WS2 muffler with useful features. 

The manufacturer of this popular exhaust is APEXi and the part number is 116-KH01. The compatibility of this exhaust is Honda civic EG coupe. 

This exhaust is suitable for multiple applications like streets and tracks. The APEXi WS2 muffler is also known as the world sport 2 muffler.

The APEXi WS2 muffler is a solidly built product with low and mid-range power. It is constructed with SUS304 stainless steel material. This exhaust is adjacent to a 2.4-inch steel pipe.

This exhaust has an elegant look without any excessively annoying noise. The dual-walled angle-cut exhaust tips will simply attract consumers.

Besides this, there are a lot of popular and effective exhausts for the Honda Civic EG. The skunk2 Mega Power cat-back exhaust, revel Medalion touring s cat-back exhaust, spoon sports stainless N1 muffler, and are the most effective exhaust systems for this car.

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Best Exhaust Systems for Honda Civic Ek 

The most powerful Honda Civic ek was the sixth-generation car of Honda civic introduced in 1995. Selecting the best exhaust for Honda civic ek allows your car to sound cool. Based on our expert recommendation, the Invidia N1 cat-back exhaust system is the best option for your Honda civic ek.

It improves the car’s engine performance and works better with the large-diameter smoothly-bent pipes. It is made up of SUS304 stainless steel that protects the device from any rusting. It will produce the power strides and increase the torque, horsepower for better performance.

The Invidia exhaust is a super polished product with a 2.4-inch diameter. It also has mandrel-bent piping with high-quality material. This amazing exhaust comes with a decent loud sound that will never be irritating to others.

The Invidia N1 exhaust system will help reduce the backpressure, and it is a much more efficient exhaust for the Honda civic ek.

Besides this, there are many highly-recommended exhausts in the Honda community for this car. Some best exhausts for this Honda Civic ek are greddy supreme sp cat-back exhaust, spoon sports stainless n1 muffler, fujitsubo rm 01a exhaust, apexi ws2 cat-back exhaust systems, etc. You can pick one from these.

Best Exhaust for Honda Civic 10th Gen 

If you take good care of your ride, your 10th gen civic will last a very long time, about 15-20 years, to reach 300,000 miles. Everyone generally wants a great performance of his car engine. If you get an exhaust system with full specs, greddy supreme, and ark performance, You will find the Best Exhaust for Honda Civic 10th Gen, including front and downpipe.

The remarkable cat-back exhaust system is a great choice for your 10th gen civic. It will provide a sporty note to its consumers without any hassle. This remark about the cat-back exhaust system generally works without any obnoxious sound. The sound quality is the best of this exhaust.

The mandrel-bent of this exhaust system is made up of T304 stainless steel and has a 3-inch piping system. This exhaust also requires a dual 3.5-inch center and it is organized with a high flow muffler. Gaskets and bolts are included with effective exhaust.

The welding of this exhaust is high-quality and it is much appreciated. The precision fitment accuracy is just appreciating this exhaust.  

The great news is that you have the option to select the best among different supreme quality exhausts like Indian 1 exhaust, skunk2 mega power double-barrel exhaust, Borla s-type cat-back exhaust system, etc.

Best Exhaust for Honda Civic Type r 

The Honda Civic Type r is the high-performing car introduced in 1997 by Honda. If you are a proud Civic owner and find the best exhaust for Honda civic type r, you need an updated exhaust with the best sound quality that it deserves. A performance exhaust can help the car engine to do better activity.

The greddy supreme exhaust is the best option for your honda civic type r. The design of this exhaust is amazing, with the quality sound and effective performance. The greddy supreme sp exhaust is featured with large diameter, mandrel-bent piping, stainless steel.

The high polished exhaust pipes and dual-wall tips are also important features of this exhaust. The special greddy supreme sp badge of this exhaust system is a great feature. Consumers will get a limited lifetime warranty.

The sound quality and multi-work performances of this exhaust system are much appreciated. Consumers select this exhaust without any worry for their Honda civic type r.

Few other best exhausts for the Honda civic type r are available on the market like hks hi-power spec l cat-back exhaust, Invidia Gemini r400 titanium tip exhaust, tomei expreme ti full titanium exhaust, etc.

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Best Exhaust For Honda Civic Buying Guide

Normally, you will face a problem choosing the best one from a lot of numbers. Besides this, different consumers give different priorities to different features of exhaust.

Don’t worry! We are trying to provide a buying guide that will help the customers to select the best exhaust. So, don’t waste time; get started.

Quality Material

It’s not so easy to understand how sturdy the material of exhaust is. The material of exhaust is a great part because it can provide longevity to the product. You should consider the quality material for your exhaust before buying it. You can choose the branded exhaust because the branded companies mostly use high-quality material to build the exhausts. The best exhaust for 2015 civic si comes with quality material.

Design of the Exhaust

Sometimes, an attractive design of exhaust can be the most demanding feature to many consumers. You should select a unique design with a favorable color. Though, there is no more variety of the exhaust systems. The latest branded exhaust can be built with an outstanding design. So, you should give priority to an exhaust design.

Sound Quality

Drivers generally want an exhaust with better sound. A good sound system is a most effective feature of an exclusive and branded exhaust system. It normally provides positive energy to the drivers as well as the engine. The size of the exhaust has a great impact on its sound quality. It’s said that the big exhaust requires the quiet mode. So, consider the sound feature before buying an exhaust.

Effective performance

The multi-activity performance of an exhaust system is just attractive to all consumers. The excellent header, piping diameter, and muffler system are the best features that can provide the best output to the consumers of the exhaust system. You should choose an exhaust with multi-performance activities that will be more beneficial.

Installation Process

The installation process of an exhaust system is a great fact. Sometimes, it requires money and time from the consumers. You can go to the mechanic to set up your exhaust properly. So, you should check out the exhaust with an easy installation process.

Price Range

Sometimes, we are bound by our budget. The Honda civic exhaust price range is an important feature for buying an exhaust. But, if you have abilities, you don’t need to compromise the price range to buy an exhaust. Keep in mind; always try to select an exhaust from a reputed brand. It’s not essential to purchase an exhaust at a high price. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can you put an exhaust on a Honda civic?

A lot of exhausts are available for the Honda civic. A perfect exhaust for Honda civic looks great and has quality sound. It will help the engine to gain horsepower.

2. Does a full exhaust increase horsepower? 

Exhaust cannot require power alone. It can increase horsepower with the combination of an air intake. The consumers will see an increase in its performance and fuel economy. 

3. How can I make my Honda Civic run better?

You can make your Honda Civic faster by increasing handling, adding horsepower, removing weight, upgrading the brakes, etc.

4. What exhaust system sounds the best?

You will get many exhausts with the best sound quality. Some best sound quality exhausts are Borla exhaust, mbrp exhaust, Corsa exhaust, heartthrob exhaust, Magnaflow exhaust, etc.


A quality exhaust is essential to care for your Honda civic. It will help to continue your work smoothly. But, what is the best exhaust for Honda civic? For getting the best exhaust, the exhaust type and manufacturer are of great concern. 

We have discussed details about the best ten exhausts for the Honda civic. We have tried to provide these exhausts’ updated features with pros, cons, full specifications, and an effective buying guide. Hopefully, it will be very helpful for you to select the best one from these quality exhausts. So, pick up the best exhaust for your Honda Civic and start your journey happily. 

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