Top 5 Best Exhaust for Dodge Charger V6 Reviews With Buying Guide

The Dodge Charger is the strength car for numerous successes, the king of the roads. The vehicle is large and badass. It includes the entire characteristic that the car enthusiast needs to get confident and satisfy their power carving.

The best exhaust for dodge charger v6 is notorious for changing silent echoing cars into aggressive alpha cars. The mod is ideal for a rugged car like Dodge Charger as the car’s power complements deep, louder, and guttural noise that the exhaust system can potentially give.

Based on our in-depth research, we have made a shortlist of Best Exhaust for Dodge Charger V6. So, let’s dive in.

Quick Reviews!

Best Exhaust for Dodge Charger V6 Reviews | Our Top Picks

Well, this is the key section of exhaust for dodge charger v6 reviews. This is the essential part of finding out the best tools. And I have gathered here higher-quality exhaust pipes to make you so confident to drive for a long time.

1. BORLA Cat-Back Exhaust System 140650 | Top rated

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Quick Specs

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: Silver
  • Outlet diameter: 4-inches
  • Inlet diameter: 2.25-inch
  • Weight: 54lbs
  • Warranty: Million Mile

Starting with upgraded and the best option for your vehicle, yes, I am speaking about the best exhaust system for dodge charger V6 for you. Due to the stainless steel manufacture and high sturdy that has been noticeable as the most trustworthy and fitting straight fit exhaust system.

If you are new in the terminologies world, straightly fit means they don’t need more wielding. And if it makes you conjecture that an exhaust muffler could suit your car in this feature, permit me to enlighten it before you that is not only.

Features with Benefits

Proficient: The extremely proficient operation can distribute the sound generated by numerous exhaust users. The cause of return produces a lower sound, and some have denied it to be sound.

Exterior: Now coming to the exterior of this exhaust thou the light humming noise is moderate to minimum sound. It can’t disturb the driver. I select this exhaust for particular reasons to be my top selection.

Smooth sound: This exhaust noises as it is coming from heaven. Well, I agree with the users’ comments. I have seen that this is a fantastic product to make smooth and precise noise from my study. Borla is well-constructed, and several compounds tell about its high quality.

Performance: The overall performance of this exhaust system of the V6 engine is great and unique. It brings more attention that can make more people fall in love with the magic performance.

Easy installation: The installation process is extremely easy and fits perfectly. Though it is pocket-friendly, whatever you spend on it, it is really worth the money.


  • Pocket-friendly & eco-friendly
  • Wonderful performance
  • Very easy internal installation
  • User-friendly
  • Clear, loud sound


  • Complicated external installation

Extra Benefits

This exhaust for dodge charger delivers excellent performance with the tuned dyno and creates the 2.25-inch output diameter with 3-inch input diameter exhaust, one of my first selections. With an extremely user-friendly plus eco-friendly use, I suggest it as it lets you develop the dodge performance.

User’s Reviews

For clear, loud sound, the majority of the users love this dodge charger exhaust system for their car. So, if you looking for the best muffler for V6 challenger, with a guarantee for great sound, this can be the first choice for peaceful driving.

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2. Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System 817543 | Editor’s choice

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Quick Specs

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Material: 409 Stainless steel
  • Designed for versatile application
  • Weight: 31.8kg
  • Weld-on installation

After good research and genuine attempt, I think I put this exhaust in second-ranking in my list of dodge charger v6 cat-back exhaust lists. Now we will introduce the Flowmaster dodge charger v6 that I prefer for the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles.

Seeking into the specifications, they offer a high, forceful expelling of poisonous gasses but low the truck rumbling due to higher quality silencer structure.

Features with Benefits

Excellent performance: This exhaust pipe was designed and engineered to expand exciting new categories for different types of vehicles. Offering the highest quality Flowmaster dodge charger v6 delivers maximum performance for cars or trucks, the biggest bang for the buck.

Aggressive sound: This amazing dodge charger v6 cat-back exhaust is known well for its aggressive sound. Apart from providing your truck or car the sound that captures your attention, it increases the HP and the fuel mileage.

Material: As the best muffler for v6 challenger, several components of this are constructed from high-quality material. Options, pipes, and mufflers are excellently constructed, having a touch of quality that is really impressive.

Reasonable: For top-quality tools like it, the price of it is extremely reasonable enough.

Installation: It is really very simple to install without a stock system. The stock system is pretty tough, so you need to hire a professional guide. During installing, ensure you pay full attention to the right position of the muffles.

Design: This is planned to fit the Dodge Challenger perfectly. The pipes support the hangers properly.


  • Durable and very reasonable
  • Easy and faster installation
  • High-quality material’s parts
  • Y-pipe or dual pipe structure


  • Heavy stock system

Extra Benefits

Imagine getting a dodge model of a vehicle; how lucky if you get it. I get this exhaust fantastic in terms of size, activity, and structure. The manufacture offers everything which they committed in terms of function.

User’s Reviews

The stainless steel prepares it durable, and the life is extended of this exhaust. When you include it in your car, you will feel a different type of noise, the rumbling soothes down, and the fuel consumption saves some bucks that are essential for smooth rides.

In summary, this exhaust is perfectly built to produce a fairly loud

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3. BORLA Exhaust System 140686 | Runner-Up

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Quick Specs

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: 409 Stainless steel
  • Product Type: Auto parts
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Warranty: Million Mile

This dodge charger exhaust system is from a similar company that I pick for my first choice. This model is pretty different from that one; well, we are introducing with you another model of Borla exhaust dodge charger v6.

Borla is a most wanted and reliable company name in the recent online market. They deliver several types of units varying in price, features, and specs based on the consumer’s budget.

This is another best exhaust for dodge charger v6 by Borla, which offers high-quality features. You can pick it within your budget easily.

Let’s speak out about the features and other facts!

Features with Benefits

Y-type system: It is not possible to go over the Borla exhaust dodge charger v6, the pioneers of great performance exhaust in the USA. Their products and tools are highly-favored in the car and truck enthusiast forum. This Y-shape cat-back exhaust system comes with distinct aspects.

All-rounder: This has a split rear and delivers an excellent operating system. Some of the users get it as pretty expensive as other options. But it is worth for investment of a single penny when you know this all-around.

Corrosion-resistant: A single style with round roll angled plus cut tip for the body of its already constructed corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It also assists in expelling any unwanted combustion gasses from the bumper.

Easy and faster setting: The assembling is extremely faster and easier. But in this case, you should read out the whole manual or instruction book properly, which may increase your experience. It will be better to know the kit at first, which helps you fit it without any issue.


  • Great dimension to fit versatile vehicles
  • Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant
  • Perfect for desert and highways universally
  • High-performance motoring


  • Pretty expensive

Extra Benefits

Every stainless steel portion is constructed with high-quality plus precise technology that is high-resistant to blows. It is incredibly long-lasting, and on the other side, they save more bucks on fuel consumption.

User’s Reviews

Some users love at first sight for good looking, and they like to install it to enhance the appearance of their nice car. Apart from it, the smooth noise makes it more favorable to the customers.

A little secret point, while installing this exhaust on your v6 engine, the transformation may be gigantic.

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4. Borla ATAK Cat-back Exhaust system 140591 | Best for high performance

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Quick Specs

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product Type: Auto parts
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Warranty: Million Mile

The fourth but third choice of our list is from BORLA. We know how to treat your car, and we can understand what your car requires. Yes, your car needs BORLA 140591 when you think the above two options from the same brand won’t work well.

The BORLA exhaust system is made of 409-stainless steel that delivers all previous model features with better optimization. This unit is ideal for those drivers who want to get aggressive and rumbling noise from the v6 engine.

Features with Benefits

Muffler: The manufacturer offers the driver an excellent option, either including the ATAK muffler or fined a soft mumbling noise internally. They also deliver the best factors to remove the bolted muffler and add a higher traffic roar that more car owners admire.

Material: This exhaust system pipe for dodge charger v6 is made from high-quality stainless steel that makes it sturdier and long-lasting. So, it can stay sturdy in tough driving simply. The material lets it run your car for a more extended trip and offer smooth noise that doesn’t bother the driver.

Durable: This exhaust is highly durable and rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant. It is also known well for effective emission gas and reducing fuel consumption. It helps to increase the horsepower of the Dodge charger and acceleration super quickly.

Modification Outlet:: The modification outlet of the engine improves the overall emission or engine efficiency. This new version at a low price is much more trendy and aesthetic.

Warranty: With the most incredible loud noise performance, this tool comes with a lifetime warranty for million-mile driving. The economical use can lower the consumption of fuel that is highly rust-resistant.


  • Aggressive and amazing sound
  • Easy to mount plus higher quality
  • Ideal upgrade of v6 engine
  • Improvement in fuel economy
  • Fantastic performance


  • Pretty tricky to install

Extra Benefits

The installation of this unit is slightly easy, like in previous models. However, the whole kit is delivered along with hardware and has a similar dimension of exhaust diameter of the outlet.

The unit looks very sleek with heavyweight, tubing, and hack flanges. This kit is most demandable for its elegant design and appearance with fantastic performance.

User’s Reviews

The precision and reliable performance have won the hearts of many drivers that are widely used. The installation is more accessible, and this kit comes with all bolts and clamps to attach it in the right place.

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5. Mid Muffler Delete Kit Dodge | Budget-friendly

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Quick Specs

  • Origin: USA
  • Color: Silver
  • Exhaust diameter: 2.5-inch
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Fits 2011-2016 dodge charger
  • Weight: 9-pounds
  • Warranty: Million Mile

My last option is for those whose wallet is poor but needs to purchase the best exhaust for dodge charger v6. Let’s start with some statements. If you are a lover of aggressive sound, Mid Muffler is for you.

Suppose you are seeking to give the RAM 5.7 a completely new style and personality with the best functional features. This exhaust system is durable and is corrosion resistant for the aluminized polish on the stainless steel body.

If you like to give the car a new look, this exhaust system is perfect within your budget. Being highly durable and long-lasting, its shock-absorbent design is appalling.

Features with Benefits

Economical: This exhaust system pipe delivers a highly comfortable drive for longer and stricter routes by enhancing the HP with effortless acceleration. All those facts make the dodge consumers less fuel.

Corrosion-resistant: Including the perks is easier to install and corrosion resistant to shock; there is no requirement for welding or additional bolt and clamps. The process is very simple. Just follow the manual for the right instruction.

Modification Outlet: The modification outlet of the engine improves the overall emission or engine efficiency. This new version at a low price is much more trendy and aesthetic.

Warranty: Having an excellent sound performance, this tool comes with a lifetime warranty for million-mile driving. The economical use can lower the consumption of fuel that is highly rust-resistant.

Material: This exhaust system pipe is constructed from high-quality material that makes it more durable and long-lasting. So, it can remain sturdy even in complicated or challenging driving simply. The material allows it to drive for a more extended trip and provide a smooth sound that doesn’t disturb the driver.


  • Strength material
  • Long-lasting and suit for million-mile drive
  • Ideal for driving in even rough routes
  • Well sound but not louder


  • Not specific tools for showing off.

Extra Benefits

A mandrel is positioned inside the pipe when it is clamped around. This makes sure that there has no chance of loss of airflow. Better airflow developed the gas mileage and more HP. You can feel the Hemi power but don’t hear it.

User’s Reviews

This exhaust comes with a lot of room for improvement, and it is most wanted in the online or offline market for its low price and easy installation procedure, delivering a complex free experience.

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What should you consider for picking the best Dodge charger exhaust?

What should consider while buying the best exhaust for dodge charger v6? Different types, colors, brands, designs, and prices of dodge charger exhaust diagrams are floating on different online pages. Those large amounts of options make your job is very tough to select a single best for your car.

It is hard to choose but not if you know how to find out the best option and which fact you should consider discovering better exhaust.

This section will show you some key factors you must need to know to pick the best dodge charger muffler.

Read on and know what you need to keep in mind!


For a long time use of the tools, you should notice its construction material, which will confirm how long this product can stay.

  • Aluminum: This is a heavy-duty material that dips in aluminum-silicon alloy. It delivers excellent corrosion resistance even at a lower price.
  • 409 Stainless steel: Most of the exhaust systems for dodge charger v6 are made from heavy-duty stainless steel that presents great safety from rust. They are perfect for pumping up the engine with an excellent design for terrain work.

So, get and pick anyone materials from those points, which will cause the tool’s longevity. Digital engineers tend to run stainless steel in car parts to make every region rust-proof and durable. So, our experts focus on those materials to forget durable and well-constructed exhaust for your vehicles.


The best dodge charger with an exhaust system should be expertise with highly developed technology design. It will significantly help the tool able to get better the expertise as you take a trip on the road. A better stream of gas plus smoke can provide good performance.

To increase that, it is necessary to let nothing acts as an obstacle inside the pipes. But it is needless to mention that when you buy an exhaust system, you have to imagine developing the torque with the whole power rating. This way is possible by upgrading the flow.


Most dodge charger exhaust systems come with unique specifications, which present them differently based on the brand they will work with. So, it is very valuable for you to ensure your car runs in line with the exhaust system you are about to pick.

See, exhaust system for dodge charger v6; all models are expensive, and some are at a low price. So, you must make sure at first the model you are picking is compatible with your car.


If the exhaust for dodge charger v6 can’t handle variable weather, all other tracks become useless. A car needs to go through several types of atmosphere or road conditions. It is significant to check your exhaust for a dodge charger to handle extreme weather like cold or heavy rain.

The exhaust system can overheat when you ride in your car. The aluminum exhaust pipe is the best because they are corrosion and heat resistant.

So, confirm the durability of the exhaust pipe. The warranty is a good point to fix the durability of the pipe.

Other points are the chrome, pipe materials, paint, and heat resistance. Confirm all of those before making a final decision.

Exhaust Diameter

Select the exhaust diameter to base on the v6 engine and size. You should go for the stock manufactured by mandrel bending to avoid pipe walls for pipe bend.


The exhaust should be practical to make certain pollutants don’t locate into the air. The aftermarket exhausts system for dodge chargers works hygienically out the fumes that best before they reach the tone dropping the carbon footprint.

Type of System

Several types of exhaust systems for dodge charger v6 are available in the market. But it will be better if you go for a muffler and cat-back system.

A cat-back exhaust system is a tool that backs from the catalytic converter but not the whole system. Some other methods are able to cover everything that contains the pipe onto the engine, muffler, and tailpipes.


Some automobile enthusiasts want to replace their unique exhaust system with an aftermarket for that a full exhaust is replaced. Most people look to pick an exhaust system with a muffler, but some people think they don’t need to add a damper. You have to decide which is well for your car and make a decision based on your needs.

Easy DIY

If you stored some essential tools like a hacksaw or wrench, installing the new exhaust system yourself would be easier without going to any professional expert. Most exhaust pipes are pre-bent to fit the car, so you don’t need to heat or weld the pipe or mandrel bends. But follow the manual page for good instructions to assemble the new pipe.


A new exhaust means to reduce the backpressure. Less backpressure helps to gain more HP with the best fuel economy. It also delivers the best sound that you desire from the engine. It can decrease any unwanted noise, and it will give you a more guttural and throaty sound.


Ensure the exhaust system for dodge charger v6 you would like to order can fit the car. Research the specs regarding the model of your vehicle; the exhaust system is designed for the size of the engine, types of the exhaust like dual, single, side, or cat-back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do dodge chargers have active exhaust?

The dual-mode exhaust system in every dodge charger is known as an active exhaust. If you ask what the active exhaust is, the best answer is the explanation of how active exhaust runs.

2. Which dodge charger is the best?

The best exhaust for 2019 dodge charger v6 is undoubtedly top of the charger lineup. The Borla cat-back exhaust system is the best way to go for those seeking ultimate power and speed. It holds the name as the quicker, faster, and even more powerful system.

3. What issues does the dodge charger have?

Some issues that need to concern the Dodge charger owners include squeaking steering shafts, failure of thermostats, and strange odors from the air conditioner.

4. How long can a dodge charger last?

The dodge charger can last more than 250,000 to 3000,000 miles with good maintenance plus care. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, it allows you to enjoy your ride for 15 to 20 years of service from the charger.

5. Is it worth buying a Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger is thought to be a great worth for a high-powered car. Some models are pretty expensive for the motorist.

6. Is a Dodge Charger good on gas?

Dodge charger isn’t car’s designed to be well gas. The charger can achieve 19mpg in the city way and 30 mpg in a high way. The best mid-size car for fuel economy gains more than 55 mpg in city way and 49 mpg on the highway.

Wrapping it up!

We wrote down the best exhaust for dodge charger v6, and from those tools, you can select the best that meets your needs.

I have well-armed and informed about the ideal materials and products your dodge charger exhaust system needs.

All of the above exhaust systems are great for dodge charger v6, and all of them come with high-quality, outstanding performance. You can install them easily without any trouble. Some of them are expensive, but there have some low-price options.

Now you can make a good decision to install a new and upgraded system in your car quickly.

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