Best Exhaust for c5 Corvette: The Top 5 Product Reviews in 2022

A vehicle moves through its multiple work performance of different parts. As a proud owner of the c5 Corvette, you always want to ensure these parts are taken care of and performing properly.

Without the best quality exhaust, your vehicle’s activity will be interrupted. But selecting the best quality exhaust will be pretty challenging for you. We will discuss the best Exhaust for c5 Corvette in this article. So, let’s dive into this discussion. 

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Top Rated 5 Best Exhaust for c5 Corvette Reviews

1. Borla 140039 Cat-Back Exhaust | Best Overall

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Quick Specs

  • Product material- Stainless steel
  • Product shape- S type
  • Finish quality- Polished
  • Shape style- Oval
  • Weight- 44 pounds

Features with Benefits

The c5 corvette is a trendy and most potent car. It needs a high-performance exhaust system. This car also needs excellent sounding exhaust components. These components will help the car to move fast. The Borla 140039 exhaust system requires throatiness mode. It is an idle and best Exhaust for c5 corvette system that is perfect for this high-quality car. Let’s explain the updated benefits of the gorgeous exhaust system-

Optimal Material

304 stainless steel is a popular optimal material. It is used to make the best Exhaust for c5 z06 system. The high-quality material is solid. This material is known as corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It will increase the longevity of the Exhaust and improve car performance. This optimal material is also able to decrease the possibility of breaking. 

Multi-Core Technology

The Borla exhaust system comes with multi-core technology. This high-range Exhaust also uses patented straight-through to increase the car’s torque and horsepower. This high technology-based exhaust system is very fruitful to provide the best performance to the c5 car. 

Guaranteed Product

The best exhaust for c5 Corvette is made of aircraft-quality stainless steel. It provides the Exhaust an outstanding look that is easily attractive to the customers. It is a super guaranteed product in the marketplace. 

Velocity Adjustment: The velocity of the best Exhaust for c5 corvette system includes different facilities to the car. Exclusive facilities are driven by excitement, power, reduced fuel consumption, etc. 

Durability: The T-304 Austenitic stainless steel will provide the exhaust system strength structure. It is much more durable than others. The durable best Exhaust for c5 corvette system requires maximum power and flow. Consumers can easily purchase this Exhaust as a durable device.


  • This Exhaust is made from high-quality stainless steel
  • It ensures the legendary quality
  • The exclusive Exhaust is much durable
  • Straight-through technology is used
  • The exhaust system requires the highest flow
  • Consumers will get a million-mile warranty with this exhaust system 


  • No specific warranty is available

Extra Benefits for you

The materials of this exhaust system are super high-quality. It naturally decreases the fatigue incurred. The multi-core technology of this exhaust system generally helps to enhance horsepower. The installation system of the Borla will not be very hard for the consumers.

Customer’s View

Customers are always happy with this extraordinary best cat back exhaust for c5 corvette system. The classical T-Type Exhaust generally attracts consumers. Consumers are fond of the gaskets of the exhaust system. Most consumers recommend this Exhaust for the c5 corvette car.

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2. CORSA 14111 Axle-Back Exhaust System | Editors Choice

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Quick Specs

  • Product material-304 Stainless steel
  • Product type-Single
  • Finishing quality-Natural and polished
  • Weight-47 pounds
  • System type of exhaust-Axle black

Features with Benefits

The Corsa 14111 exhaust system is made with different features. This is one of the best Exhaust for c5 corvette system and high-performance device. It is built to last. This exhaust system polishes beautifully. Besides these, there are different multi-features with this exhaust system. Let’s discuss-

Tip Kits: This Corsa exhaust system has several performance tip kits. These kits are designed perfectly for the exhaust system. These tip kits are specially designed to fit the Corsa exhaust system directly. 

Design: The design of the Corsa 14111 exhaust system is just different. It is a dual-walled exhaust. The dual wall system will help to protect the heat distortion. The design of the exhaust system is non-restrictive. The Corsa sport exhaust system just requires a straight-through design.

Exclusive Sound: The Corsa 14111 exhaust system is constructed with the patented reflective sound. It helps to minimize the frequencies of annoying tunes. This best sounding Exhaust for c5 corvette system will provide you with a clean and tolerable sound.

Excellent Exhaust: This Exhaust is wonderful and fit for the c5 car. It is considered the best one for this branded car. During the acceleration of the exhaust system, there is no drone inside the car. This feature belongs to this Exhaust only comparatively to others. 

Installation process: The installation process of this exhausting process is very easy and simple. It is called a bolt-on installation process. Consumers will get the full installation instructions with this exhaust system. It is an excellent facility for all customers.


  • Constructed with premium stainless steel
  • This Exhaust is with dual-walled design
  • Wonderful exhaust system
  • It is the best one for c5 car


  • Limited warranty facility

Extra Benefits for you

The polish-shaped material of this exhaust system is just mind-blowing to look at. It is the only Exhaust that does not produce any drone. The design of this Exhaust is just more attractive than any other. It is simply a premium quality exhaust with premium color.  

Customer’s View

Customers recommend this exhaust system as a great sound device. There is no drone at all. The quality of this Exhaust is high compared with its reasonable price. 

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3. Borla 60087 Corvette X-Pipe | Best Budget

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Quick Specs

  • Product material- T304 stainless steel
  • Product style- X pipe
  • Finishing quality-Natural
  • Diameter- 2.500 inch
  • Weight- 18 pounds

Features with Benefits

The Borla 60087 corvette x-pipe is structurally an X-shaped exhaust. It requires a different appearance than other exhausts. This Borla best aftermarket exhaust for c5 Corvette is a quality product that can provide the best service to the c5 corvette car. This unique shaped Exhaust comes with different beneficial features. Have a look!

Quality Material: The Borla exhaust comprises high-quality corrosion-resistant aircraft quality stainless steel. It is the best quality material that provides the exhaust system with a gorgeous look. This high-quality material typically decreases the fatigue of the exhaust parts. It will save strength during high performance.  

Unique Design: The design of the Borla exhaust system is unique and attractive. It requires a standard dimension. This design of the exhaust system uses patented straight-through technology. It also included multi-core technology.

Aggressive Sound: The car generally produces the Borla X-pipes’ power. This exhaust system will help to produce a more aggressive sound. It enhances the attractiveness of the vehicle usually.

Flow of Gas: The Exhaust is a crossover pipe-shaped product. These pipes can flow the exhaust gasses. It is passed through the path of resistance. It helps to balance the pulses between the engine banks of the car.  

Lightweight Exhaust: The Exhaust uses a high-quality material that provides a more lightweight feature. The stainless steel is perfect for different configurations and tubing diameters also. All the systems of the Exhaust with its header are a perfect combination.  

Multi-Core Technology: The multi-core technology of the Borla 60087 corvette is an updated and beneficial feature. This technology will increase the torque and horsepower in the car. 


  • A stainless steel product
  • Used multi-core technology
  • Produced in the United States
  • High-performance rate
  • A standard dimension is required
  • Lightweight product
  • Extensive configuration 


  • Limited warranty facility is included

Extra Benefits for you

The high-performance exhaust system is made up of different beneficial conditions. Consumers will get the precision fit and longer engine capacity. They will also get more torque and Borla sound power. The high-quality stainless steel will provide a very lightweight body to your standard Exhaust. 

Customer’s Review

Many customers have accepted this X pipe product as the best quality. The well-fitted Exhaust saves the time of the consumers typically. This product is made beautifully and can fit like a glove. It is always a great quality X pipe to the consumers.

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4. Borla 140017 Corvette Cat-Back Exhaust | Best Value for the money

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Quick Specs

  • Material-304 Stainless steel
  • Product quality-High
  • Shape-S type
  • Diameter-2.5 inch
  • Weight-40.5 pounds

Features with Benefits

The exclusive Borla 140017 is one of the best Exhaust for c5 Corvette in the marketplace. It comes with different useful features. Consumers just love this Exhaust for their lovely car. Let’s see the details of the multiple features of the exhaust system-

Design & Material: This is a well-designed product made with high-quality material. Stainless steel is used to make this exhaust system. This high-quality steel is called corrosion-resistant aircraft stainless steel. The multi-core technology of this exhaust system helps to enhance horsepower.

High-Performance: The Borla 140017 exhaust system is a high-performance product with high-quality products. It is not affected by any corrosion and rust. This exhaust system can work under different extreme conditions without any hassle. The high-performance product also includes a split rear exit.  

Sound Quality: The sound produced by the Exhaust is not very aggressive and loud. It has a deep quality and tolerable sound. The better sound quality is an excellent feature of this exhaust system.

Installation System: The Installation system of the Borla 140017 exhaust system is not very complex. Consumers will need only a few minutes to install the Exhaust successfully. Time will be needed around forty minutes.

Affordable Price: This impressive Exhaust is not costly. Consumers will get it at an affordable price. The excellent price level of this product will just attract the customers more. So, the selection process is just perfect with this Exhaust.


  • High-quality material is used
  • An excellent design with lucrative shape
  • Easy and simple installation process
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Much affordable price level
  • Fantastic packaging process


  • Sound is not aggressive

Extra Benefits for you

The exclusive exhaust system is really a fantastic product with different facilities. It is a USA product, and you will get it at a reasonable price. The updated technology will provide you with a durable, high-quality sound performance and mostly quality Exhaust with the highest fuel economy.

Customer’s Review

Customers always recommend this exhaust system as the best one. They like it for their lovely car. The working capacity of this exhaust system is always appreciated. Customers are delighted with this exclusive exhaust system.

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5. Flowtech C5 Corvette 304Ss 2.5 Inch Exhaust | Premium Pick

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Quick Specs

  • Material of the product-304 stainless steel
  • Type-Straight Through
  • Type of exhaust-Axle black
  • Diameter-2.500 inch
  • Polished product

Features with Benefits

The FThe Flowtech exhaust system is an entirely perfect combination of different qualities and multiple values. The high-quality exhaust system is organized with different features. Let’s discuss the exclusive features for better understanding-

Excellent Quality & Design: The exhaust system is of the best quality and exclusive design. It is constructed with 2.5 inches and 304 stainless steel material. This high-quality material enhances the durability and strength of the exhaust system. The quality extends the longevity of the Exhaust also. The design of this Exhaust is high flow and straight through. 

Stylish Product: The stainless steel provides the top styling feature to this exhaust system. This stylish Exhaust is also a good-looking and strong product. It is 4 inches polished 304 stainless steel product.

Well-Fitted Exhaust: The Axle-black Exhaust is considered the best quality exhaust. It is well-fitted to the 1997-2004 c5 corvette vehicles. You will just get this Exhaust at an affordable price.


  • Exclusive design
  • Much stylish Exhaust
  • Durable and strength product
  • A great combination of quality
  • Well constructed and fitted Exhaust
  • Included an aggressive exhaust note
  • Best product with reasonable price


  • There is no specific warranty benefit with this Exhaust

Extra Benefits for you

Consumers will get many extra facilities from the exclusive exhaust system. You will get a high flow straight through the polished mufflers. It is a hassle-free exhaust system and has no complexity with the installation process of this exhaust system.

Customer’s review

Many customers like these best exhaust tips for c5 Corvette because of its very stylish design. It is one of the best high-quality products for consumers. Customers recommend this Exhaust as the best combination of all excellent features

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Best Exhaust for c5 corvette Buying Guide

We have discussed the best 5 exhausts with their benefits, pros, cons, and other topics. Consumers always want to pick up the best Exhaust from the marketplace.

You should consider some major factors of Exhaust before deciding to buy. You will be much helpful from this section in case of buying a quality exhaust. Hopefully, you will make the right decision to select the quality exhaust you need. You need to consider-

Material of the Exhaust 

The Quality of the construction material is very important. The quality material of an exhaust system generally improves the quality of the final product. 

All people need to consider the quality of the material for getting a premium quality product. You will surely like the Exhaust with premium quality material.

The Exhaust with quality material will ensure the super performance of the exhaust system. It can tolerate any kind of temperature and rough situations. A quality exhaust will work perfectly with a vehicle for a long time.

Design and Appearance

There are different models of exhausts, but all are not fit for all. The exhaust design is different models of exhausts, but all are not fit for all. The design of the Exhaust is another important feature. An exclusive design and brand will give an exhaust a lovely appearance. An improving appearance is very effective for an exhaust seeker. Everyone should prefer a quality design.

Quality of Sound 

Sound quality has no impact on car performance. But, sound quality is a very important feature of Exhaust. Good sound quality can enhance the fame of an exhaust. The demand of consumers is not the same all the time. Different consumers have different choices.

The booming and aggressive sound is the most common favorable feature of a quality exhaust. But all consumers don’t like it. So, tolerable sound quality is important for an exhaust system. Before buying an exhaust, you have to be sure about the smooth sound quality of an exhaust system.

Fuel Consumption

Low fuel consumption level generally improves the life span of the car’s engine. It also helps the vehicle to do better work.

Improvement of fuel consumption is very important. Every consumer wants to get an exhaust system with a low fuel consumption level. So, you should prioritize the fuel consumption level of the exhaust system.

Installation Process

The easy installation process is a great feature for a quality exhaust system. An exhaust with an easy installation process is an expectation for all customers. Otherwise, it can create problems.

You should select an exhaust with full installation tools and instructions. These will be more helpful for your conducting process.

Perfect Compatibility

All cAll consumers should maintain the compatibility of an exhaust system. Compatibility refers to all types of considerations of a product. The adjustable diameter, weight, length, size should be considered. The perfect fitting of Exhaust with the vehicle is an essential task.

Durability of the product

An exhaust system requires more durability. Durability should be a valuable feature of a quality exhaust system. An exhaust is a product that has been used for a long time. People cannot buy Exhaust for their vehicles frequently. So, the durability of the Exhaust is very important for its longevity also.

Budget level

A quality exhaust at an affordable price is the first need of most consumers. Different types of exhausts have different prices. Again, there are a lot of models of exhaust systems in the market. These models require different price levels.

In this context, we describe the top five exhausts with different price ranges. There are high-priced and medium-priced exhausts here. After all, the quality of the product is also important besides the price. Consumers have to justify the brand, quality, and model besides the price of an exhaust system also.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the best Exhaust for a c5 corvette?

Different exhausts are suitable for the c5 Corvette. Considering all these exhaust systems, the Borla 140039 is considered the best Exhaust for a c5 corvette.

2. What makes an exhaust sound better?

The sound quality of the Exhaust is essential. High-performance and high-flow patterns of an exhaust generally make the sound low. It also maintains the better sound quality of an exhaust system.

3. Which is better, a c5 or c6 corvette?

There are some differences between the c5 and c6. The c6 is comparatively lighter than the c5. It has more horsepower. Interior features are new on c6. 

4. Are c5 corvettes reliable?

All vehicles are made up of a lot of parts. So, maintaining all parts of a car is necessary. The c5 corvettes are more reliable. When you use the best Exhaust with this car, its reliability will generally be increased.

5. How do I choose an exhaust for my car?

Different portions should be considered before choosing an exhaust for your car. The important features are design, material quality, sound system, dimensions, weight, model, etc. These should be justified before purchasing one Exhaust. 

Final Words

The best quality exhaust for a car is always a great expectation to all customers. Many designs, brands, and models of exhausts are available in the market. How can you select the best one? It is generally a big concern to all. We have discussed the most popular and well-known branded exhausts in this content. Here are the five best Exhaust for c5 Corvette here. You can choose from these as your requirements.

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