Top 7 Best Exhaust for 2000 Civic si Reviews & Buying Guide

A Performance exhaust gives the best treatment to your vehicle. Best exhaust for 2000 civic si will keep your car running smoothly. The function of your car can be disturbed, and unexpected things can happen to you by a problem exhaust.

Our team has made a top list to choose the best exhaust for 2000 civic si based on in-depth research. We will let you know the top 7 Products with an ultimate buying guide. Hope It helps to improve your car style. Let’s move on.

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Top 7 Best Exhaust For 2000 Civic Si Reviews

Exhaust has some differences in terms of dimension or feature. Otherwise, all of the products are the same and best on our list. Now follow our guidelines to discover more.

1. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System | Top Pick

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The steel series is made in the USA. It is also legal in the 50-state. Our top pick has added some essential tips for better improvement. Stain steel polished tips make the item super protective. The function can increase HP, mileage, and torque. Let’s look at the rest.

Quick Specs

  • Finish: Satin
  • Exterior: Machined
  • Weight: ‎35 pounds
  • Style: Straight-through
  • Dimensions: ‎46 x 13.75 x 11.13 inches
  • Material: 400 Series stainless steel construction

Features with Benefits

Material: High-quality materials are also included in the muffles. 400 Series stainless steel construction is used for high efficiency. It ensures high resistance, which creates more durability in a lifetime.

Mandrel-bends: Mandrel pipe can absorb high heat and low exit heat. This way gives a surety for durability and strength in the running.

CNC care: Mechanical manufacture makes the item fruitful by CNC care. The machine is built on high quality with proper installation. 

Cat-back system: The exclusive design creates a perfect efficiency for driving. Some ingredients are added to this muffle for great performance. Cat-back gives you an easy installation by a professional. By this, it is a reliable product for your civic. 

Exhaust pipe: Straight-through pipes are best for high components. They can also get nice exhaustion by this thing. Besides, it absorbs the high heat then out mellow with low heat. Moreover, it hides the back pressure.

Shape & Design: Dyno-proven technology is coming with a fantastic design. It provides sweet louder on exterior & interior parts. The round shape makes a good impact on your civic life. Besides, it is also able to remove backpressure.

Advanced technology: Magnaflow includes 3D scanning technology. It can improve the function that fits perfectly. Caution can smooth down with flow exhaust. So you can get back fits like the original one in driving time.


  • Louder
  • Leak-free
  • Great sound
  • Rust-resistant
  • High efficiency
  • Aesthetic design
  • Great performance


  • It is a bit quiet at starting but gets a better aggressive tone in the running.

Extra Benefits

The best sounding muffler is made of advanced materials. Thus, it is easy to install for this reason. Besides, it can modify the sound level. So the noise level makes you more confident on your trip.

User’s Reviews

Cat-back is special for its unique design, superior sound, and premium materials. Buyers are satisfied with this product. Consumers share their experiences effortlessly on Amazon.

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2. Borla 11828 Rear-Section Exhaust System | Runner-up

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Borla 11828 originates from the USA. Generally, the components are made pro fitness and consist of torque efficiency.

The single rear is welded to hide the extra Hp. Stain finish makes deep protection from all other junk.

The best exhaust for the honda civic si helps to fulfill your trip without worries. Now follow the feature.

Quick Specs

  • Materials: 304 stainless steeExhaust: Axle-Back
  • Finish: Polish
  • Inlet: 2.250 in.
  • Muffler Type: Straight-Through

Features with Benefits

Dimensions: The exhaust is highly impressive for its dimensions. The item weight is 5 pounds & size is 29.21 x 112.776 x 27.177 inch. It is so pretty like to be an awesome one that easily can gas escape.

Elements: Caution built from the T-304 series stainless steel. For that reason, the series is effective, fitness, durable and flexible. So it takes action to be rust-resistant quickly and with a long ability.

Mandrel-bent: The pipe is pretty simple to make a different function. It is also able to absorb high heat and low exit heat. Moreover, the mandrel bends make a surety for exhaust flow.

CNC care: A reliable manufacturer is the most powerful to manage the system. CNC care makes sure of the quality and activity. So the system is going to fit well.

Shape & Design: The straight-through design creates an aesthetic look. Angle cut tips make more strength and durability of the best exhaust for 2000 civic si

Structural Fitness: Advanced technology can save fuel efficiency. Some special hardware gives a perfect fit and smooth texture. Nickel, cobalt, cadmium, and stain mixer make a good finish to make it stronger. Tailpipe helps the function for gas escape by reducing rust easily.


  • Well fit
  • Leak-free
  • Sounds great
  • Sweet sound
  • Special edition
  • Outstanding product


  • The sedan is a little deeper but not like a drone 

Extra Benefits

The upcoming tubing does exhaust flow quickly with good feedback. You get the right consistency for engine health. Moreover, the system is also good for pro fitness and long-lasting.

User’s Reviews

The consumers are pleased to use this product. Their sounds also touch the follower’s brains. The buyers like this classical role, advanced technology, and essential elements. So they give their wishes on Amazon’s comment box.

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3. DNA Motoring TM-B-S-RH Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold | Best Value

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The aesthetic model is the origin of china. Professional technicians test them.

Presently the caution is ready to a reliable item through depth research. Sedan makes much better than any other civic exhaust.

Just order the icon without regret. Also, discover more.

Quick Specs

  • Materials: 304 stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Inlet Diameter: 2.25in.
  • Weight: 9.48 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.6 x 9.8 x 8.2 inches

Features with Benefits

Construction: 304 stainless steel creates a great look with a perfect finish. The included materials keep longevity for use. That’s why it is strong, strong, suitable, and durable for a trip. 

CNC care: The performer is ready for a perfect fitment. The CNC system is also one of them. You can get an accurate fit by CNC care. In that case, it shows stunning looks with a sweet louder voice. 

Dyno Proven: Advanced technology helps to create a louder deep rumble tone. Then it confirms the gas escapes easily. Moreover, increase the Hp 15 to 25. And it consists of the torque power. 

Turbo system: A Turbo manifold is an important system for transforming functions. It is attached to some pipes for exhaust flow properly; when open-air flow its balance, the gas flows from the cylinder. 

Turbo design: A unique design can give full refreshment of all the systems. Turbo design is one of them. Normally the manifold system creates equal length to increase flow.

Exhaust kit: DNA includes some important hardware like header, exhaust pipe, gasket, and others. The engine’s combustion cycle can increase HP, torque, and miles per gallon. The Axle-back system also hides back pressure and exits with good sound.


  • High quality
  • Great exhaust
  • Popular model
  • Impressive look
  • Awesome sound
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • The professional requirement is recommended for the best fit.

Extra Benefits

The best caution gives you a perfect sound without being aggressive on the run. The installation direction is not so tuff. But it is suggested to a professional for perfection. In time, you get a smart trip without hesitation.

User’s Reviews

The consumer will use it without effort for its great performance. It is popular for its best value, noise level, fitness, market demand, and performance. Also, Amazon’s highly rated section proves this easily.

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4. DNA Motoring CBE-HC922-NRT 2.25 Inches Stainless | Premium Pick

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The best exhaust for 2000 civic si originates from the country of China. Cat-back is fit for some special B-series.

Some engineers test DNA to create a great attachment. So why can’t you pick this and follow the next?

Quick Specs

  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Stain
  • Origin: China
  • Exterior: ‎Polished
  • Weight: ‎24 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎13.6×9.8×8.2 in.

Features with Benefits

Materials: DNA motoring is best for its high-quality components. The T-304 polished stainless steel with alloy is included in this. You get it durable and sharp for these elements. That’s why it is easy to live a long life.

Tubular Design: The model is coming to a unique design. It is also possible for its advanced technology. The tubular design creates new looks. Besides, it’s able to flow exhaust properly from the cylinder.

Mandrel-Bend: Piping includes different fitments on running. Mandrel bends control the system and open the airflow.

CNC Machined: CNC can control the functioning of the system. At a time, it creates protection for rust resistance. Also, help to keep refreshing the baffle by welding. So you get fresh and strong pro feedback.


  • Best valueHeavy duty
  • High quality
  • Turbo muffler
  • Airflow smoothly
  • Great performance


  • A professional installer is highly recommended

Extra Benefits

The model is modified for proper exhaust and fitment. It also improves your system in many ways. DNA attaches some reliable elements, so recommended to install a service center. That’s why you get a special one on the run.

User’s Reviews

Advanced technology, sound level, the best value, exclusive parts are special for Amazon buyers. So they can also share the experience of their use in comments.

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5.  Invidia (HS06HC4G3T) Q300 70mm Cat-Back Exhaust | Best Overall

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Invidia is in favor of its method of welding that is well maintained. The engine can feedback properly by the exhaust flow. 

The best exhaust for 2000 civic si is compatible with some civic coupe, DX, LX. As a civic owner, you can choose the item.

Quick Specs

  • Materials: T-304 stainless steel
  • Exterior: ‎Chrome
  • Type: Cat-back
  • Weight‎: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎45.7 x 13.2 x 8 inches

Features with Benefits

Dimension: The caution is great for its dimension. It includes the inlet and outlet tips. The inlet pipe diameter is 2.25″ & the outlet diameter is 2.25″.

Materials: Invidia includes high-quality materials of T-304 stainless steel. The exhaust is more flexible and durable for that reason. Moreover, you get resistance from all over the junk.

Mandrel bends: Tailpipe’s activity is connected to the mandrel bend. The system can give surety of good working function with durability.

CNC system: The product does a tungsten-electrode inert gas welding for sharpness. Then CNC cares for long-lasting from all types of corrosion.


  • Fit well
  • Nice kits
  • Best exhaust
  • Best value
  • Nice sound
  • Great product


  • Keep the vehicle warm & clean for a long-lasting.

Extra Benefits

The gasket also helps to clear function by bolt-on. Super deep rumble tone gives the surety in functioning. Overall, the method works super fast.

User’s Reviews

Invidia is coming with some special kits that users are on this step. So they spread happy wishes on Amazon.

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6. DNA Motoring CBEHC922 Catback Exhaust System | Best Budget

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DNA motoring is also pretty known to all. Cat-back system does the function easily.

The best exhaust for 2000 civic si is compatible with some more products. So anyone can try their vehicle.

Quick Specs

  • Exterior: ‎Chrome
  • Inlet: 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 24 Pounds
  • Materials: T-304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 45.67×13.15 x7.56 in.

Features with Benefits

Construction: The T-304 stainless steel series makes super sensitive materials. You get a long-term rust-resistant system in this way.

Dimensions: DNA is great for its dimension system that maintains proper functioning. It’s a removable silencer. Also, the baffles tip is 4.5″. The inlet is 2.25″ with the added outlet is 2.5″.

CNC care: The baffle is doing perfect activities by CNC. The machine is welded for super resistance. Even the CNC care takes against extra pressure and all other junk.

Hardware: Stain finish is going to create a standard item. Gasket, bolt-on help to make high performance. Manifolds are run on the turbine system for exhaust fluently. Increase horsepower smoothly with a high-efficiency ram horn.


  • Stylish
  • Louder
  • Best price
  • DNA exhaust
  • Great product
  • Quality materials
  • Working perfectly


  • You will get compatibility of hardware subject to installation

Extra Benefits

The icon gives some super activity on using. Normally it creates Hp and flows exhaust efficiency. Overall the upgrade system builds HP, torque, and miles per gallon.

User’s Reviews

Amazon consumers are happy to buy and use this one. They also like a cat-back system, testing ensure, sound and efficiency. So they wish the functions without tense.

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7. Invidia (HS02HC3GTR) N1 Cat-Back Exhaust System | Editor’s Choice

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The remarkable product is coming from the country of Taiwan. Caution is also aggressive at 2800 to 3300 rpm. You can even modify the mellow or throaty sounds.

Quick Specs

It runs in the high range on the highway. The tailpipe system can well fit for easy installation. Buying first.

  • Materials: Steel
  • Tip size: 110mm
  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Shape: Flat bottom
  • Piping diameter: 70 mm
  • Weight: 48.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.718 x 119.126 x 45.974

Features with Benefits

Materials: The product includes the best quality materials of SUS304 stainless steel. You get a super strong and reliable item this way.

Dyno-proven: The civic get super performance from the system. It is possible with dyno-proven technology. The function does 15 to 25 HP and works well easily. And it also maintains the consistency of the torque at the end.

CNC system: Suppose you can manage the function. It always gives super activities. It is also possible to use the CNC care system. The machine can play robotically. And create a good outfit with a titanium tip of welding.

Shape & Design: The best exhaust for 2000 civic si made by the original manufacturer. You get a fantastic design with a flat shape. By this design, it gives aerodynamic activities.


  • Great buy
  • Well function
  • Aggressive tone
  • Fantastic look
  • Sounds great
  • Excellent product


  • If you are a beginner, install it with the help of professionals

Extra Benefits

The upcoming model is going to be a super-fast way to improve the function. Besides invidia n1 exhaust civic si is built vehicle smoothly, increases the HP.

User’s Reviews

The users are also satisfied to buy this exhaust. So they share their experience in different seller sections. Also, it proved from the best seller rank.

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How to choose the Best Exhaust For 2000 Civic Si

We have already known the best exhaust for 2000 civic si. When you select one to buy, of course, you need a buying guide.

Okay! We will talk about some things to keep in mind before buying. So why can’t you follow the buying guide?

Check the materials

Exhaust fitness depends on high-quality materials. It is the primary section to improve your system. Best materials make the item durable and stable.

Normally aluminum or different series stainless steel is included on this item. It creates protection for corrosion. 

So you should know about the materials. Or make sure they last for a long-lasting time. That’s why you can purchase one without worries.

Check the dimension:

The baffles’ perfect looks depend on the dimension. You can see all are not the same in terms of size or others. So first of all, know your package size.

It will help to choose an accurate size on your best exhaust for 2000 civic si. Then check the style, size, weight, fitment, and diameter.

Besides, if you like the mellow to pick the pretty large or select the small muffles, it may remove your confusion on the way.

Check the performance:

If there is a performance error, then it will be a problem with the fitness. By checking the performance, also gives confidence in the run.

You can also try their car by playing before buying. That’s why you get better performance.

Horsepower is not attached to the exhaust power. But it is increased by exhaustion. So check the speed or power efficiency to improve others.

Check the price:

The price condition depends on the person-specific needs and budget. If anyone has a little budget or is perfect, he has no tension on the options.

Because Our top 7 best exhaust for 2000 civic si list have all ranges product, but it is noted that less priced item always gives not the same feedback. 

Some products are little priced, but you may fall into a problem functionally. It may happen after using it for a few days. It is too anxious for your trip. So don’t compromise on choosing the right muffle.

Check the features

When buying, a caution to give importance to the features sections. Features say all of the efficiency of the system. It can provide exhaust type, technology, cutting materials, and finish tips. 

Suppose you check this at a glance to get an exhausted one for your needs. It is a combination of shape, color, and design. These are helpful to the exhaust function. So don’t miss the step and take it later.

Check the road clearance

Our top-list models cannot be legal for all of the states. Even some countries give rules on road clearance.  

In this case, you can also know the legality and limitation of their target rules. As if you may not face any hesitation on riding time.

A smart rider will check the rules & regulations. You can get a lovely trip to follow this system.

Check the installation:

Installing a muffler is a critical issue. But some models offer manual install instruction for all. 

Before buying, you should know the procedure. If it is easy or has no restrictions, you can also try it. But it is recommended a service center should consider the right decision.

Sometimes professional installation is better for your vehicle while it is recommended. Of course, know the installation guide to what it wants?

Best Exhaust For 2000 Civic Si (FAQs)

Q. What is the best exhaust for honda civic?

The Borla 11828 Rear-Section Exhaust System is best for the honda civic. You can choose another option, but they are different in terms of features.

Q. What is the specialty of full-race exhaust civic si?

The exhaust is special for the best quality and completion. The full race system includes important components. These are downpipe, header, mandrel-bent, flange, turbo system. It is made better by these elements.

Q. Which is the best exhaust for honda civic 10th gen?

The best exhaust for the 10th generation is the 2016+ 10th gen honda civic si cat-back exhaust system. The exhaust is a little expensive. It is not less in any part.

Q. What is the feature of the skunk2 exhaust?

Skunk2 exhaust is exclusive for its advanced technology. So the main features are the CNC care system, TIG, 304 stainless steel, finish tip, mandrel-bent pipe, removable silencer, and other parts.

Q. Why is GReddy Supreme the best exhaust for honda civic ek?

The GReddy supreme can create a great performance. Cat-back system helps to install and flow exhaust quickly properly.

Starting, it makes a mellow sound, but after running, it is so louder. Overall, these activities prove the best quality.

Final Words

The article will help you to get rid of future breakouts. It will be an easy job to know the 7 best exhaust for 2000 civic si.

Now back to buying and using the dream muffler without effort. Hopefully, you need to pick one and apply it. Then send feedback.

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