Top 10 Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger Reviews

Do you want to enjoy your Harley Davidson touring bike more? Thinking of investing in the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger?

This is an amazing way to upgrade overall performance and present a gorgeous look on your bike. A good exhaust pipe package features aggressive style, fine-tune, and sound with top-rated performances. But discovering the best sound touring exhausts for Harley Davidson motorcycles is tricky.

After tons of study and in-depth research, our expert team made a top list of the Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger. In this review post, we have attempted to cover the best exhaust systems that can able to meet your needs.

Here are our top 10 recommended 2 into 1 exhausts for a Harley bagger.

Quick Review!

Top 10 Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger Reviews

1. Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Chrome Slip| Best Overall

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Quick Specs

  • Muffle body: 4-inches
  • Weight: 5.58-pounds
  • Fit for 1995-2016 touring bike
  • Dimension: 38 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5. 0 stars

Our third exhaust tip is another model of Vance & Hines that is the most prominent to most bike lovers. This premium level exhaust is compatible with Harley Davidson with upgrade models that can transform your bike into a masterpiece of performance, style, and sound.

The Vance and Hines tips were added to our list for best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson touring bikes for different causes. The twin exhaust tip is compatible with a wider range of touring bicycles. The tip is designed to be used on touring bikes of some particular models.   

Features and Benefits

  • Effective Merge Collector: The Vince & Hines Pro 2 into 1exhaust for road glide pipe comes with adjustable length stepped headers. It also includes a highly effective merge collector that is ideal for maintaining the ideal balance of backpressure.
  • Heat shield: It features a complete heat shield over the header that keeps the exhaust system running cool. 


  • The larger and effective merge collector
  • Lightweight and durable
  • This exhaust system is more flexible
  • The internal heat shield aspect is full coverage


  • A few spots over the surface are rough

Extra Benefits

V & H premium exhaust system designed to provide increased effectiveness, aka too HP and torque. This exhaust pipe comes with an optional quiet insert that also features flexible sound.

Another wonderful feature of this tip is its internal heat shield. This shield coverage completely so that stalls the probability of having blue chrome.  

Users Review

Many customers like it for the louder sound that is nice and deeper. The price of this exhaust is affordable, which is a great value.

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2. Vance & Hines 17559 Exhaust Chrome Runner-up

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Quick Specs

  • Made in the USA
  • Increase sound level: 3-5db
  • Weight: 30.7 pounds
  • Oxygen sensor: 12mm
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 star
  • Megaphone: 4.5 inches

Let’s introduce the loudest 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley!

It was the most demandable by literally too many consumers. It used to earn a lot of positive ratings. We are speaking about the Vance & Hines pro pipe exhaust chrome.

When your target is to upgrade your Harley Davidson bike with its style and even sound, we suggest considering at first this model of Vance & Hines.

In an exhaust system, you would like three qualities in major. They are well louder, stylist, and workability.

Features and Benefits

  • Performance: The best bagger exhaust uses a stepped header with a bigger, highly effective collector to improve the performance resulting in high receptiveness and power.
  • Upgrade Design: The upgraded design delivers a stepped dual header with the largest sound merge collector to enhance overall performance than the previous model.   
  • Vibrant sound: The stepped header feed a 4.5-inches larger stepped megaphone that assists in creating an extremely pleasant sound.
  • Heat Protector: The pro exhaust pipe includes a full header with collector heat protector to keep you great comfy. The heat protector work as a blockade, and the heat sinks that remove the heat reach out to components under the hood. 


  • Enhance board torque
  • Light in weight
  • Feature CNC machined chrome
  • The extra baffle is available


  • There has a pretty probability of discoloration

Extra Benefits

This exhaust pipe is made in the USA, making it most reliable and trustworthy to the customers. You can enhance or reduce the sound level using an extra quiet baffle.

Users Review

Many customers love it for its amazing sound and sound controlling system. Some like long highway rides. They said that it is a great product that came with outstanding baffles loud enough. They felt a difference in performance. It was also installed ultra classic design.

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3. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust| Best Budget

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Quick Specs

  • Dimension: 38 x 15 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 50-pounds
  • Fits for 2017 -2018 touring model
  • Soundtrack: V-Twin
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 star

Cobra Chrome by Exhaust A A is a classic performance exhaust that delivers a great presentation. It is a fantastic fit for 2017 to 2018 traveling models. It assists in developing the power and also torque of the bike with a complete length collector.  

Features and Benefits

  • Louder: This premium model is at the top range exhaust to produce a deeper rolling sound that you can never get out of the stock exhaust.
  • Nice appearance: The slim looks as well as it roars with heat shields.
  • Easy to install: The installation system of this exhaust system won’t require hiring any professional expert. The users can easily install it, and it takes a very lower time to complete this task. 
  • Cooling technology: Cobra premium comes with a unique internal cooling system, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty. So, you shouldn’t worry about the depreciating aesthetic of the exhaust system and ride more and more.


  • Internal cooling system
  • Detachable baffle assists to adjust the sound
  • Duel insolated body
  • Great with its rumble sound
  • Ideal for loud and deeper sound


  • It may need to change the air-fuel mixture ratio of your bike.

Extra Benefits

It is well insulated and appearance wonderful. The great performance of it makes it top class. As an ideal state, you can enjoy a loud blast and the range of acceleration. It also gives off the noise that is needed to balance loud and good-looking.

Users Review

Customers reviewed that it is absolutely awesome. It makes a louder sound and deep but not stupid sound. The appearance is really fantastic. It just added the slip-on mufflers that can make huge development of the sound that is really amazing.

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4. Cobra Power Pro HP Exhaust | Premium Pick

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Quick Specs

  • Brand: Cobra
  • Dimension: 38 x 15 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 26.1 pounds
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars
  • Warranty: Lifetime 

Our last pipe of the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Beggar is another pipe from Cobra power store. This pipe comes with all higher qualities and a perfect construction design for perfect riding like the above models.

Features and Benefits

  • Construction: This pipe is made with stainless steel ingredient that makes it more durable and sturdy. The greatest performance, nice sound, and nice-looking impress the clients much more.
  • Heatshield: It features heat resistant shield design, and it is the key feature of it with other important services.
  • A complete exhaust system: The package of these exhaust tips added a complete exhaust system to install it very easily. After the installation procedure, just start the engine, and you can notice that the pipe is making noise better, deeper, and louder than the stock one.   


  • Sleek design and great muffler body
  • Nice finishing, and I look
  • Megaphone style
  • Black collector heat shield coverage pipe


  • Little bit expensive comparing the quality

Extra Benefits

The internal cooling technology for the greatest muffler and double insulated body is great. You must love it for its removable baffles. For older baggers, you can consider adding this aggressive noise-making exhaust tip.

Since it increases the volume with the great performance of the engine, you make your final decision to pick this one in case your budget is short.

Users Review

This exhaust pipe added noticeable HP during installing additional larger air cleaner and fuel management. This pipe added noticeable HP when installed extra to bigger air cleaner with fuel management. The unit makes little sound bud deeper that likes everyone.  

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5. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1004 Slip | Best Exhaust Slip on 

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Quick Specs

  • Style: Sigma
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Vehicle Type: Motorcycle
  • Fit: 1996-2016
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars
  • Made in Japan

This exhaust pipe listed from Bagger Brother Store is excellent in construction and wonderful in loon and sound. You are not only wondering by its amazing megaphone design that also features four inches longer outlet.

So, is it one of the Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger?

Yes, the sixteenth gauge steel body is the most precious, durable material tip available in this current market. The superior sound with the overall performances upgrade will be worth every single penny.   

Features and Benefits

  • Standard shape: Embark on every riding with the help of saddlebags that matches that standard shape. It is also made with billet aluminum using a CNC machine.
  • Design: The well-known manufacturer brand understands which design will be ideal for the smart and upgraded bike lover. So, they were designed this model so that it could fulfill a complete requirement.
  • Very simple installation:  It won’t let you or your bike have a hard time installing when the necessary mounting hardware plus brackets are added to the picked box. The two exhaust systems weigh much more, whereas this unit weighs only lightweight.   


  • Amazing qualities
  • Wonderful design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting


  • Not found

Extra Benefits

You can get this exhaust pipe for several types of vehicles models like Electric glide, road glide, street glide, and even road king. You can set this tip easily without any trouble.   

Users Review

Customers reviewed that they love it for its quality and versatility uses. It is an amazing look and sound. For install, you don’t need to get any secondhand help, and it takes just half an hour.

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6. Vance & Hines Pro Pipe Exhaust System | Best Look 

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Quick Specs

  • Dimension: 27 x 16 x 14 inches
  • 18mm 2sensor ports
  • Weight: 32.3 pounds
  • Fit for: 2012 2015 model
  • Rating 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Lifetime warranty

Most of the 2 into 1 exhaust systems are really expensive than other models for their high-quality and durable constructions with their pro design. So, we couldn’t discover a model which can save you some penny.

Here our best budget exhaust comes with enough important features.  

Features and Benefits

  • Mind-blowing look: As the first-class driver must demand a mind-blowing looking of his bike. This exhaust pipe is ideal for him that comes with black color.
  • Double sensor: It is light in weight and an ideal size that effectively fits any standard design. It is also designed with 2sensor, which manufacturers crafted on it very carefully.
  • Heat-resistant: This exhaust comes with a heat shield for front and back parts and the end caps that are completely aluminum built.
  • Upgrade performance: The best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger uses a duel stepped header with a highly effective merge collector to upgrade the overall performance for more power. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible and amazing appearance
  • Advance inner collector
  • Great performance


  •  Poor finishing and heat shield

Extra Benefits

There have three bolt buttons. This exhaust muffler is fit on Harley Davidson from 2012 to 2015. The exhaust tip is coated with heat-resistant chrome guards that are also backed by end capes with an advanced CNC machine to deliver instant stability.

Users Review

The customer gave feedback that it is simple and great in sound, power, look, and fit. You can buy it if you desire to get a different buffer for it. You also like that the manufacturer included an oxygen sensor in the source of the exhaust system that is even perfect in size.

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7. 2 into 1 Exhaust for Harley By SHARKROAD | Best Customers Choice 

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Quick Specs

  • Material: 16G Cold rolled steel
  • Dimension: 47.2 x 19.7 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 30-pounds
  • Color: Black
  • rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars
  • Heat Generated: 70%

If you seek the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley, This model definitely can meet all your requirements. It can transform the motorcycle into a great road bike with a louder impressive sound.

The Sharkroad exhaust tip is at the best of the class in case of making a deeper rolling sound that you never get out of the stock exhaust pipe.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce noise pollution: You can fall in love with this model sound-producing system instantly. You can ride smoothly, controlling the sound low or deep without any sound pollution.
  • Upgrade performance: The best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger utilizes a couple of stepped headers and a larger, highly effective merge collection to develop the performance that results in high power and sturdy.
  • Fast to install: Another intriguing fact about this exhaust is that it is incredibly fast to install. You can simply figure out that part fits without following any manual instructions. 
  • Super visual: The slim looks as well as it roars with heat shields. The chromed body with amazing machined chromed billet tip delivers a fantastic look at you, Harley Davidson.


  • Nice louder and deeper sound
  • Aggressive style and performance
  • Run smoothly and so faster
  • Good deal and great looking
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not found

Extra Benefits

It comes with essential items like muffles, header, heat shield, and hardware. The exhaust pipe is very stylish and offers a great presentation. The aesthetic begins with a particular megaphone and straight muffler construction.

Users Review

Most of the customers like for its aggressive noise without any sound pollution. The most liked features of this pipe are the leaser cut heat shield with collector heat shield balance the appearance.

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8. Bassani xhaust 1D2SSL For Harley | Best Stainless Steel Exhaust 

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Quick Specs

  • Part number: 1D2SSL
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds
  • Fit: 1994-2000
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 stars

This exhaust pipe is from Bassanixhasut for Harley Davidson. It assured the stainless steel materials with durability. This exhaust pipe is rust-resistant and heat resistant that retains color even while in heat or cold.

It has a strong construction. Bassani exhaust pipe allows you to install it easily and faster.

What more?

Features and Benefits

  • Loudest and deeper sound: This particular pipe delivers the loudest and deeper sound ideal for a cool ride or long-distance travel. We know blaring sounds anyway, which you don’t get with this exhaust.
  • Construction: This exhaust pipe is made with stales steel that makes it more durable where manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Detachable: The baffle of this unit is removable and lets you customize it depending on your preferences. After purchasing this kit, the bike can stay quiet or roar when you accelerate.
  • Durability: Apart from those features, the rolled edge of it makes this unit more long-lasting and even able to support slash up or down. 


  • Construct with durable materials
  • Perfect for smooth riding or traveling
  • Lightweight but long-lasting
  • Mostly customer satisfaction
  • Standard saddlebag compatible


  • Not found

Extra Benefits

This exhaust pipe fits a wider range of travel bikes from the 1994 model down to 2000 Harley Davidson traveling bike models. This is the best reason to list it in our top list.

Users Review

Nice sound, performance, style, and looking. It is ideal for long traveling without any trouble. It wins the heart of customers with its compatibility with the upgraded Harley Baggers. It is also packed with 2-ports plus a plug. 

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9. Bassani xhaust 2 into 1 Exhaust System | Best Chrome Exhaust 

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Quick Specs

  • Model: 1D1SS
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 13.3 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars

What are the best qualities that a moat wanted and the best grade exhaust system should contain? Find out in this details of the Bassanixhaust range 3 2 into 1 exhaust pipes, which define greatness. You have to check out this because the experts suggest it.

Let’s move on and check its features and their advantages.

Features and Benefits

  • Upgrade style: It was manufactured with the utmost care, the exhaust system offers a wonderful time to the motorbike. Upgrade the appearance and style of the vehicle with this amazing stylish exhaust that comes in black.  
  • Epic Megaphone: The epic megaphone outlet of this model comes with a perfect size that brings adaptability. Meanwhile, the muffler is perfect for all models that are suitable for the Electra glide, road glide, and even road king.
  • More Torque with HP: This exhaust tip features a unique design that is constructed to increase the volume of the Harley bike engine. By offering a free-flowing exhaust system with the ideal amount of backpressure. The tip delivers a sturdy lower-end torque without sacrificing the powerful HP.  


  • It is really flexible
  • Great noise, and look
  • Affordable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • High presentation


  • Poor heat shield

Extra Benefits

This model offers ultimate stability coated with a heat shield backed by an advanced CNC machine. The manufacturer included oxygen sensors in the root of this exhaust system. 

Users Review

Many customers give about this exhaust system is great for its smooth performance and excellent for sound. It is a really high-performance booster bike tip. If you think the above pipes aren’t ideal for you, you can get them. 

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10. New Supertrapp 2 into 1 exhaust | Best Sound

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Quick Specs

  • Fit: 2011-2016 Harley
  • Brand: Scooter performance
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

This exhaust system fits the Harley Davidson traveling model between 2011 2016. The exhaust is very nice to look at with its black pipe with chrome headers and the beauty of the motorcycle in the upgrade.

This is extremely wonderful in features and design. Let’s see its features and what you get that you want.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard saddlebags: You can mount extended and standard saddlebags on this exhaust pipe.   This pipe improves not only looks nice but also improves the greatest performance of the motorcycle.
  • Amazing design: If you invest your valuable money for the best exhaust that comes with reasonable noise, grateful design, and wonderful performance.
  • Upgrade Performance: A 17% enhance in HP is the key cause anyone would pick this exhaust as the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger. Another benefit is a double exhaust that assists you to gain higher torque, great performance with lower heat.
  • Anti-reversion: All of the above development capability comes from five steps exhaust system of this pipe. However, the three steps header of this exhaust plays a significant role in assuring anti-reversion and even full-range torque.     


  • Extremely nice looking
  • Faster to install
  • Construction and material is top
  • Sound is amazing
  • Greta looking and better performance


  • No heat shield

Extra Benefits

The 100% megaphone muffler includes four outlets for soothing sound quality. The body is covered with chrome color that gives it luxurious looking and attractive on the bike.

Users Review

As the reviewed products, this model delivers wonderful sound quality, which I have been yearning for. The four inches outlets are the cause why the noise made is minimized.

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Buying Guide: Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger

The very tough task is to find out the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger. The reason for it is simple; there are a ton of options in the market. There have so many brands with the exhaust that are pretty impressive to look plus features.

You must also want to think about the budget at first. And combining price and quality is really difficult. Overall so many facts make you more confused to buy the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger.

Now we speak to you some unique facts that must help you find out the best tools for your vehicles easily. You can discover affordable but high-quality features depending on those options. Continue and this section very well.


The best exhaust pipes have to be expertise with advanced technology design, which will grant it the ability to improve the skill as you travel on the road. A better stream of gas plus smoke can provide good performance.

To gain that, it is essential to allow nothing acts as an obstacle inside the pipes. But it is unnecessary to mention when you purchase a better exhaust system, and you need to expect to enhance the torque and the whole power rating from it. This method is possible by upgrading the flow.

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The most regular reason to improve exhaust pipes is to upgrade the sound. You can’t ignore it before purchasing a specific product. Research much more before picking a pipe; it can be able to supply the premium sound you desire from the bike or not. As this is the most significant feature of the exhaust pipe, ensure you find what you wish from the pipe.


You may hear that bike exhaust systems are a universal fit. But it is also said that most exhaust systems come with their own unique specification, which makes them differently based on the brand they will work with. In this case, it is useful for you to check your bike if it runs in line with the exhaust system that you are about to pick.

See, 2-into-1 exhausts are really not lower price. So, you should ensure that the model you are picking is compatible with your bike or not. Otherwise, you can be able to return the tool to the manufacturer. But it will waste your time and money.


If the new exhaust pipe can’t handle rough weather, all other tracks become useless. A bike needs to go through several types of environment and road conditions. So, it is important to check your bagger pipe capable of handling extreme weather like cold or heavy rain.

The exhaust pipe can overheat when you ride on your bike. The aluminum exhaust pipe is the best because they are rust-resistant and even heat-resistant.

So, check out the durability of the exhaust pipe. The warranty is a good point to fix the durability of the pipe.

Other points are the chrome, pipe materials, paint, and heat resistance. Confirm all of those before making a final decision.


Every customization options contain two key features. One lets you install an enlarged saddlebag, and another one assists in matching a custom paint task on your bike.


It is important to ensure that the pipe is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel. Besides, aluminum end exhaust tips offer enough power and temperature patience to the exhaust system.


Purchase an exhaust pipe that complements the look of the bike. It doesn’t which you find an alternate pipe. Get the exhaust pipe seeking and feeling fresh with the aesthetically appealing pipe.


Another significant factor is that you have to be considered before any exhaust system is effective. How well or long will the exhaust system run before starting the demand or repair?

You don’t want to go for the tool that will require too often a check-up. The best ones we have reviewed already in this article are highly effective and can require maintenance once in a while.


It is another key feature, and check out the range of adaptability of the exhaust pipe. Some pipes are adapted to some models while others have a large series of adaptability. Every exhaust pipe model will not ace all the features, so you can select exhaust that depends on the scale that preferences for the exhaust pipe features.

Outstanding look

Everyone wants to give an outstanding appearance on their bike while riding the bicycle on the road. Their excellent looking can even enhance if the bagger exhaust has good color with innovative design. Well, most of the exhaust pipes come with pretty looks. So get the pipe that matches the style of your bike; that is a brilliant choice. In this regard, black or chrome is the most wanted color of exhaust in the current market.


The 2 into 1 exhaust pipes are known as lightweight tools. In fact, the pipe makes you feel much lighter during riding. Ensure to the purchaser a lightweight pipe for the bagger so you can drop pounds off the bike easily.

We suggest picking pipes that are made of lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. They perform the best at fewer RPM’s where most of the builders focus on the improvements of the acts.


All exhaust pipes don’t come with fitting hardware. When a few exhaust pipes come with brackets, screws, plus shields, some other comes with the pipes.

However, it’s not enough for the set to come with only hardware. It needs to make sure the quality and durability of the tools. Though this feature is not much more important feature but for safety and security you should check it.

If you get a pipe that you certainly love to pick but doesn’t have enough installation hardware, don’t be discouraged; you can go for it.

Easy to install

Nobody likes to spend an extra penny on hiring an expert for exhaust installation. The best 2 into 1 Sportster exhaust comes with an easy design that lets users hang it. It doesn’t require spending a single penny and time to remove or install. In a nutshell, try to go for the tools that don’t need many tools to install.

Review and brand

Finding out the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley touring will be very easy if you focus your attention on the customer’s reviews and even the well-known brand. Check what the user’s customers who gave the feedback about the pipe from their experiences. Plus, the renowned brand always understands what will be better for their clients, and they offer the best tool based on their customer’s requirements.

How to install the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger

Install the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Sportster is an extremely easy and simple task.

Why is it easy? Think about some points: Your bike already has an exhaust mounted on it. So, what you are doing is taking off the older one and swapping a new one.

Now, if you want to begin with scratch and design from a few un-bent lengths of pipe, the exhaust system installation for the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Softail is effortless.

Here are some regular steps for most exhaust, from 2-inches kits to the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley M8 &-steps for installation:

  1. First, take a room or an open place to work it. If you have any lift, lift your bike. It is optional. You should jack the vehicle up to secure it with a heavy-duty jack stand. Never start your work under the bike without any safety support.
  2. Next, you have to disconnect the old exhaust starting at the catalytic converter. There you will find a clamp securing it, which will be undone. If not, you should cut the pipe accurately early on the converter.
  3. Start working from the converter and unhook the exhaust from hanging brackets and then pull it out.
  4. Assemble the new exhaust but don’t make the clamp tighter much more closely. You need to make some adjustments when you are slipping the new exhaust into the right place.
  5. Work the new performance exhaust into the correct place and lineup it with stock hanging brackets. Exhaust constructed from a well-known manufacturer that can connect straightly to the block brackets.
  6. When the exhaust is set up in a place completely, tighten all clamps. Lower the bike and start its motor to test for leaks. If there have no leaks, you have finished your installation task.
  7. When the exhaust heats to a higher temperature as well as rattles pretty, you need to tighten all clamps after two weeks.            

How to remove Harley Exhaust?

How to remove baffles from Harley exhaust? It is a pretty effortless job. Here we speak out about how to remove baffles out of Harley exhaust. Let’s start:

  1. Remove the bit from the drill and fix the gap saw. When the battery-operated drill can suffice for the task, you can use an electric drill.
  2. Coat at the end of the exhaust pipes cutting oil and taking care to coat the pipe completely where the baffles are located. You have to keep the pipe cote with oil when the cutting process is to put the drill. Now saw the blade from overheating to reduce the risk of any unwanted event or injury.
  3. Cut out the rear of the exhaust pipe above the chrome ring. Then continue cutting until it penetrated the first two layers of the pipe.
  4. Clamp the vice holds onto the baffle and then twist the baffle to eliminate it from interior to exhaust pipe. The baffle is the metal piece inside the pipe, which muffles the sound of the bike’s engine exhaust sound.
  5. Now remove the baffle from the exhaust pipe by repeating the steps. An arbor extension may be essential to you for a hole saw to reach into the inside of the lower pipe. You can also select to loosen the pipe from the Harley when you take away the baffle to skip using an arbor extension for the saw.

This is the best way to know how to take baffles out of Harley exhaust.  

How to clean, polish, & protect dirty exhaust tips (Step by Step)

Have you started your travel with the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley EVO? Now you should teach how to clean, polish, and protect your dirty exhaust tips.

This section discusses how to keep your exhaust tips neat and clean and how to protect them. 

What you need:

For those three steps tasks, you should gather some tools at first.

  • Soap
  • Wheel cleaning kits
  • Steel wool
  • Metal polish
  • Sealant
  • Gloves
  • Microfiber cloths

Clean the exhaust tips

Before polishing or protecting your exhaust tips, it is essential to clean the tips first. Do this task! How? With us and know!

  • Pre-rinse the tips with normal water so that it can remove all loose dirt and debris from the surface of the tips.
  • Now use wheel cleaning tools plus products so that you can clean the remaining stubborn dirt that makes black carbon.
  • You can try to clean using a soapy cloth which also works well to clean the tips neatly and easily.
  • Use a cleaning brush that is specially designed for wheel cleaner.
  • After cleaning the exhaust tips, rinse away them to wash any soap perfectly.
  • Finally, leave the tips to dry by natural air.    

Polishing the Exhaust Tips

When you clean your exhaust tips, now it needs polish. After cleaning, the tips become pretty dull and look cloudy for using the steel wools. Let’s polish the cleaning tips:

  • Take the metal polish and apply a small amount of polish to the microfiber cloth. But keep in mind the polish can stain your cloth. So, you should wear older cloth.
  • Now rub the microfiber cloth over the surface of the exhaust tips.
  • Applying a flossing motion can be extremely efficient if you place the cloth over the top of the tip and polish it.
  • Spend a little more time to polish the tips with a lot of shins and glow.
  • Rub the polish until the microfiber cloth is dry and make the tips shinier.

Protect the exhaust tips

After cleaning and polishing, giving protection to your exhaust tips is your responsibility. If you can protect your tips from now, it will let for next cleaning extremely easy since the carbon won’t stick over the tips quickly.

How to protect your best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley DYNA, see it below:

  • Use a paint sealant instead of wax. The paint sealant can be long-lasting, particularly on tips where heat can reduce the longevity of a wax.
  • You can try anyone; it can be expensive or inexpensive; it does not matter, but try to pick the best one for your Harley 2 into 1 exhaust shootout. It has great heat resistance.
  • Use a fluff applicator, or you can use it by your hand wearing hand gloves.
  • Apply a thin layer of the sealant to your exhaust tips.
  • Buff off if it is ready to display a higher shine and saved finish.
  • Make sure that you have also read the instruction for particular protection before applying them appropriately.

That’s it, which is not too complicated for anyone. Go forward how we instruct you to clean, polish, and protect your exhaust tips.

FAQs: Best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger

1. What is the loudest Harley Davidson exhaust?

A: Vance & Hines 17559 exhaust chrome is the loudest Harley Davidson exhaust. This exhaust system is three upgrades in one like loudest sound, performance, and nice appearance.

It’s a great product that comes with standard baffles that are a bounty of loud as much as necessary. These pro pipes use a stepped harder with the loudest volume merge collector to develop the performance.

For more rumbling sound, you can consider it that enhances the sound level 3-5db.   

2. What is the best sounding exhaust for Harley Davidson?

A: SHARKROAD offers the best sounding exhaust for Harley Davidson. It is great not only for its sound but also for its good appearance. This exhaust system is the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley road glide that has fantastic sound at an affordable price.

The wonderful looking and the best sound are the results of a larger four inches megaphone. The baffle is detachable, which greatly develops the sound quality much more.   

3. What is the best slip-on exhaust for Harley Davidson?

A: For your Harley Davidson, Cobra FL 2017-18 6109 is the best slip-on exhaust. If you are seeking some seriously louder sound, the name Neighbor Haters tells you what you want about the slip-on pipes from Cobra.

Some slip-on pipes are aptly named, whereas Cobra Neighbor Haters are the most demandable brand for this slip-on exhaust system. You can get this model at a high-quality but low price.  

4. What is the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson?

A: The Cobra 6420 dual head pipes are the best performance exhaust for your Harley Davidson. If you want to increase the riding performance, these Cobra dual head pipes are the right product for you.

Featuring one part premium grade and stainless steel constructions, this pipe won’t only develop the performance of your bike but also serve better for years.

The piece is engineered to offer more torque and strength, thanks to an effective mechanism. It also comes with heat shields that can cover the pipe from the ports to the chromed bodies with higher performance.  

5. What is the loudest slip-on exhaust for Harley Davidson?

A: The SHARKROAD no baffle inside super loud version slip-on muffler will make sure that you can love it as the best slip-on exhaust for Harley Davidson. Let me tell you why!

It offers the loudest sound, faster flow for the three-step structure, fits with the stock headers of M8, and is easy to install. This pipe makes a rumbling sound which will make it outstanding even in the crowd. The No-Baffle features create its sound loudest. The three-step feature ensures the best performance.   

6. How to install Harley exhaust flange?

A: Installing Harley’s exhaust flange is tricky, and you should know it must be properly at first. Here we try to cover all important sectors in brief which makes your easy.

There need some essential tools, like a screwdriver, nut, wrenches, ring pliers, socket, and ratchet. How to install:

  1. Remove stock or other exhaust systems from the bike. For example, you need to eliminate heat shields, nuts from exhaust flanges, bolt attaching, the whole exhaust system, and the mounting bracket from the bike.
  2. Remove retaining flanges with rings from stock exhaust using ring pliers.
  3. Install O2sensors or plugs into the new pipe depending on the setup.
  4. After eliminating stock bolts, install the escalating bracket to the left side of the transmission case.
  5. Now install 2 into 1 exhaust pipe not tightly onto the cylinder heads. 
  6. Now insert two T-bolts into the muffler channel.
  7. Tighten down the muffler into the mounting bracket using a wrench.
  8. When the muffler is safe and secure, onto the 2 into 1 pipe plus exhaust mounting bracket and then tighten four nuts on the cylinder head.
  9. Re-plug your O2 sensors if your bike includes them. Tune the bike and go for a good ride.

7. How to wrap Harley exhaust?

A: If you would like to wrap the exhaust headers, the following guide will help you.

  1. Remove the exhaust system of your bike for easy wrapping.
  2. Next, you would like to grab your bike exhaust heat wrap and soak it in a bucket of water before using it to wrap the exhaust heads.
  3. For a soft wrapping skill, you have to secure the end of the wrap to the bike pipe. For doing this, you can use an aftermarket anchor designed for the warp job or safety wires and stainless steel clamps. Start working way down the pipe and ensure tight wrapping and leave no gaps when these permit heat to escape easily.
  4. If you are applying safety wire for the wrapping job, ensure you tuck it at the ends into the wrap to get a clean look.
  5. Finally, you have wrapped your bike exhaust successfully. 

8. How to decat Harley exhaust?

A: A decat pipe is a straight piece of tube that is used to replace a catalytic converter. The tuners more demand the decay process because it decreases the restriction of the catalyst. But doing this on your bike or other vehicles is not legal to drive on the highway.

Modern engines include a sensor positioned after a catalytic converter that sends more information back to the ECU, teaching it how to control the air and fuel mixture. So, installing a sports catalytic converter is good for better flow.      

9. How to wrap Harley exhaust pipes?

A: Wrapping Harley exhaust pipes is a very easy process.

  1. Pipe wrap can’t create a crazy amount of horsepower. It can assist some bikes like Harley exhaust tuned in particular ways.
  2. A wrap can reason of excessive heat and trap the moisturizer against the exhaust. It will shorten the life of exhaust. Harley, like other manufacturers, suggests wrapping pipe to be abusive and can’t honor the warranty for wrapping exhausts.
  3. It doesn’t look crappy a few minutes. Unless you tunnel the tattered look of the wrapping task coming apart, so plan on periodic re-wrapping to put your exhaust looking new.
  4. You need to remove the exhaust to wrap it.       

10. How to remove Harley exhaust studs?

A: Removing Harley exhaust studs is a very easy way. Just a few kits and steps will help you to do it.

You need some kits like two new head nuts, one 15mm socket, and a 13mm open wrench.

  • At first, fit the two new head nuts using a wrench and socket. You need to tighten the nuts properly.
  • After fitting the nuts tightly, use the socket to remove the old studs. Set the socket and turn it opposite site to lose the stud and remove it.
  • Take a new and brand new exhaust stud and install it again using the socket.

11. How to tighten Harley exhaust?

A: You may drive your bike with a loose muffler which is very risky. A loose exhaust can hang lower than normal, hitting a bump as you drive. To ignore the risk, you have to tighten your Harley exhaust just following three steps:

  • Crawl under the bike
  • Tighten any loose bolts that hold the exhaust in place
  • Lift the muffler to where it needs to be, plus wrap a steel zip and then frame your bike.
  • This has to keep in the right place until you can bring it in for professional service.  

12. How to remove Harley exhaust gaskets?

A: Removing the exhaust gaskets from Harley is not a big task. You can do it at your own garage by yourself. Just you need some kits and follow a few steps. Below has shown some simple tips:

  • Take some helping tools like small size screwdrivers and pliers.
  • Separate the gasket head by using a smaller screwdriver carefully.
  • Then remove some other little parts under the head using pliers, and if you need, use another screwdriver.    

13. How to quiet Harley exhaust?

A: Only seven steps will teach you how to quiet Harley exhaust. Follow the below points:

  1. Check the holes around the exhaust system. If there have any leaks whatever they are small or big, seal them properly.
  2. If sealing doesn’t work properly, you should go for another tick.
  3. You can try to quiet your exhaust by replacing the muffle.
  4. Or you can remove the noise on your bike by upgrading the muffle.
  5. Above tips, it won’t work well, and you can try wrapping the pipes.
  6. If you think you should apply another way, you can invest in a bike exhaust silencer.
  7. Finally, if all tips from above fail, you should switch to investing in new pipes.

14. How to clean Harley exhaust pipes?

A: Clean Harley’s exhaust pipe is a very easy process, and it takes only 5-minute to do.

To complete this task, you need some ingredients. They are:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • or a powerful cleanser like HARPIC
  • A pair of hand glove
  • A sponge


  • Wear the hand gloves
  • Take some cleaner on the sponge
  • Now scrub the sponge on the pipes until it cleans properly.  

Final Words!

If you don’t like to take a lot of time to make a good decision to pick the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger, we hope this review post must help you.

Therefore, we suggest investing in the “Vance & Hines 2 into 1 Exhaust Chrome 17559” model. This muffle is not only better in quality but also in features. It offers an effective outcome that will make your bike more comfortable. 


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